Last night as I moderated a Vancouver candidates' discussion at St. James Community Hall, I learned that the Cedar Party's Glen Chernen is planning a new legal manoeuvre against the mayor.

Chernen told the crowd of about 350 people that he's going to court to challenge the legitimacy of Gregor Robertson's candidacy for reelection.

According to Chernen, there are allegedly irregularities in how Robertson filled out the official candidate form. It concerns the address that the mayor used in his declaration to the city.

I ran into Chernen and his brother Nicholas, who are both running for council, during a visit to Co-op Radio to appear on David Ball's Media Mornings show this morning.

The 2014 Modulus Festival presented by Music on Main takes place across Vancouver from October 23 to 29. This year, events and concerts will be help at Heritage Hall (3102 Main Street), The Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre (181 Roundhouse Mews), and the Ukrainian Centre (154 East 10th Avenue).

The Modulus Festival introduces leading musicians and composers to audiences in fun, intimate settings.

HUB's 2014 Fall Bike to Work Week will launch with a party at 6 p.m. tonight (October 15) for 200 Bike to Work Week team leaders, bike-friendly business supporters, and the media.

The event will feature a fall bike fashion show featuring 10 bike commuters from participating organizations (Vancity, Richards Buell Sutton LLP, the Georgia Straight, Vancouver Coastal Health, Modacity, Momentum Magazine, and HUB) who will demonstrate that biking to work is not only healthy, affordable, and green, but you can also look great doing it. 

It’s a fine how-do-you-do when a person sets out to write some light fluff about the squirrel they saw yesterday running along a wire—maybe with an eye towards a bit of wordplay about wires and wireless—only to discover that the United States Navy, of all things, has beat them to the punch.

But this is what we find:

“To enhance the security posture of DoD networks, Flying Squirrel provides a real-time wireless discovery, integrated visualization and mapping, and post-hoc analysis capabilities. These capabilities are provided in Flying Squirrel (interchangeably referred to as Flying Squirrel Wireless Assessment Tool Suite) via the Flying Squirrel, Caribou, Woodchuck, and MeerCAT-FS components.”

Oh stop. It hurts to laugh that hard!

Couldn't make it out last night? You missed Leeds indie-rock band Alt-J at the Orpheum. Steph Fong was there and caught a moment of the show on Instagram. Here’s your concert pic of the morning. Alt-J at the Orpheum Theatre on October 14, 2014. Thanks Steph.

The fall 2014 edition of the Gastown Shop Hop takes place this Thursday (October 16) from 5 to 9 p.m. During the event, some of Vancouver’s most stylish clothing, shoes, accessories, and home furnishing shops will offer discounts, in-store specials, and more.

Twenty-five years ago today--on October 15, 1989--a 37-year-old Kim Mitchell played the Orpheum Theatre, touring behind his third solo album, Rockland.

In advance of the show I interviewed him on the phone from his Toronto home, and we talked a bit about the new album, which was gettting a buzz at the time from the raucous single "Rock N Roll Duty".

But mostly we talked about Max Webster. Man, I loved that band.

What took you so long to get Rockland out? It's been three years since Shakin' Like a Human Being.

There’s a beautiful and exotic-looking tree in the back yard of a house just off Oak Street and 15th Avenue.

It has palm-like leaves, which turn in the fall from dull green to flame red. And all winter, after the leaves have left, certain branches will be crowned with a large, dark red cluster which is hard to the touch but brings to mind a soft feather duster.

One of people who lives in the house tells me the tree is from Japan but she has no idea what it’s proper name is.

It’s a shame we can’t just ask the tree but of course that’s silly.

Neither of us can speak Japanese.

Between Two Ferns never fails to deliver an uncomfortable exchange, and Zach Galifinakis interviewing Justin Bieber is pure awkward gold.

"I've just never interviewed a seven-year-old before," Galifianakis wearily says near the beginning of the interview.

"Your young punk attitude is not gonna work in this interview," Galifianakis chastizes the scandal-plagued pop singer in this Funny or Die clip before asking him about the Anne Frank "Belieber" controversy as well as the video of the young star peeing in a bucket.

Among the revelations, Bieber says he'd like to be a time traveller and claims he's never ordered a Happy Meal. 

Who knew cereal could be so political?

We've been witnessing a wave of TV commercials featuring parents that haven't traditionally been given much visual representation in popular culture or advertisements.

The latest example is from Cheerios Canada. The touching ad features two Québécois dads, André and Jonathan, who tell their story about adopting their daughter Raphaëlle, who is of African descent.

While an ad like this shouldn't be a controversial subject in Canada in 2014, it does remain a potentially risky subject for companies to address.