In the early hours of October 17, a Russian cargo ship lost power and began drifting toward B.C.'s coast.

The vessel is carrying  500 metric tonnes of bunker fuel and 60 tonnes of diesel. At the time of writing, it remained without power and continued to slowly move in the direction of land.

At 5 p.m., the Haida Nation released an update on the situation. The unedited text of that statement appears below.

Update: Oppenheimer vacated peacefully but homeless say they have nowhere to go

Late last night (October 15), a court-issued deadline for campers to leave Oppenheimer Park came and went.

The group of homeless people—many of whom had lived in the park since mid-July—had shrunk considerably. At its peak size in mid-August, it was estimated that as many as 400 people were sleeping in Oppenheimer.

Barring any withdrawals, the ballot for the 2014 Vancouver civic election looks set to be 119 names long.

That's the number of candidates who filed nomination papers with the City of Vancouver by the deadline. (In 2011, it was 94 candidates.)

Twenty-seven public offices are up for grabs: one mayor, 10 city councillors, seven park commissioners, and nine school trustees.

I count 11 slates: Cedar Party, Coalition of Progressive Electors, Green,Hotel Workers United Local 40,IDEA, NPA, One City Vancouver, Stop Party, Public Education Project, Vancouver 1st, and Vision Vancouver.

Here's the big list, copied and pasted from city hall:

Candidates for Mayor

(One to be elected)


Check out this priceless video, which comes courtesy of the Broadbent Institute's Press Progress division.

It features a bunch of white Sun TV commentators ganging up on Muslim Tarek Fatah over the existence of white privilege.

Fatah probably had the best line when he said that 40 percent of the cab drivers should be white.

"Are we blind to the fact that 80 percent of jobs are never advertised?" Fatah then asked.

After you watch the segment above, you'll understand why Sun TV is often called FOX News North.

Before 7 a.m. today, there was yet another problem on the SkyTrain system.

The Expo line turned back at Columbia Station due to a switch problem. A shuttle train took people from Surrey's King George Station to Columbia Station in New Westminster.

It came after two days of scheduled work that had closed the eastbound platforms at Columbia, Scott Road, and Gateway stations.

This time, the Millennium Line was not affected. There was also no impact on the Canada Line.

Seventeen-year-old Malala Yousafzai has become the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Pakistani author and activist first came to prominance after anonymously chronicling her educational struggles in a blog for the BBC.

The Terrace Standard has posted a disturbing video on YouTube.

It shows a young man being struck in the head by an RCMP officer.

The video was captured on a cellphone on Lazelle Avenue in Terrace on May 28, 2014.

The newspaper has reported that the detachment's commanding officer, Insp. Dana Hart, became aware of the video on October 7. He has ordered a code of conduct investigation and asked the Independent Investigations Office of B.C. to do its own probe.

Yesterday, the IIO announced that it has "asserted jurisdiction over an incident in Terrace" after being contacted by the Mounties on the previous day.

These three men are not dressed this way because they're part of some unusual religious order.

No, they're in these robes because the photo was taken at Kwantlen Polytechnic University's fall convocation.

The man on the left, George Melville, is the new chancellor. He's a former KPU board member and cofounder of Boston Pizza International.

Melville is slightly less famous than his long-time business partner, Jim Treliving, who enters people's homes on a regular basis on CBC's Dragon's Den.

The best-selling author of Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield, Jeremy Scahill, has been one of the most perceptive critics of the Obama administration's militaristic policies.

And he's saying things about the U.S.-led attack on ISIS that you won't hear in the mainstream media.

"They're empowering the very threat they claim to be fighting," Scahill tells Democracy Now interviewer Amy Goodman in the video above. "Who is ISIS? What is this group made up of? Is it just people that are radical Islamists that just want to behead American journalists?"

At least three dozen firefighters were on the scene of a massive fire at the unfinished Granville Gardens seniors' complex.

The early-evening blaze occurred just a month before the 62-unit assisted-living centre was scheduled to open at the corner of West 49th Avenue and Granville Street.

An enormous crowd gathered outside the fire to see flames shoot up to 25 meters into the air.

The fire in the unoccupied complex was visible as far away as Burnaby.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. One unnamed bystander told News 1130 that the trouble started in the middle of the complex near an elevator shaft.