UBC prof gets top prize for history book

A UBC history professor has won the the country's top award for academic history writing. Prof. Jean Barman will receive a gold medal as the winner of the Governor General's History Award for Scholarly Research: Sir John A. Macdonald Prize on October 16 at Rideau Hall in Ottawa. ...Continue Reading

New Pluto photos show incredible detail

All the media attention lately might be focused on the possibility of water on Mars, but NASA's New Horizons spacecraft continues to send back data from its closest approach to Pluto last July 17, including some of the most incredibly detailed pictures yet of the dwarf planet. The above...Continue Reading


The scales of life

I've gone through scales in my life. 90% of high school was pure hell. 60% percent of post...


I saw you on the bus (7 to downtown around...

I was seating on the back of the bus with my sister, and you appeared in a white cool t-shirt...