By Graham Henderson

As consultations proceed on Copyright Act reforms, there is broad agreement on a couple of the key objectives: spurring Canada’s innovation-based economy and fostering an on-line marketplace that is rich in choices for consumers and incentives for creators.

But as Canada debates how best to achieve those objectives, our international trading partners have raced into action and are pulling ahead. Take digital music, for example. Americans purchase more than twice as much digital music as Canadians on a per capita basis.

Stryper, the Christian metal band from Orange County, California, noted for tossing bibles from the stage and wearing yellow-and-black striped spandex during it's heyday in the '80s, is coming to Vancouver. Thank God.

According to the band's Web site, the original lineup of guitarist-vocalist Michael Sweet, drummer Robert Sweet, lead-guitarist Oz Fox, and bassist Tim Gaines will play the Red Room on Saturday, November 21. That's exactly one week after the sex-obsessed KISS is scheduled to play GM Place. So take your pick: will it be bible-toting saints playing tunes from To Hell With the Devil or reptilian-tongued sinners singing about having their dicks immortalized in plaster?

Aerosmith was forced to cancel its big Vancouver show recently after lead singer Steven Tyler injured himself during a concert, but its former competitor for the title of top American rock band in the '70s is still going strong. Or half of it is, anyway.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley—with a couple of other guys wearing the makeup and outfits worn by original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss—will bring the current version of KISS to GM Place on Saturday, November 14. This time around the band will recreate the 1975 live album that made it huge worldwide, KISS Alive, and kick the tour off at Detroit's Cobo Arena, where it was originally recorded.

Ticket info TBA.

Michael Jackson died of “lethal levels” of the anesthetic propofol, the Los Angeles chief medical examiner has concluded.

Court documents unsealed in Houston today (August 24) reportedly show the L.A. County coroner’s office made that finding after conducting an autopsy on the “King of Pop”.

The Associated Press has reported today that a law enforcement official told the news agency that the coroner has also ruled Jackson’s death a homicide.

By Bill Henderson

Our federal government has been hosting public hearings, looking for input on the revision of copyright law in order to make it more functional in the Internet age and beyond.

Conrad Murray, the doctor who allegedly injected Michael Jackson with a powerful anaesthetic drug on the day of the singer's death, has posted a video on YouTube thanking his supporters. Murray, who has been interviewed by police twice since Jackson's death, says in the video that he has been afraid to answer phone calls or return e-mails because he has been receiving death threats. He also states, "I told the truth, and the truth will prevail."

Filmed at the Hotel Waverly in Toronto and starring Paul Banks, Emily Haines, cigarettes, and handcuffs.

Tonight’s Lil Wayne show scheduled to go on at GM Place has been cancelled.

A Live Nation media release states: “The Lil Wayne show has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond Live Nation’s Control.”

The only other information available at this time is that ticket refunds will be available at the point of purchase. Tickets purchased through a credit card will be refunded automatically, according to Live Nation’s release.

Lil Wayne was scheduled to perform with Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy, and Drake.

According information posted on a Live Nation Twitter account, the crew’s Edmonton show–scheduled for August 18–has also been cancelled.

This was posted to YouTube on Tuesday, but as of Friday afternoon (August 14) it has already racked up almost 270,000 plays.

Keystone Entertainment Group has announced the cancellation of the Western Canada portion of the Aerosmith/ZZ Top tour following an injury to singer Steven Tyler.

Brad Walker of Bottom Line Productions  told that  the Vancouver show, which was scheduled tomorrow night (August 15) at GM Place, was not sold out. He couldn't say how many tickets were still available.

In-person point-of-purchase refunds will begin on Tuesday (August 18) at 10 a.m. Those who ordered their tickets by phone or over the Internet will automatically receive a credit back to the original method of payment, and are not required to take any  action.

Shows will not be rescheduled in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, and Calgary.