My totally random top five arts moments from 2012

As 2012 winds down its final hours, here are just a random few of the moments that will stay with me from the arts scene well into next year. Feel free to add your own.

1. Watching Ballet B.C. audiences moved from tears to cheers during Jose Navas's full-length Bliss, a piece that delved achingly into the darkness of grief and then escaping into the light. Can't wait to see his take on Giselle this spring.

2. Seeing late design-art masher Tobias Wong's staggering genius—from bullet-proof quilts to carved Twin Towers matchbooks—laid out in a solo show at the Museum of Vancouver. It's still on, by the way.

3. Witnessing contemporary dancer Shay Kuebler smash the hell out of an "anger booth" in Karoshi, his exploration of Japan's tightly wound office culture. A twisted, dish-smashing delight.

4. Being mesmerized by Panos Cosmatos's space-age mind-bender Beyond the Black Rainbow, a retro-'80s mix of old Cronenberg sci-fi and Lynchian surrealism. Maybe the coolest B.C. indie film made... Um, ever?

5. Getting swept away by Vancouver Opera's youthful, yearning rendition of La Bohème; the setting was lush, traditional Paris, but its long-haired, scarf-wearing artists weren't that far removed from your Main Street beardo-bohemian.

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