Kareteci Kız: Worst death scene in a movie? Ever?

Could this be the worst death scene ever in a movie?

(Note the emphasis on ever because everything has to be ever in the age of the information superhighway.)

This scene from the 1974 Turkish martial arts flick Kareteci Kız (Karate Girl) has all the right ingredients: stellar acting, stunning stuntwork, great sound effects, and an effective use of slow-motion.

On the other hand, this scene from another martial arts movie is a strong contender for runnerup in the death-scene competition.

The real question is are they the worst—or the best?

Answer: Both.

What more could you possibly want in a movie? (Besides, of course, a Bollywood dance sequence inspired by Michael Jackson's "Thriller" because, as we all know, the dead never really die.)

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Plum Duff
They're all deliciously horrible, but...

I vote for number two. Chop to the groin!

Rating: -5
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