Like Halloween, when the early October fogs start to roll in, and Kanye West when he isn’t cancelling his shows the day they are supposed to happen, it’s starting to feel like it’s almost here.

Yes, we’re talking about the Squamish Valley Music Festival, taking place August 8 to 10 at the Logger Sports Grounds and Hendrickson Fields. In anticipation of the big event—headlined by Eminem, Bruno Mars, and Arcade Fire—we’re spending the next few weeks rounding up local artists who’ll be playing the open-air party, and getting them to answer some important questions.

The hate group everyone loves to hate, the Westboro Baptist Church, who are real-life trolls, have been locking horns with pop-punksters Panic! at the Disco.

It started when the homophobic group recorded a parody of the band's 2006 song "I Write Sins Not Tragedies", which was a U.S top 40 hit.

The song defended a bride who was accused of being a "whore" on her wedding day.

Couldn't make it out last Friday night? You missed gypsy-party-punk band Lemon Bucket Orkestra at Folk Fest. Vern Wakunick was there and caught a moment of the show on Instagram. Here’s your concert pick of the morning. Lemon Bucket Orkestra at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival on July 18, 2014. Thanks Vern.

Devoted Johnny Winter fans are still mourning the passing of the Texas guitar legend, who died last  Wednesday (July 16) at the age of 70. They’ve no doubt been playing the hell out of his vast array of awesome albums, or reminiscing about the times they saw him tear things up in concert.

If you’re a hardcore John Mellencamp fan and you just lost your entire Mellencamp CD collection because your house burned down, and now you’ve gotta go live in a small apartment without a lot of space for discs, have I got the thing for you.

Tomorrow (July 22), Universal Music Canada is releasing John Mellencamp 1978-2012, which compiles 19 of his albums into one small box. It ain’t cheap, but you do get a total of 223 tracks for your money. And hey–you had replacement insurance for your personal belongings, right?

On July 18, the Straight reported that one person was found dead in a campground at the Pemberton Music Festival.

On Sunday (July 20), RCMP identified the deceased as Nick Phongsavath, a 21-year-old engineering student at the University of Regina.

The RCMP’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) is still investigating the incident, which it is describing as “suspicious”.

The event—which was attended by an estimated 75,000 people—continued as scheduled following the young man’s death.

Randy Newman didn't draw huge crowds, but his set brought out some of the best-dressed people at the Pemberton Music Festival.  

Local singer-songwriter Jody Glenham is rocking a vintage tee, which is a really hot thing to do right now. She's completing her festival-blacks look with leggings from Le Chateau, a hoody from Uniqlo, and sunnies from Target, because you never bring expensive shades to a festival.

Christine McAvoy, from popular local blog Vancouver is Awesome, has legs for days in these Vero Moda jean shorts! She's also wearing a shirt from local alt-country rockers The Matinee, perfect for the modern woman on the go.

This thing is halfway between the Pemberton Stage, where bro-reggae outfit Rebellution is currently playing, and the Whistler Stage, where dubstep fiddler Lindsey Stirling is prancing around. 

You can hear both acts clearly from it, which likely means the festival organizers are attempting to open a portal to another dimension that Cthulu will emerge from. Steer clear of this evil structure, festival goers.

While nary a native headdress is to be seen on the Pemberton Music Festival grounds today, there is a veritable bronado of neon-slogan tees, flower crowns, and the worst tribal tattoos you could possibly imagine.   Not everyone looks like shit though. Even though Emily from Dirty Spells and Tristan from BESTiE likely haven't slept in days, they still effortlessly manage to pull off these chic festival looks. 

As seasoned concertgoer knows, there's more to a music festival than high-wattage headiners and bottles of water that somehow cost $5.

A big part of the fun is the fine folks who arrive on site convinced that we were all born to make spectacles of ourselves.

Here's a selection of people you might have seen strolling around the Pemberton Music Festival this weekend, shot by the Straight's Rebecca Blissett.