News for Youse: Jobless rate falls, Harper will meet Native leaders, and Naomi Campbell mugged

Jobless rate drops  Statistics Canada has reported that the B.C. unemployment rate fell from 6.8 percent to 6.5 percent between November and December; the national rate fell from 7.2 percent to 7.1 percent as 40,000 jobs were created across the country.

Polak blames maintenance contractor  Transportation Minister Mary Polak says the Port Mann Bridge contractor has been instructed to increase de-icing after dozens of fender benders yesterday morning on the new Fraser River crossing.

B.C.'s most expensive home  A house at 4707 Belmont Avenue near Spanish Banks in Vancouver is B.C.'s most valuable home, according to BC Assessment, with an assessed value of $39.2 million. The Vancouver Sun has reported that the owner's identity remains a mystery, shrouded behind an offshore company.

Harper will meet First Nations leaders  On the 25th day of Chief Theresa Spence's hunger strike, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced that he and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Minister John Duncan will meet aboriginal leaders on January 11.

Train derailment  Three CN Rail cars left the track yesterday south of Pemberton; nobody was injured.

Poll spells good news for Justin Trudeau  An Ipsos Reid poll for Postmedia News and Global Television has found that the vast majority of respondents, 69 percent, believe that Justin Trudeau will win the Liberal leadership race; 62 percent think he is the best hope for the Liberals to defeat the ruling Conservatives.

NHL mediation continues  The National Hockey League Players' Association is meeting today as federal mediator Scot Beckinbaugh continues going back and forth hearing from both sides.

Naomi Campbell mugged  The New York Post has reported that supermodel Naomi Campbell suffered a leg injury after being attacked and robbed in Paris more than a month ago while hailing a cab.

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Greg Robinson
That's very impressive--that firstly you say that the unemployment rate has dropped---then that Harper will meet Native Leaders...great inferences toward the unheralded goodness of Harper...however there remains a lot of damage control and repair to be done after his rabid meanderings--as for the unemployment rate, it might be interesting to find out how many of those jobs have any permanence beyond a few days or weeks.
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Gene Logan
Interesting that in places like Thailand and Mexico there are regulations governing the purchase of real estate by non-citizens.

Here we can't even find out their identities.
Rating: -1
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