An unmanned rocket exploded shortly after liftoff today (October 28) at Wallops Island, Virginia.

The AP reported that the ship was owned by Orbital Sciences Corp., which says no one was believed to be injured.

According to the news agency, the ship was carrying gear for the crew of the International Space Station.

How do City of North Vancouver residents feel about one of their mayoral candidates writing the following bigoted sentences?

Bill, to the extent that you are able, and bearing in mind that I would never tell that misserable little prick what a perm-headed fagot I truly believe him to be, tell him to fuck himself in the most polite terms you can find.

You might remind him that since he embarked on my character assassination at trial last week, I feel little inclination to soften the blow to the gay little pud-knockers feelings and more like telling him the way all I know see him to be.

NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe doesn't live in the city of Vancouver. He lives on the UBC campus in Electoral Area A, which is represented by an elected director on the Metro Vancouver board.

LaPointe's opponents at Vision Vancouver have known this for some time. Now, two and a half weeks before election day, they've decided to use it to their advantage.

The party of mayoral incumbent Gregor Robertson released today (October 28) this radio spot (a so-called negative ad) pointing out that "the NPA guy" doesn't "live or pay taxes" in the city.

On the October 23 edition of his online web show, the Trews, comedian Russell Brand offers a critical look at the October 22 shootings on Parliament Hill.

Brand unpacks the presumptive, evocative language used by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a speech he made after the attack by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau that killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo.

"A lot of what Steve Harper says sounds very reasonable," Brand says in the video. "You think, 'Yeah, there's been an attack on an institution, there's been an attack on military personal, that's wrong that that's happened.' But it's what happens to that information, how that information is used, that is interesting."

After seemingly every debate and press conference, Vision Vancouver and the NPA rush to put out news releases attacking each other's "secret deals" and "rookie mistakes".

They also post YouTube videos highlighting moments that they think will portray their opponents in the poorest light.

Above is the latest such clip featuring mayoral incumbent Gregor Robertson, which comes courtesy of the NPA from the mayoral debate on Sunday (October 26).

A day before Jian Ghomeshi took a leave of absence from the CBC Radio show Q, he delivered a lengthy commentary on last week's shootings in Ottawa that took the lives of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.

You can hear Ghomeshi's editorial in the video above.

Today, CBC announced that it had parted ways with Ghomeshi, who cofounded Q in 2007.

He has since declared that his dismissal was linked to the public broadcaster's fears that aspects of his sex life would be made public.

The NPA's mayoral candidate, Kirk LaPointe, continues coming under fire from Vision Vancouver over a potential Broadway subway line.

Late last week, the city's governing party released the video above, which shows LaPointe refusing to respond to a question from journalist Frances Bula.

Bula started by asking LaPointe why he keeps blaming Mayor Gregor Robertson for proposing a carbon tax to pay for transit when, according to her, the idea is being pushed hardest by Surrey mayor Dianne Watts.

Bula also claimed that LaPointe was blaming Robertson for a 10-year transit plan supported by various mayors.

"Why do you make it sound like he's the only person who thought of this?" Bula asked.

Retired tradesperson Peter Mattoo is hoping to be the first person of colour elected to Delta municipal council. (Yes, Delta really hasn't passed that milestone yet.)

Disgustingly, it appears that someone or a group of someones wants council to retain its all-white composition after the November civic election.

Mattoo, an independent candidate who was born in India, says his campaign signs are being targeted by vandalism while other candidates' nearby signs remain untouched. He put out a news release today (October 23) claiming that he also found racist slurs on his signs in a "few instances".

The Blue Dot Tour: An evening with David Suzuki and friends arrives at the Orpheum Theatre (601 Smithe Street) on November 9 at 7 p.m.

The national tour will stop at 20 cities from Newfoundland to Vancouver. The goal of the tour is to gain support for the right to live in a healthy environment.

Joining Suzuki on his tour is Neil Young, Feist, Barenaked Ladies, Hey Ocean, Margaret Atwood, Raine Maida, Shane Koyczan, Raffi, Robert Bateman, and Wanting Qu.

Tickets start at $20 and can be purchased online in advance.

In the early hours of October 17, a Russian cargo ship lost power and began drifting toward B.C.'s coast.

The vessel is carrying  500 metric tonnes of bunker fuel and 60 tonnes of diesel. At the time of writing, it remained without power and continued to slowly move in the direction of land.

At 5 p.m., the Haida Nation released an update on the situation. The unedited text of that statement appears below.