U.S. endocrinologist Norman Spack treats transgender youths with hormone replacement therapy to "put puberty on hold". He shared what he's learned at TEDxBeaconStreet 2013.

For instance, when he confused gender identity with sexual orientation, Spack's patients told him: "Sexual orientation is who you go to bed with. Gender identity is who you go to bed as."

A landmark ruling in India’s Supreme Court today (April 15) recognizes transgender people as a third gender and transgender rights as human rights.

Two judges read out a verdict that directed federal and state governments to include transgender people in welfare programs and fill quotas in jobs and education. Official documents will also now be marked with a third gender option, according to BBC News.

“The spirit of the [Indian] Constitution is to provide equal opportunity to every citizen to grow and attain their potential, irrespective of caste, religion or gender," the court stated. “Transgenders are citizens of this country and are entitled to education and all other rights.”

A controversial American anti-gay activist, who was detained at the Regina airport upon entering Canada on April 10 but released, has been arrested for trespassing.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center), was at the University of Regina on April 14, where he was with Bill Whatcott, a Saskatchewan Christian anti-gay and anti-abortion activist.

The two men were distributing pamphlets against homosexuality and abortion, along with displaying placards featuring pictures of aborted fetuses.

A controversial American anti-gay activist has been allowed entry into Canada after being detained by officials at the Regina airport.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, was on his way for a speaking engagement at the anti-abortion Saskatchewan Pro Life Association conference in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

On April 10, Canadian officials stopped him, stating that he might be breaking Canadian hate-speech laws. He was given a one-day grace period in Regina for an appeal.

After the Canadian Border Service Agency grilled him for three hours, he was allowed to enter Canada on April 11.

The heads of all the Australian pro sports leagues have gathered to form a united front against homophobia.

At the Bingham Cup, the five major sports leagues—cricket, rugby union, rugby league, football, Aussie rules—made a historical move on April 9 by pledging to eliminate homophobia in sport and singing the Anti-Homophobia and Inclusion Framework for Australian Sport.

The Bingham Cup is a biennial gay rugby tournament named after the late Mark Bingham, a former University of California, Berkeley rugby star who established two gay rugby clubs. He died in the September 11 attacks on United Airlines Flight 93, and was among the group of passengers who attacked the hijackers, causing the plane to crash in a field before they reached their Washington, D.C. target.

A motion to make gay-straight alliances mandatory in Alberta schools has been defeated.

The motion, by Calgary Liberal MLA Kent Hehr, would have required schools to create a GSA if students requested one.

It was defeated in the legislature on April 7 by a vote of 31 to 19. The Liberals and NDP voted for the bill but most of the Conservatives and Wildrose voted against it.  

 On Twitter, Hehr tweeted that he was disappointed but would continue to pursue action.

There are currently 40 Albertan GSAs, all in public Albertan schools.

The Pride in Art Society has reached an important funding status milestone, amid several changes at the queer arts organization.

The BC Arts Council has approved Pride in Art's Queer Arts Festival for operating assistance in the Professional Arts Festivals program.

The promotion of the festival from project funding to operating funding will provide more stability in provincial government funding.

Note to bigots: resistance is futile.

In the past, companies and networks often bowed to complaints from the public about the depiction of LGBT people, interracial marriage, and anything that was basically normal life but certain people with not enough bran in their diet (or something like that) didn't want to see.

The tide has turned.

Does the name June Matheson ring a bell?

If you were living in Vancouver in 2004, you migh recall that was when the 72-year-old interior designer was charged with mischief for poisoning five trees (and killing three of them) that were blocking her view of English Bay.

In fact, Matheson's name was drawn so much into the media spotlight that she had to sell her condo and business to escape the public backlash, which included people throwing garbage, rocks, and feces at her balcony and flooding her with abusive phone and email messages.

At Vancouver's TED2014 conference, transgender model and activist Geena Rocero shared her story of growing up in the Philippines as a "boy", becoming a fashion model, and coming out to the world.

"Today, this very moment, is my real coming out," Rocero said. "I could no longer live my truth for and by myself. I want to do my best to help others live their truth without shame and terror. I am here, exposed, so that one day there will never be a need for a November 20th vigil. My deepest truth allowed me to accept who I am. Will you?"