This video demonstrates how NASA's ultra-high-resolution computer model reveals carbon dioxide moving around the Earth.

A week after some U.S. Metro commuter papers cut editorial staff, there are a series of "staff and organizational changes" taking place within its Canadian division. has obtained a Star Media Group memo to staff announcing the shuttering of all digital-only outlets in seven Canadian cities: Victoria, Saskatoon, Regina, Kitchener, Hamilton, London, and Windsor. This will result in three people losing their jobs.

Being on vacation this week, I headed up the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area on Wednesday (November 26) to witness the unfolding of Metro Vancouver's very own mini Clayoquot Sound.

It was a fitting day to visit the protest against Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, as Valerie Langer, Bonny Glambeck, Karen Mahon, Jean McLaren, and Chris Hatch, all veterans of the legendary 1993 Clayoquot Sound demonstrations, were there to be arrested for the cause.

Here are some of the photos I shot that day on the mountain, whose trails I have walked many times.

Beseiged former radio-show host Jian Ghomeshi is withdrawing the $55-million lawsuit against the CBC, according to reports.

Ghomeshi was fired from the national arts, culture, and entertainment program Q in late October, and had initially claimed it had to do with his sex life involving consensual BDSM.

Two of David Suzuki’s grandchildren are among more than 50 people who RCMP have arrested at protests against Kinder Morgan that remain ongoing on Burnaby Mountain.

Suzuki’s grandson, Tamo Campos, was apprehended on November 20 and on Sunday (November 23), it was reported that his granddaughter, Tomiko, was also taken into police custody.

Sunday (November 23) marked a fourth consecutive day of arrests on Burnaby Mountain.

Among demonstrators opposing Kinder Morgan’s plans to run an oil pipeline through the area are two of the grandchildren of.

This is not a typical video from Femen, the sextremist group that strips in front of politicians to protest patriarchy, homophobia, and religious dogma.

No, these images show some topless women allegedly kidnapping a priest.

The video says the abduction was done to demand cancellation of Pope Francis's upcoming visit to the European Parliament on Tuesday (November 25).

One of Femen's leaders, Anna Hutsol, has claimed that the group is in a war for civil rights. You can learn more in the video below. (It's age-restricted.)

Comedian Bill Cosby was in the Bahamas last night raising money for a local charity and polishing his image.

He cracked jokes and told tales of his upbringing in Philadelphia in a benefit for the Links, a women's service organization.

Meanwhile, a fourth woman has come forward with claims that Cosby sexually assaulted her. 

Florida nurse Therese Serignese alleged that the incident occurred 38 years ago.

A fifth woman, Carla Ferrigno, has told a radio interview that Cosby grabbed her and tried to kiss her in 1967. Ferrigno is the wife and manager of Lou Ferrigno, who starred in The Incredible Hulk.

All of the women's statements have been vigorously denied by Cosby's lawyer, who says these are "decades-old discredited allegations".

In late September 2014, the federal government announced a major new approach for dealing with aboriginal land claims.

The "laughably short consultation period" ends on November 30, according to the video above by IdleNoMoreMedia.

It comes in response to the Williams decision in the Supreme Court of Canada, which granted aboriginal title to the Tsilhqot'in First Nation.

Douglas Eyford is heading the consultation. That's the same Douglas Eyford named by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to generate support among First Nations for pipeline projects and other energy projects.

"Land-claim policy requires negotiating with First Nations to extinguish their rights and underlying title to their land," the video states. "The government calls this reconciliation."

As you've no doubt seen on social media, Burnaby RCMP today (November 20) moved in to arrest more than a dozen people protesting the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project on Burnaby Mountain.

Vancouver photographer Jackie Dives was on hand to capture these dramatic photographs.

In the photos, you'll see protester Marija Brzev locked to a cement block with her mom watching over her, and David Suzuki's grandson Tamo Campos being led away by police.