Now that's what I call a party.

No, that headline is not a typo, nor is it a belated April Fool's Day prank, although I have a feeling the musicians in question don't fail to see the humour in this undertaking. As curators of the Vivid Live festival, running at Australia's Sydney Opera House from May 27 to June 21, Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson have programmed a full slate of events. These include, naturally enough, concerts by Reed and Anderson themselves, performances by Canadian acts Emily Haines and the King Khan & BBQ Show, and, yes, a concert that will be audible only to canine ears.

Disintegration is the best thing the Cure ever did. Discuss.

Even if you disagree with that assessment, it's hard to dispute the fact that the album is a landmark in rock history. The band itself must think so, since it is set to release a three-CD edition of Disintegration on May 25, which will come complete with alternate versions of the old familiar songs, an expanded version of the live album Entreat, and even a few numbers that never saw the light of day in any form until now.

The Cure has set up a pretty nifty new Web site to promote the set.

Mac users have long been on the short end of the stick when it comes to using their rigs for gaming, with publishers often releasing games strictly for Windows PC.

However, video-game developer Valve hopes to change all of that by releasing its game-distribution platform, Steam, for Mac.

With a library of over 1,100 games and more than 25 million active user accounts, Steam is the most popular digital-distribution platform for games around. Sensing that there was an untapped market out there, Valve announced its intention to offer Steam to Mac users back in March. Two months later, Steam was released for Macs on May 12.

Most people know Brian Posehn from his current role as Brian Spukowski, Sarah Silverman's gay neighbour and friend on Comedy Central's The Sarah Silverman Program. In that series he plays a hardcore metalhead who only keeps one song on his iPod, the Spin Doctors' "Two Princes", as a "palate cleanser" to keep him from going crazy from a metal-only diet.

The 43-year-old Posehn is also a devoted metalhead in real life, and he proclaims that metalness on "More Metal Than You", a track off his latest comedy album, Fart & Wiener Jokes, which has been turned into quite the comical YouTube video:

Live Nation issued the following statement this morning:

"Due to an illness of Eagles bassist/vocalist Timothy B. Schmit, the Eagles concert at the Pacific Coliseum scheduled for tonight, Friday, May 14, 2010, has been postponed. The new concert date is being determined and will be announced shortly.

"Fans should hold on to their original tickets as they will be honored for the new date. Once a rescheduled date has been determined, any fans unable to attend the new concert date may obtain a refund at their original point of purchase."

Sara Bannerman has an important post that notes how the growing importance of electronic books has particular implications for the forthcoming copyright bill. As devices such as the Kindle and iPad become increasingly popular, more and more people will purchase their books electronically with DRM included. As Bannerman notes:

Album covers are great. They are little pieces of art, some of which are as classic as the music they accompany.

What happens when you make them come alive?

Mr. Dormouse—who also runs Rock Cats, a blog that Photoshops cats with rock stars—turns standard album covers into fun animated GIFs on his site Animated Albums.

The theme is pretty simple, but the results add something unique to something we are familiar with.

Mr. Dormouse will take suggestions but has stated “coldplay and lady gaga: NO”.

Less exercise may be more.

Based on new research, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and ParticipAction are recommending lowering the minimum requirements for children.

The research, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, says children aged 5 to 17 should undertake “moderate” exercise for at least 60 minutes a day, but if they are particularly inactive they can get away with as little as 30 minutes.

The logic is that it doesn’t take a lot of exercise to show improvements in an unfit body.

It’s recommended that adults aged 18 to 65 get 150 minutes of “moderate” exercise or 90 minutes of “vigorous” exercise per week.

Peter Molyneux, head of Lionhead Studios and designer of the Fable series of games for Xbox, is a funny guy. And he’s British. So, it’s probably not his fault that many North Americans draw comparisons between the humour in the Fable games, and the U.K.'s best-known comedy export, Monty Python.

Rather than be annoyed by the simplistic comparison, Molyneux is playing up the association by hiring John Cleese to play a central character in Fable III, expected to land this fall.

“We got the most iconic Monty Python character ever,” Molyneux said in a new video diary entry released today (May 13).