News for Youse: Higher SkyTrain security, Latinos back Obama, and local giraffe dies

Tighter transit security Transit Police are more visible on SkyTrain today after a crude explosive device was discovered on the track in Surrey on Friday.

Vancouver politician called a banana Vision Vancouver councillor Kerry Jang says he was initially "pissed off" when he heard that Richmond restaurant owner David Chung called him a "banana" for opposing shark-fin soup, but on reflection he considers it as evidence that he's representing the broader community.

Union targets Lepage show Job action by CUPE workers at SFU shut down celebrated director Robert Lepage's The Far Side of the Moon on the weekend at the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts at SFU Woodward's. More information is available here.

Sarah Palin endorses Romney The Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008, Sarah Palin, backed Newt Gingrich in her party's nomination race. In a new Facebook post, she urges her supporters to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in tomorrow's U.S. election.

Latinos back Obama The latest impreMedia & Latino Decisions poll shows that 64 percent of Latinos say they are certain they will vote for Barack Obama, with another eight percent leaning his way. The company says that with a high turnout, this could deliver Nevada, Florida, Colorado, and Virginia to the president.

Harper's armoured cars The Globe and Mail has reported that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is zipping around India in armour-clad vehicles that were shipped from Canada.

Giraffe dies The Greater Vancouver Zoo has revealed that a 12-year-old giraffe named Jafari was discovered dead in its barn on the weekend.

Maggie Smith feels fine British actor Maggie Smith was in hospital with chest pains on November 2; the 77-year-old is now back at home, and her spokesperson told the Daily Mail that she's "fine and well".

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