Mandolinist Chris Thile and double bassist Edgar Meyer will open the 2014-15 Chan Centre Presents series with a performance at UBC’s Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (6265 Crescent Road) on September 16 at 8 p.m.

The award-winning MacArthur “Genius” Fellows and collaborators will present a high-energy evening of mainly original compositions that blur the boundaries between bluegrass, classical, and pop music.

Assert, Defend, Take Space: Aboriginal Youth Conference on Identity, Activism, and Film takes place October 18 at the Museum of Anthropology (6393 N.W. Marine Drive).

This day-long event combines film screenings with dialogue on issues of concern for Aboriginal youth, and features artists Kelli Clifton and Cody Lecoy as well as filmmakers Damien Eagle Bear and Emilio Wawatie.

As part of the conference, the MOA is also presenting Claiming Space: Voices of Urban Aboriginal Youth until January 4, 2015. This new exhibition features a unique look at contemporary art through the lens of Indigenous youth.

We like to say that things are “glaringly obvious”. But more often than not, glare blinds us to what would be obvious (if there was no glare).

Ask the three truck drivers I watched yesterday morning, speeding eastbound on West Broadway Avenue, straight into the glare of the sunrise and right through red traffic lights!

Or just ask me. This morning I completely missed my friend Virgil.

A hard worker with a bright and sunny disposition

Virgil is a building custodian. I see him almost every morning on the first leg of my trip to get breakfast.

Often I’ll round the corner into the east end of the alley of the block where his building is just as he’s arriving in his little putt-putt car at the west end of the alley.

Couldn't make it out last night? You missed the fast-rhyming Tech N9ne at the Commodore. Kat White was there and caught a moment of the show on Instagram. Here’s your concert pic of the morning. Tech N9ne at the Commodore Ballroom on September 11, 2014. Thanks Kat.

Veteran activist Sid Chow Tan believes Vancouver residents should all do their part to resist the wrongheaded "war on drugs".

Tan, who is running for city council with COPE in the November election, posted an interesting proposal in the comment section of Travis Lupick's September 10 article, "FOI request reveals Vancouver city hall perplexed by medicinal marijuana".

Here's what Tan wrote:

Yesterday (September 11), one of Canada’s lead advocates for marijuana reform floated a novel idea for ending B.C.’s teachers strike.

"I sent the Premier some cannabis buds for two reasons," Dana Larsen said quoted in a news release. "First, I thought if she could get together with Peter Fassbender, Jim Iker and their negotiating teams to share a joint, it would help break down some barriers and give the BCTF negotiations a fresh start.

To help quench that indirect thirst you might have whenever things get a little bit too racially diverse for your liking, there's a new beverage out on shelves that hits the passive-aggressive spot.

It's perfect for people who think that simply having friends from different ethnic backgrounds helps to counteract any racially discrimantory statements they make.

It's also great for people who talk about Europeans as the first people in Canada.

Due to the success of the drink, the company will soon be releasing new flavours: one for people who wonder why there isn't a straight Pride parade and another for those who think feminism is an out-of-style fashion accessory.

On Wednesday (September 10), NDP MLA David Eby held an “emergency meeting” on the B.C. teachers' strike.

This evening (September 11), it's NDP MLA George Heyman's turn. The Vancouver-Fairview representative has scheduled an "open meeting" on education funding and resources.

The event will go down at Little Mountain Neighbourhood House (3981 Main Street), starting at 6:30 p.m. Parents, educators, and students are invited.

Could ending the months-long B.C. teachers' strike be as simple as Christy Clark, Peter Fassbender, and Jim Iker hot boxing it in the premier's minivan?

Marijuana activist Dana Larsen said today (September 11) that he has sent the premier some weed in the mail.

"I sent the Premier some cannabis buds for two reasons," Larsen said in a news release. "First, I thought if she could get together with Peter Fassbender, Jim Iker and their negotiating teams to share a joint, it would help break down some barriers and give the BCTF negotiations a fresh start.

Straight photographer Alex Waterhouse-Hayward has shot his fall arts season preview portraits everywhere from the rooftop of the Scotiabank Dance Centre to an interior-design studio.

His much-anticipated concept this year turned out to be a little more intimate: he shot pairs of up-and-comers from each art form in (or outside) their own homes-as in, in their bathrooms, on their beds, and at their vanities.

The rooms weren't just chosen randomly, though. "As an example, the garage studio of the artist was much too one sided. The apple tree was domestic but more neutral," explains Waterhouse-Hayward.