In the U.S., the TV series What Would You Do? regularly stages scenes of discrimination in public locations to see how bystanders will (or won't) react.

After the fatal shooting of Corporal Nathan Cirillo by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau at the national war memorial in Ottawa, York University student Omar Albach was inspired to conduct a "social experiment" to see how comfortable Canadians felt about being around Muslims.

In scenes staged in Hamilton—the hometown of Cirillo—Albach had a friend named Zakaria Ghanem, wearing a traditional Muslim robe, waiting in line to board a bus. As Albach filmed, another friend, Devin Giamou, played a discriminatory man confronting Ghanem who says he doesn't feel comfortable getting on a bus with a Muslim person.

With the Jian Ghomeshi story unfolding over the course of this week, the president and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada has released a public statement on the controversy.

Hubert T. Lacroix issued today (October 31) this "Note to Canadians":

I’m not sure where to begin. Like you, the unfolding allegations of the past week have left me in shock, sadness, and some anger.

With the likes of Justin Bieber, Rob Ford, and Jian Ghomeshi, Canada is not only making international headlines, but we're also gaining a worldwide reputation for being a nation of idiots and assholes. (I guess we can thank our current leadership for that. Cheers, Harper.)

Thank god for Kevin Vickers.

While Vickers has been pretty much drowned out by the media tsunami covering Ghomeshigate, somehow news satirist Stephen Colbert managed to take note of Vickers' incredible act of bravery.

On his Comedy Central program, Colbert paid tribute to the House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms for his takedown of Parliament Hill shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau on October 22.

He apologized for things he's said about Canada in the past (even though they're probably true).

The Green Party of Vancouver has so far raked in $46,387 in campaign donations ahead of the November civic election.

Less than a day after the NPA and then Vision Vancouver promised to release at least the names of their donors before election day, the Greens beat all of the other parties to the punch.

Vision Vancouver has responded to NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe's pledge to disclose his party's campaign donors' list by next Friday (November 7).

Mayoral incumbent Gregor Robertson announced that Vision will beat the NPA to it by revealing "a list of its campaign donors" this weekend.

"Releasing the list of donors supporting our campaign is just one more way Vision Vancouver is running a positive and transparent campaign, while the NPA’s Kirk LaPointe has repeatedly refused to even release a fully-costed platform," Robertson said in a news release.

Non-Partisan Association mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe has committed to releasing the party's list of campaign donors by next Friday (November 7).

Until now, LaPointe had rebuffed calls for the NPA to do so.

“I have said transparency is my policy hill to die on and so it is only right that our party follows through and discloses our campaign donor list before the election," LaPointe stated in a news release today (October 30).

“I challenge Gregor and Vision and all opponents to do the same if they really care about openness at City Hall.”

Stay tuned for the inevitable Vision Vancouver attack news release.

I've seen several people tweet a link to this page showing support declining for Jian Ghomeshi on Facebook in real time.

At time of writing, statistics from the web-based tool Quintly indicated that the dumped CBC host was losing Facebook likes at a rate of over 350 an hour, or around 9,000 likes per day.

Dumped CBC host Jian Ghomeshi has issued his second Facebook statement in response to the growing number of allegations that he has abused women.

This morning (October 30), the former host of Q—who reportedly enlisted the crisis management services of the PR firm Navigator—posted on his Facebook page:

I want to thank you for your support and assure you that I intend to meet these allegations directly.

I don’t intend to discuss this matter any further with the media.

An unmanned rocket exploded shortly after liftoff today (October 28) at Wallops Island, Virginia.

The AP reported that the ship was owned by Orbital Sciences Corp., which says no one was believed to be injured.

According to the news agency, the ship was carrying gear for the crew of the International Space Station.

How do City of North Vancouver residents feel about one of their mayoral candidates writing the following bigoted sentences?

Bill, to the extent that you are able, and bearing in mind that I would never tell that misserable little prick what a perm-headed fagot I truly believe him to be, tell him to fuck himself in the most polite terms you can find.

You might remind him that since he embarked on my character assassination at trial last week, I feel little inclination to soften the blow to the gay little pud-knockers feelings and more like telling him the way all I know see him to be.