Oreo goes gay: Rainbow Pride cookie ignites controversy

C is for cookie. But it's also for controversy. And apparently, that's not good enough for some consumers.

On June 25, Oreo unveiled an image of six crème patties, each one a different colour of the rainbow, with the words "Pride" at the bottom, on their Facebook page. (The cookie is not for sale. The small print under the image states that the cookie is made with crème colours that do not exist.)

While some consumers found it progressively appetizing, it left a bad taste in the mouths of others, prompting a flurry of comments, both in support and against the image (because apparently this is one of the truly pressing issues of the day to get upset about).

A Boycott Oreo Facebook page was launched shortly thereafter.

However, it's not your typical boycott. The page states that since people said they were going to boycott the company, they will have to boycott a long list of Kraft products, including Ritz crackers, Chips Ahoy, Jell-o, Miracle Whip, Wheat Thins, Toblerone, Maxwell House, and more.

"So considering most of your food, drinks, and items in your house are interconnected with this company across the world," the page states, "you might want to rethink your stance."

(As of this posting, no one has liked the page.)

Yet this isn't the first time the company has ventured into the world of rainbow cookies. Kraft previously released Rainbow Chips Ahoy! in Canada. (It was called Candy Blast Chips Ahoy! in the U.S.) However, that cookie wasn't associated with queer issues.

But then again, Kevin, the mascot for Rainbow Chips Ahoy!, could potentially be a gay character. Hee hee hee—oops!

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