If you're planning to take a flight, you'll be pleased to know that Vancouver is home to the most efficient airport in Canada.

A team of international aviation academics at the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business evaluated and ranked 200 airports and 26 airport groups in the ATRS Global Airport Benchmarking Report.

They measured the airports according to operational and management efficiency and cost competitiveness. The more efficient the airport is, the cheaper the fees are for both passengers and airlines.

A nonprofit organization that's freaking out over the presence of Chinese-language signs and advertisements in Metro Vancouver has made known its "latest activism project".

Putting Canada First, which has earned the ire of NDP deputy leader Libby Davies, has issued its own guidelines for public signage and ads in North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

In an email to reporters, politicians, and others, Putting Canada First spokesperson Brad Saltzberg writes:

Vancouver has done it again.

Our city has made the cut for the top most liveable cities in the world, which was dominated by Canadian and Australian cities.

The Economist's list of the top most liveable cities in the world has given the top spot to Melbourne, Australia, which has held that position for the past three years. After Vienna, Austria, three Canadian cities rounded out the top five: Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary tied with Adelaide.

Vancouver, which topped the list for a decade until 2011, remained the top North American city.

Vancouver fared well due to a record low number of murders in 2013 (following a decade-long decrease).

The top 10 cities are:

1. Melbourne, Australia

2. Vienna, Austria

As everyone in Vancouver has heard by now, CP Rail is razing the community gardens in its right of way on the West Side, starting in Marpole.

But many are still standing, such as the Pine Street Community Garden, east of Burrard Street.

One group of gardeners is calling for the city to, well, do something to stop the impending destruction of the remaining gardens in the Arbutus corridor.

If you stopped by the Safeway Farm Country agricultural showcase at the Fair at the PNE on Sunday (August 17), you likely saw llamas, alpacas, rabbits, horses, cows, chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs, and goats.

Apparently, you might have also witnessed a protest by animal right activists bearing signs with messages such as "Animals want to live" and "Animals feel love".

In a news release, the activists addressed kids taking part in 4-H programs:

A local digital marketer has reported spotting a drone spying on condo dwellers in the so-called Crosstown area of downtown Vancouver.

Conner Galway, cofounder of Junction Creative Solutions, posted a video on YouTube showing the unmanned aerial vehicle flying among the city's towers.

He also posted these tweets:

This weekend on a trip to New Westminster, I took a few snapshots of the new Anvil Centre.

The LEED Gold building, which includes a 364-seat theatre and 18,000 square feet of conference space, is on Columbia Street close to the New Westminster Station.

When it opens in September, it will also be home to the New Westminster New Media Gallery, New Westminster Museum and Archives, and Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

In April of 2012, Mayor Wayne Wright spoke to the Straight about the project when it was a mere hole in the ground.

Early this evening police were at the intersection of Oak Street and West 57th Avenue where a car had flipped upside down.

As I passed through the intersection, another damaged car was on the west side of Oak Street.

The VPD hasn't offered any details over its Twitter feed or its website yet, so I can't tell you if anyone has suffered serious injuries.

TransLink is demanding that the maker of an online game that depicts a SkyTrain killing spree take it offline.

If Alexi Wildman of Wildman Industries does not comply, the regional transportation authority says he could face legal action over Main Street Massacre.

“While we cannot control the subject matter that individuals choose to use in the making of video games, we do have legal rights with respect to our intellectual property,” said TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis in a news release.

People who board or disembark from the SkyTrain at the Granville Station will want to know about the latest TransLink alert. It's classified as "minor".

Effective Friday August 15 at 2:30pm until Friday August 29 at 5pm

The down escalator from the concourse level to the westbound platform level by the Dunsmuir Street entrance will be out of service for repairs.

Effective Sunday August 17 from 9am to Friday August 22 at 5pm

The 'up' escalator from the eastbound platform level to the westbound platform level towards the Dunsmuir Street exit will be out of service for maintenance.

Anyone who's been to the Granville Station knows it has two of the steepest escalators in Vancouver.