At the Pride flag-raising ceremony held at Vancouver City Hall on July 28, Stewart Gonzales, a two-spirited member of the Musqeam and Squamish First Nations, conducted a blessing by singing the Coast Salish national anthem.

Here is a brief clip of his powerful performance.

He also took the opportunity to speak about the ongoing struggles that aboriginal two-spirited (LGBT) people continue to face in their own communities across North America.

The 2014 Celebration of Light features Team France on Wednesday (July 30).

Photographer Andrew Chin got a behind the scenes look at the team's preparations.

July 26 was no ordinary day at the races at Hastings Racecourse.

The sixth annual Deighton Cup brought music, cocktails, cigars, luxury cars, and lots of stylish people to the horse races.

Take a gander with Andrew Chin's photos.

The Celebration of Light kicked off on July 26 with Team USA.

According to Vancouver police, upwards of 250,000 people headed to local beaches to watch the fireworks.

Team France is up next on July 30, followed by Japan on August 2.

Greenpeace is taking on a children's toy that has been used in Science World and Vancouver Art Gallery exhibits.

At issue is Lego's affiliation with Shell. Greenpeace is calling for the Lego Group to end its participation in Shell's global advertising deal.

A special set of Lego features the Shell logo on its toys.

Greenpeace argues that Shell is building brand loyalty among children, who are the next generation of consumers. The Vancouver-founded environmental organization is concerned that Shell is using Lego to counter its controversial Arctic drilling plans.

The 2014 Celebration of Light kicks off with Team USA on Saturday (July 26).

Photographer Andrew Chin got a behind the scenes look at the team's preparations.

Vancouver's Pride Week is almost upon us and here's a delicious and nutritious way to get into gear for it.

This year's annual Pride Picnic in the Park, which takes place at Brockton Oval on Saturday (July 26) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., boasts two of Canada's top culinary competitors on board: Shelley Robinson and Rockin' Ronnie (who will be cooking from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.).

Shelley Robinson is certainly a chef to be reckoned with. She was not only a Top Chef Canada contestant, but won the Food Network's Chopped CanadaTV show competition.

What? Only seven types?

Here's local YouTube comedian Linda Dong's sendup of local stereotypes of Vancouver girls according to neighbourhoods. 

Unfortunately she forgot Shaughnessy Girl, Robson Girl, Wreck Beach Girl, West End Girls (the girl group), Visiting ESL Student Girl, Taiko Girl, Smelly Hair SkyTrain Girl, and the suburbs: West Vancouver Girl (well, Real Housewives of Vancouver ostensibly covered that), North Shore Adventure Girl, Richmond Girl, and...(I'm Not a) Surrey Girl.

Maybe more material for future episodes?

(Then again, maybe the next one can be types of Vancouver guys?)

It's mildly amusing but how accurate do you think it is?

Today I found out that all women are equal, feminists are whiny, grouchy babies, and I need to make my man a sandwich stat!

At least that’s the conclusion I’ve reached after reading all the tweets containing the hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism.

Yay! The patriarchy is over!

(Pro-tip: It's not.)

At first, I was angry and thought this:

A website called CareerCast is getting a lot of press for its newly published list, Most Endangered Jobs of 2014.

One reason is that newspaper reporters made the cut. According to the site, the hiring outlook for ink-stained wretches will drop 13 percent by 2022. Stating the obvious, CareerCast says:

Declining subscription and dwindling advertising sales have negatively impacted the hiring power of some newspapers, while others have ceased operations altogether.