This extremely shocking and deeply disturbing precognitive short documentary details the unprecedented and irrevocable damage by the LGBT–rights movement in Ireland.

Imperiled heterosexuals are shown resorting to extreme measures to protect themselves from the insidious and pervasive threats of the Pink Peril.

The video comes at an important juncture, just as the country is considering a referendum on marriage equality for the spring of 2015.

Earlier this year, an impassioned speech about LGBT rights by Irish drag queen Panti Bliss went viral internationally in March, even prompting the Pet Shop Boys to turn it into a club anthem.

Students gathered on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery today (September 2) to urge the B.C. Public School Employers’ Association and the B.C. Teachers’ Federation to resolve their dispute as soon as possible.

“We believe that our voices should be heard in this, and we’re suffering as a result of this conflict,” Kevin Dhir, a Grade 12 student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary and one of the organizers of the rally, said in an interview with the Straight.

“They should have resolved it during the summertime when the students wouldn't be negatively affected as much….But now, it’s September 2nd, I was supposed to be starting the first day of the last year of my school career, and here I am out here in the rain having to organize a rally for it.”

A storefront in southeast Vancouver is the third marijuana dispensary busted by police in less than three months.

Today (September 2) officers executed a search warrant against Budzilla located at 2267 Kingsway.

According to a Vancouver Police Department media release, authorities had received numerous complaints regarding how the business was conducting operations.

“The products comprised of dry marijuana and THC-infused edibles, including candy and cookies,” it states. “The appearance and packaging of many of these items could be potentially very appealing to children.”

Since parents couldn't bring their kids to school today (September 2), some of them showed up at their local MLA's office instead.

"MLA Playdate" protests are being organized around the province, and they're meant to continue happening until the teachers' strike is resolved and schools open.

While parents of 560,000 students in strike-bound B.C. public schools will be grumbling on Tuesday, another set of parents will be celebrating.

That's because more than 75,000 students will be back in independent schools across B.C.

This includes St. George's, which is where some of the province's super-elite send their kids.

On Tuesday (September 2), St. George's will be hold a barbecue to welcome back the students. Normally this wouldn't be newsworthy except for on that day, kids will likely be shut out of public schools across the province.

I'm not going to identify any of the kids who attend this school because that's not fair when they didn't ask to find themselves in the middle of any controversy.

The weather forecast looks a bit rainy this weekend.

That's ostensibly why the Fair at the PNE is offering free admission on Saturday and Sunday (August 30 and 31) if you get there by 1 p.m.

A PNE news release states:

The infamous Toronto-based website Ashley Madison, designed to help married people hook up with others, is launching a lawsuit against the South Korean government for blocking it in that country.

The Korean site of Ashley Madison was launched on April 1 but was shut down on April 16 by the Korean Communications Standards Commission.

Authorities accused the website of encouraging immorality. Adultery is illegal in South Korea.

Earlier this week, TransLink added painted queue lines to the 99 B-Line's westbound stop at Commercial-Broadway Station. The markings encourage orderly lineups while clearing space for wheelchairs, exiting bus riders, and passersby. 

On Thursday afternoon (August 28), I got a quick look at them before hopping on the bus. As you can see, it wasn't busy enough to assess the efficacy of the "pilot queuing system".

But it got me wondering whether this should be the start of a trend. Are there other places in our transit system where we need to be told where (not) to wait?

Earlier this month, Simon Fraser University confirmed that it is considering accepting Bitcoin at bookstores and dining services on its campuses in the Vancouver area.

Today (August 28), SFU made its first official foray into Bitcoin, announcing it is now accepting donations with the digital currency.

That makes it the first Canadian postsecondary school to take donations in this manner.

The community gardens left standing in the Arbutus Corridor have gotten a reprieve.

Today (August 27), the City of Vancouver sent out this brief statement:

Senior officials at the City of Vancouver and CP Rail have agreed to meet to discuss the future of the Arbutus Corridor.

While the two sides meet, CP Rail has agreed to suspend all track maintenance work along the Arbutus Corridor for the next two to three weeks.

A statement on CP Rail's website indicates the company is "hopeful a resolution may be reached".