Occupy Wall Street Day 5: More arrests (maybe), IWW joins the fight

Accurate information about the Occupy Wall Street protest happening in New York City right now is difficult to find. However, there are unconfirmed reports on Twitter right now of two arrests on the ground in New York City.

Watch an eyewitness account of a recent arrest.

Last night in Liberty Plaza (aka Zuccotti Park), police confiscated megaphones from the group, prompting an improvised call and response shouting session on the part of the protesters. Police were also filmed confiscating signs, which protesters saw as a violation of their First Amendment rights. However, it appears that no one was arrested overnight. Livestream video from last night also saw the protesters cordoned off into a small area on the sidewalk.

The total arrest count for Tuesday (September 20) was seven, including protester Jason Ahmadi, who had been arrested previously on September 19 for drawing messages of love on the sidewalk. In chalk.

Watch crowd reaction to protesters getting arrested for drawing with chalk on the sidewalks.

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman has an excellent op-ed in the Guardian today on why the Occupy Wall Street action makes sense.

According to the general assembly's agenda, available at OccupyWallSt.org, local members of the IWW will be on scene about now-ish EST. There is another gathering of the general assembly at 2 p.m. EST, and march scheduled for 4:30 EST.

And, for fun, here's a live feed of NYPD Manhattan Precincts 1-23 and Citywide 1-3 police scanners.

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

Watch the livestream from Liberty Plaza.

Here's a quick primer if you're unfamiliar with the Occupy Wall Street action going on in New York City right now.

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Point of Order
"Where's the Coverage". Don't you remember.... "The revolution will not be televised".
Rating: +7

Hey "point of order" look at them go!
No electricity, no megaphones, no signs, police violating of their First Amendment Rights and they're still making it happen. ooOoh! dear democracy is at the gates....
Rating: +6
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