News for Youse: Keithley seeks NDP nod, Vancity dumps Enbridge, and Lennon's killer denied parole

Joe Keithley's candidacy Coquitlam Now has reported that DOA frontman and former Green party candidate Joe Keithley is seeking the NDP nomination in Coquitlam–Burke Mountain. That's because all the spots in Burnaby, where he lives, have been taken.

Missing women's inquiry The Georgia Straight has revealed that the Oppal inquiry refused to call RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson as a witness. This occurred even though he oversaw the major-crime section while some women went missing and his name was mentioned in documents on hundreds of occasions.

Housing report CIBC deputy chief economist Benjamin Tal has claimed that "fears of a long and sharp downturn in the housing market are highly exaggerated and very premature", citing demographic forces that will "shorten the duration of the upcoming market adjustment". For more, go here.

Vancity dumps Enbridge shares B.C.'s largest credit union, Vancity, has announced that Enbridge no longer meets its investment arm's "environmental, social and governance" criteria—thanks to a 2010 oil spill in Michigan—so Vancity Investment Management has divested its holdings in the pipeline giant.

Pilot error cited The Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada has stated that glider pilot Jon Orders did not check to see that Lenami Godinez-Avila's harness was connected before she fell to her death in the Fraser Valley in April.

Lennon's killer denied parole Mark David Chapman will remain in jail for murdering John Lennon in 1980, according to a CNN report, after he was refused parole for the seventh time.

New Murdoch scandal The Guardian has reported a Murdoch-owned tabloid's denial that it pressured a 21-year-old female intern to strip. This was reportedly for a mock photo shoot with a stand-in for Prince Harry.

Google maps north A Google Street View worker rode a tricycle around Cambridge Bay, Nunavut to coincide with a visit by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to the remote northern community.

Hockey talks resume The NHL Players' Association executive director Donald Fehr and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman are expected to resume negotiations today, but with both sides far apart, a hockey lockout is expected this fall.

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Tie or no tie, I'm sure Mr. Keithley will fit in just fine with the other "shitheads" in the legislature.
Rating: -2
Please, Please, Please
The NDP has spent years exercising flakes like Keithley - they dont need him now, and judging by Keithley's pot shots at and antagonism towards the NDP over the years, this seems like naked opportunism.

With any luck, the New Democrats will elect a quality candidate at their nomination. A candidate not named Joe Keithley.
Rating: -3
Good on Vancity
Good on Vancity (although I don't even bank there) for not just going for the $$$ & having some morals!
Rating: +3
James G
@ Please, Please, Please

The NDP spent years perfecting it's take on political correctness and denouncing anyone it found imperfect. It also stopped listening to internal criticism.

It paid a price. Remember two seats in the provincial legislature? Remember losing federal official party status? The party needs to grow and that means to listen to the ideas of a Tom Mulcair, a Dana Larsen, a Ben West and a Joe Keithley.
Rating: +5
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