News for Youse: Broadway transit, Bruce Springsteen performs, and NDP wins in Victoria

Broadway transit on agenda Vancouver's general manager of engineering services, Peter Judd, and director of transportation Jerry Dobrovolny will speak to city council today about "demands for transit and business opportunities on the Broadway corridor". This comes as UBC is ramping up pressure for a rapid-transit connection to its Point Grey campus.

Boss goes crowd-surfing Bruce Springsteen delighted his fans last night at Rogers Arena by jumping into the audience and riding the crowd.

Suspected gangsters murdered Sukhveer Dhak and his reported bodyguard, Thomas Mantel, were gunned down yesterday around noon at the Executive Hotel and Conference Centre in Burnaby.

NDP edges past Green candidate Lawyer Murray Rankin won a narrow victory over the Greens' Donald Galloway in a federal by-election in Victoria; The Conservatives held seats in by-elections in Calgary Centre and Durham, Ontario.

Rob Ford says he'll carry on The mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, plans to appeal a court ruling that forces him to vacate his position. It came because he voted on a motion in which he had a direct financial interest.

Olivia Chow for mayor? Jack Layton's widow, NDP MP Olivia Chow, has confirmed that people are trying to draft her to run for mayor of Toronto.

Egyptian protests continue A huge demonstration is taking place in Cairo's Tahrir Square even after President Mohammed Mursi held talks with senior members of the judiciary to defuse a crisis. It was created by him seizing near-absolute power.

Arafat tissue tested French, Swiss, and Russian scientists are investigating if former PLO leader Yasser Arafat might have died from poisoning. This comes after his remains were exhumed and reburied in Ramallah.

Mediators called in for hockey lockout The NHL Players' Association and the owners have agreed to turn over control of their dispute to mediators.

Halle Berry's ex has black eye Model Gabriel Aubry, the former partner of Halle Berry, was spotted with a shiner following a fight with her fiancé, Olivier Martinez, who reportedly has a bruised hand.

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Stephen Rees
Your caption reads "UBC would like trains like this to reach the Point Grey campus." but the picture is of SkyTrain and what UBC wants is light rail. Which looks more like this
Rating: +9
UBC and Translink still seem to be dancing to a tune Orchestrated by the Shadow of Billy Van der Zalm, Billy Bennet, Gordon Campbell and Christ Clark .

UBC past President David Strangway wanted to build a city for UBC students at UBC on the Endowment Lands. You Know, Land Endowed to UBC for the use of UBC for the Bennefit of UBC and Students who would attend UBC.

Van "The Sham" Sha-Zalm, put an end to this nonsense by removing the UBC Endowment Lands from UBC.

If 25,000 - 50,000 UBC students could live within one kilometre or 5/8 of a mile from UBC, they could walk to school, bike to school, skateboard to school, hop - skip & jump or roller blade to school and they would not need any
FREAKING BUSES - TRANSLINK - SKYTRAINS - CARS or TRUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get the picture

It seems that UBC has no choice but to Parrot the Liberal / Socred / Reform / Alliance CRAP and suggest mass transit to UBC instead of housing for students at UBC.

With free land, the cost for student housing could be 50% or less that students have to pay now.

Now why would anyone be against inexpensive housing for students, would 25,000 - 50,000 empty basement suites and apartments, have anything to do with this issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rating: -6
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