Kits Cats lover fights back after mural falls prey to graffiti

I’ve stood shivering at the bus stop on Cornwall Avenue at Yew Street, across the road from Kitsilano Beach, countless times. But I had never given much more than a passing glance to the mural behind the bus shelter, which depicts several colourful cats.

Well, someone in the neighbourhood loves that Kits Cats mural, and they’re mad as hell that a person would spray-paint graffiti over much of this work of public art. This someone has posted notices around the seemingly cunnilingus-promoting graffiti, crying “Shame! Shame!” and calling the spray-painter the leading contender for the Asshole of the Year award.

Perhaps the spray-painter will respond in kind by writing over the Kits Cats lover's letter. Over to you: will you miss the mural?

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