News for Youse: Coast Mountain Bus negotiations, campuses closed, and Rainier Hotel protest

Bus company following net-zero mandate  TransLink subsidiary Coast Mountain Bus Company has told the union representing bus drivers that it's adhering to a net-zero mandate in its contract talks. This bothers leaders of Local 111 of the Canadian Auto Workers, which represents transit operators.

School and campus closures  Snowfall across the Lower Mainland has resulted in the closure of numerous schools as well as SFU's Burnaby campus and all campuses of Douglas College.

Snowboarder rescued  Sebastian Boucher has been found alive in the back country. He went missing for two days after snowboarding in the out-of-bounds area at Cypress Mountain.

Rainier Hotel protest  A large protest snaked through the city yesterday in response to the end of federal funding for some services provided at the Downtown Eastside hotel, as well as Vancouver Coastal Health's refusal to cover those costs.

Warning about kids and electronic screens  Vancouver physician and addiction expert Gabor Maté has told the Straight that he thinks children under the age of eight should not be given access to digital media, which is "potentially addictive".

Joe Biden focuses on gun control  U.S. president Barack Obama has assigned the vice president, Joe Biden, to lead the administration's attempt to reduce gun violence in the wake of the attack on an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

South Korean election  Park Geun-hye, the daughter of former dictator Park Chung-hee, has won the presidential election in South Korea, becoming that country's first female head of state. She defeated her more liberal opponent, Moon Jae-in.

Mark Carney lives well  The incoming governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, will collect more than $400,000 in a housing allowance when he starts his new job next summer.

BBC slammed over Jimmy Savile  Former Sky News boss Nick Pollard has written a scathing report on the BBC's decision to cancel a probe into child-sex abuse by its former high-profile host Jimmy Savile. More details are available here.

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