For journalists, Syria is the most deadly country in the world

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      In 2012, a record number of journalists were killed for doing their jobs. According to the Press Emblem Campaign, a Geneva-based organization, 141 journalists in 29 countries suffered suspected work-related deaths last year. That's a 31-percent increase over 2011.

      PEC has identified the following jurisdictions as the most dangerous countries of the year:

      • Syria (37 journalists killed)
      • Somalia (19)
      • Pakistan (12)
      • Mexico (11)
      • Brazil (11)
      • Philippines (6)
      • Honduras (6)
      • Bangladesh (4)
      • India (4)

      On a regional basis, during the course of 2012, 45 journalists were killed in the Middle East, 35 in Latin America, 32 in Asia, 28 in Africa, and one in Europe. No journalists have been killed yet in 2013, according to PEC's Media Ticking Clock.

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