News for Youse: David Eby versus the premier, dyslexia ruling, and Katie Holmes likes cheap plonk

Eby versus Clark The long-time spokesperson and executive director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, David Eby, will run for the NDP for a second time against Premier Christy Clark in Vancouver–Point Grey.

Court decision on dyslexia The Supreme Court of Canada has released a decision in favour of North Vancouver parent Frederick Moore, who claimed that his son Jeffrey was discriminated against in Grade 2 when the North Vancouver school board eliminated a diagnostic program for dyslexic children. Moore enrolled his son in private school and sued for the costs.

Investigators examine New West shooting The Independent Investigations Office of B.C. has dispatched a team to look into the death of a man outside the Starlight Casino yesterday morning after he was shot by a New West police officer.

New York fuel rationing In the wake of Superstorm Sandy and a brutal Nor'easter, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that gasoline will be rationed in his city.

New Anglican archbishop Former oil executive Justin Welby, 56, has been named as the new Archbishop of Canterbury by British prime minister David Cameron.

Putin fires defence minister In the wake of a corruption scandal, Russian president Vladimir Putin has canned Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

Katie likes cheap plonk Actor Katie Holmes told the New York Times that she likes drinking wine out of a box because she thinks it tastes good and it's easier to open.

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John Turner won in Point Grey because the majority of folks there could relate to him, trust him and liked him. He was seen as a very accomplished Statesman and was a Former Federal Cabinet Minister

David Eby might win in a East Side riding or near Main Street.

He will not be seen as a Person of Substance or a Credible representative of the Majority of the Folks who live in Point Grey.

This is a riding the NDP could win with a good candidate, however the Moonbeam Caucus in the NDP believe, the Goofier you look and behave, the better your chances.

Rating: -9
There are few things to respond to in the above comment, but one begs for editorial fiat. Can someone please send the overworked Mayor Roberston -and- cohort-dismissive-moniker-phrase, "moonbeam" to the rotting pumpkin pile where it now properly belongs. It does not subsitute for either reasoned contribution to important discussion, nor is the reference funny anymore, if it ever was.
Rating: +1
Dan V
500 votes!! That statistic is a very telling regarding the changing political spectrum in one of Canada's richest area codes.
Rating: -4
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