News for Youse: Bus seatbelts, Port Mann Bridge slowdowns, and Madonna falls on her face

Bus seatbelts discussed  In the wake of a bus crash in Oregon that killed nine people, several media outlets have broadcast or published stories about whether Canada should make seatbelts mandatory on coaches.

Stronger flu virus strikes  CBC News has reported that the H3N2 subtype influenza virus took hold over the Christmas holidays. It's more severe than other strains. 

Port Mann Bridge accidents  Icy conditions and fog resulted in several fender benders on the new Port Mann Bridge this morning, seriously delaying traffic.

Surrey protest for rape victim  Several dozen people were in Holland Park early last evening at a candlelight vigil for the 23-year-old New Delhi woman who died after being gang-raped month.

Idle No More at Waterfront Station  One of the region's busiest transit hubs was the scene of an Idle No More protest yesterday afternoon.

Newtown students go back to school  Sandy Hook elementary school is still closed. However, students who surived a gunman's rampage on December 14 are returning to other schools today in Newtown, Connecticut.

U.S. kills Pakistani militants  A drone strike has killed Mullah Nazir and his deputy, Ratta Khan. They were reportedly opponents of the Pakistani Taliban and favoured attacking U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Canada loses World Junior semifinal  The United States clobbered Team Canada 5-1 this morning to move to the final against Sweden in the World Junior Hockey Championship. Canada will play for the bronze against Russia.

Madonna falls on her face  The Eonline site has a photo of Madonna doing a face plant while skiing in Gstaad, Switzerland, on December 29. 

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