Loara Holmes chats with NHL Slapshot senior producer Joe Nickolls at EA Canada.

NHL Slapshot (Electronic Arts; Wii; rated everyone), with its uniquely elegant and bad-ass peripheral, could offer the freshest take on video hockey that gamers have experienced for a while. Here’s hoping it works.

This week, I was invited, along with The Side Mission crew, to visit the sprawling magnificence that is Electronic Arts Canada headquarters to take a look at the game. Did you know they have beach volleyball courts, and their own bargain bin in the lobby? I was this close to buying Brí¼tal Legend before our escort fetched us.

Apple has decided to go after the gamers after all.

Within weeks of Microsoft announcing the addition of Xbox Live functionality to its upcoming Windows Phone 7 operating system, Apple’s on the verge of releasing Game Center for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Apple first announced Game Center in a press briefing in April, but revealed today (September 1) that it will be coming to iPhone and iPod Touch devices next week as part of iOS 4.1, a free update available through iTunes.

Game Center for iPads will be part of the free iOS 4.2 update coming in November.

In a press briefing today (September 1) in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed the second generation Apple TV.

Consumers, said Jobs, “go to their widescreens for entertainment, not for another computer”. They don’t want to manage content or syncing, he added.

Jobs said what Apple research has shown people do want is high-definition, Hollywood-quality content when they want it, not “amateur-hour”.

They also want lower prices, which is why the new Apple TV will be priced at $119.

A quarter of the size of the original Apple TV—“It’s this little, tiny box,” said Jobs—the new device fits in the palm of a hand, and will be available in late September.

Well, talk about clearing the air. That’s what former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody has just chosen to do in a rather dramatic fashion.

Fans of the mega-selling goth-pop unit will remember Moody walking away from the group—which he cofounded with singer Amy Lee—at the height of its popularity. They’ll also remember that he chose to say little about the circumstances surrounding his abrupt 2003 departure.

Travel is a fact of life in junior hockey, but this is taking things to the extreme.

As part of next year's Hockey Day in Canada, the Western Hockey League has announced this morning that the Vancouver Giants and Kamloops Blazers will face off in a regular season game in Whitehorse, Yukon on Saturday February 12, 2011. It's the first time the WHL has taken its product to the Yukon Territories.

Officially, it'll be a home game for the Blazers making the Giants the visitors that night. The game will be played at Whitehorse's Canada Games Centre.

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The British press has a new outrage to cover on the 13th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana.

A Chinese company called Jealousy International has created a lingerie ad to commemorate the crash in the Paris tunnel that took the life of the Princess of Wales. And it features Diana in a bra and panties playing a cello.

"Feel the romance of British royalty," the ad declares for Diana underwear.

The Vancouver Civic Greens made one of the most lopsided deals in political history in 2008 when they agreed to form a united electoral front with Vision Vancouver and the Coalition of Progressive Electors.

In return for their support for Gregor Robertson's mayoral candidacy, the Greens agreed to run only one candidate for the 27 available positions on council, school board, and park board.

Strong, effective voices from the community, such as former Green candidates John Whistler and Richard Campbell, were sidelined in the 2008 election to clear the way for Vision and COPE to snare all the council seats.

If you're feeling confused about the public debate over the long-gun registry, you're not alone.

Conservative politicians have claimed it's a waste of money.

Police chiefs across the country say it's a necessary and not-very-expensive component of public-safety programs.

Today (August 31), the RCMP posted its evaluation of the Canadian Firearms Program on its Web site.

You can read it here and draw your own conclusions.

Former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin will speak at the Vancouver Club on October 13.

Palin, author of Going Rogue, is one of six writers invited to Vancouver by the Bon Mot Book Club.

Palin's speaking fee is $75,000, according to one of the founders of the club, Leah Costello. She told the Georgia Straight by phone that Palin's fee would have exceeded $100,000 had she booked the event more recently.

Former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf is another one of the speakers. He will be in Vancouver on January 19.

The series kicks off on September 20 with Michael Lewis, author of The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine.

In the wake of the Emmy Awards on Sunday, the nominees for the 25th edition of Canada's TV awards, the Gemini Awards, were announced in Toronto this morning.

CTV's police drama Flashpoint led the nominees with 15 nominations. Coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games followed with 13 nominations.