One of B.C.'s most beloved First Nations leaders is willing to go to jail to oppose Kinder Morgan's pipeline expansion.

The corporation plans to bring an additional 590,000 barrels a day of tarsands oil to the Lower Mainland for export via tankers through Burrard Inlet.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip told B.C. Federation of Labour convention delegates that he will go to Burnaby Mountain and be arrested on Thursday (November 27).

"As I am being arrested, I will think of our grandchildren," Phillip said.

Doctors in the U.K. have discovered a worm in a man's brain, which is easily the worst place for it.

Not only that, but the worm—a rare little fellow known to his friends as Spirometra erinaceieuropaei—was actually moving hither and yon across the man's brain lobes as if it owned the damn place!

You can see the progress of the little fucker here, in this animated GIF, and you can wonder at its appalling sense of entitlement.

It's so hard to find good help these days. No doubt this cliché applies to the freelance market.

Vancouver's Mark Fromson and Stephen Hayes-McCoy have built a website to connect employers and "quality local freelancers". Local Solo launched in October and has since expanded to 27 cities in Canada and the U.S.

It's free to use for both employers and freelancers. Not just any freelancer can get listed on Local Solo though. You have to apply to get a profile on the site.

Local Solo has categories for people in such fields as game design, marketing, user experience, and video. "You'll always have full control over your profile, including availability and visibility," the site states.

While some folks might find it too early to partake in Christmas festivities before December, Vancouver will be getting a double-dose of holiday cheer this weekend. Both the Vancouver Christmas Market and CandyTown Festival take place downtown on Saturday (November 22).

The Vancouver Christmas Market kicks off a month-long run at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza (650 Hamilton Street) starting Saturday at 11 a.m. The outdoor event, now in its fifth year, is modeled after a classic German Christmas market. Revellers can check out handmade gifts, such as wooden toys, knitted goods, pottery, and nutcrackers, while sipping on mulled wine and apple cider.

Both snowfall and snowmaking are being credited for Whistler Blackcomb opening five days earlier than scheduled this year.

The resort will open for the 2014-15 ski season on Saturday (November 22).

That day, Whistler Mountain will start welcoming skiers and snowboarders.

"Blackcomb Mountain" will open as planned on November 27.

If you ever went to camp at Evans Lake as a kid, you’ll love this hike.

Either way, fall is a great to time to enjoy the Copperbush-Skyline circuit, north of Squamish.

Recently, I hiked the Copperbush, Silver Summit, Copperbush Extension, Skyline, and Fraser-Burrard trails, stopping for lunch at Levette Lake in the middle.

As the clouds cleared, we feasted on the spectacular Tantalus Range views from the Levette Lake Recreation Site. Luckily, we didn’t meet any bears or cougars despite the posted warning signs.

On November 15, after spending several hours at the office covering that election thingy we had, I was driven home by a stranger wearing a rooster costume.

Loathed at the prospect of an hour-long bus ride late on a Saturday night, I tweeted at @YesFreeTaxi, which I'd heard about several times during the week. 

After a quick back and forth, I arranged to have the car pick me up at 11 p.m. and was home in under 15 minutes.

With autumn already halfway through, you may have noticed many species of birds returning to local gardens. I shot this photo of a northern flicker, specifically a red-shafted flicker, from my living room. It’s a kind of woodpecker, and it’s often seen on lawns and trees around town.

According to the folks at Audubon, the northern flicker is a resident species from “Alaska east through Manitoba to Newfoundland and south throughout United States”. Sounds emanating from this bird include a “loud, repeated flicker or wicka-wicka-wicka; also a loud kleeer”.

Skills ‘n Spills, the B.C. Hospitality Foundation Industry Games, takes place this Sunday (November 9) at Vancouver's Hellenic Community Centre (4500 Arbutus Street).

The event, now in its second year, is a fun opportunity for hospitality industry personnel to take the day off work, dress up in costumes, and get together for a Sunday-Funday, all while raising funds and awareness for a charity that supports industry workers facing a financial crisis due to a medical condition. 

Comedian Margaret Cho is all kinds of fierce. She's warrior fierce. She's Tyra Banks fierce. She's you-go-girl fierce. And when it comes to social issues, she is capital F fierce. 

When Cho performed here in Vancouver and Victoria on November 1 and 2, she used that fierceness to support the Canadian women who spoke out about their experiences of violence and sex with Jian Ghomeshi.

Both Cho and her opening act Selene Luna addressed the topical discussion about Ghomeshi, violence, sex, and women into their acts.

Although Luna got the audience laughing when she asked how exactly does a woman demonstrate that she consented to some sexual acts but not others, such as saying yes to teabagging but no to choking, she did raise a complex, thought-provoking issue.