Man-candy alert: Vancouver Fire Fighters' 2013 Calendar sneak peek

To all the girls and all the boys who swing in this particular direction, here's something to heat your day up with.

The Greater Vancouver Fire Fighters' 2013 Hall of Flame Calendar is set to be released on September 14.

With all the musclebound bods grabbing your attention, it's easy to overlook the fact that it's for a good cause.

The Vancouver Fire Fighters' Charitable Society is hoping to raise $100,000 to donate to the BC PFFA Burn Fund; the Vancouver General Hospital Burn, Plastic, and Trauma Unit; BC Children's Hospital Burn Ward; BC Professional Fire Fighters' Burn Camp; CKNW Orphan's Fund; and the BC Cancer Society.

As a result of various fundraising efforts over the years, they've raised over $1 million for charities. Rock on.

Here's a promotional video offering a peek at what's in store.

The calendar will be available for purchase online, and at London Drugs and Save on Foods.

And if you want to truly see them in the flesh (that's as in live and in person), the men will be appearing at the 12th annual West Coast Women's Show in the Calendar Fire Fighters' Fashion Show on October 20.

Until then, cold shower, anyone?

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You go guys! Heroes in more ways than one.
Rating: +2
I'm burning up
I dont want a calendar I want to Meet ONE :)
Rating: +8
Its a shame the Official 9/11 Commission Report ignored the testimony of hundreds of Firefighters and First Responders who witnessed the truth of what really happened that day.140 Fire fighters were murdered in a controlled demolition, but we talk about sexy calendars, how idiotic!
Rating: +3
bella bimba
You guys are incredibly beautiful, sexy and wonderful - both in body and soul!!!!!!
Rating: +5
did you not see it was for charity?
Hello dave19 - did you miss the part about this being a charity for the Burn Fund and other charities... do you know how much work the firefighters put in all year to multiple charities - not to mention running to every fire call, car accident, and other unspeakable incidents. Life is serious and they are very aware that their jobs and casualties of it at times are very serious - this is a fun way they can also do good in a very tough job. Not everything always has to be talked about in the most serious manner at all times. There is enough of that in the world. THIS IS FOR A VERY GOOD CAUSE - let's applaud them instead of trying to make it into something negative.
Rating: +11
Sara b
Omgosh I met them today and they were soo hot mr august was definitely da hottest n da nicest :)
Rating: +4
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