News for Youse: Bus accident kills nine, transit fares will rise, and Kim Kardashian is pregnant

Fatal Oregon bus crash  Nine people are dead and at least 26 are injured after a Vancouver-bound bus from Las Vegas went over an embankment on Interstate 84 in northeastern Oregon. The bus was reportedly owned by Mi Joo Tour & Travel, and local RCMP are notifying next of kin.

Cold-weather shelters activated  An extreme weather alert meant that the City of Vancouver opened up additional shelters over the weekend for the homeless.

Transit fares rise  On January 1, people who use the SkyTrain and buses will have to pay $2.75 for a one-zone cash fare. To see all the increases, go here.

Province boosts medical-service premiums  B.C. has jacked up medical-services premiums for the third consecutive year. Starting tomorrow, it will cost a family with children $128 per month. This is what employers need to know.

Hillary Clinton hospitalized  U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton is receiving treatment for a blood clot. It's been linked to a recent concussion.

Fiscal negotiations continue  Republicans and Democrats have been unable to find common ground as the U.S. approaches the midnight deadline for the so-called "fiscal cliff". That's when large spending cuts and significant tax hikes for the middle class take effect. There are fears that if a deal isn't reached, it could trigger a U.S. recession.

Canada wins Spengler Cup  A star-studded lineup of NHL players helped Team Canada defeat Davos HC to win the Spengler Cup in Switzerland. It's the first Canadian victory in this tournament since 2007.

NHL Players' Association expected to respond  With the NHL season in doubt, players' representatives are likely to make a counteroffer today to the latest proposal from the league.

Kim Kardashian is pregnant  Kanye West has spilled the beans that his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, is expecting the couple's first child.

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