Couldn't make it out last night? You missed the pride of white-trash South Africa Die Antwoord at the PNE Forum. Corinne Iles-Beggs was there and caught a moment of the show on Instagram. Here’s your concert pic of the morning. Die Antwoord at the PNE Forum on September 23, 2014. Thanks Corinne.

Last night, the Vancouver Canucks opened its preseason with a win—and then a loss. The team was split into two rosters, with one squad staying at Rogers Arena to host half of the San Jose Sharks, and the other half travelling to Stockton, California, to face the Sharks on their home turf.

The team that played in Vancouver won, beating the Sharks 4-2. In Stockton, the Canucks were less successful, losing 5-2.

The Vancouver squad included captain Henrik Sedin and his brother Daniel Sedin, as well as Alex Edler, Dan Hamhuis, and Kevin Bieksa. In goal was Eddie Lack and Joe Cannata, who each played half of the game.

Blues-metal legends AC/DC announced today that they will release a new album, titled Rock or Bust, on December 2. The 11-track disc was recorded right here in Vancouver last spring, with Brendan O’Brien producing and Langley's Mike Fraser mixing.

Shopping carts are only designed for shopping but we all know that many people who live on the streets of Vancouver rely on them to serve as both their home and their home-based business.

A shopping cart is where they keep all their worldly possessions and how they carry all the returnable drink containers they bin every day to earn some money.

The stores that own the carts make some effort to protect their property so any homeless person, or binner for that matter, looking for one of these clattering four-wheeled steel-wire or plastic conveyances is apt to take whatever they can find.

An eight-disc George Harrison boxed set titled The Apple Years 1968-75 was released today, for all you post-Beatles Harrison freaks out there.

A local lifestyle and entertainment show has ended after an 18-year run. The Rush, which was formerly called Urban Rush, will no longer be produced by Shaw TV.

Host Fiona Forbes announced over social media today (September 23) that the show’s final episode was taped in June, and a special “Farewell to the Rush” show will air on October 16 at 6 p.m.

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As I locked up my bike yesterday morning to the bike racks outside an office building on the western edge of East Vancouver, I noticed a sign taped to the inside of a window beside the racks:

“Do not park your bike here unless you have an all metal “U-lock”. Otherwise it will not be here after work!!”

I’ve never figured out if more exclamation marks increase the importance of a statement additionally or exponentially and I’m not even aware there are other U-locks besides the all-metal kind.

Also I’m not sure who put up the sign.

Probably it was the building management giving us fair warning about the activity of bike thieves, but couldn’t it have been the thieves themselves—giving us a sporting chance?

A special 3-D presentation of Cathedrals of Culture takes place at the Vancouver International Film Festival on September 30 at 5:45 p.m. at International Village (88 West Pender Street). A 2-D encore screening will be presented October 4 at 11 a.m. at the Centre for Performing Arts (777 Homer Street).

You might want to double-check that your bicycle is securely locked when you park it in the city.

Vancouver police say bike thefts are going up.

"Bicycle thefts have also risen, up 19% in 2012, 11% in 2013 and up almost 13% in 2014, compared to the same time last year," the VPD states in a news release today (September 23).

Police are launching a public awareness campaign to encourage people to keep an eye on their personal property.

The VPD release says "thieves are preying on those not keeping a close eye on their belongings. The most commonly stolen items include wallets, purses, cell phones and bicycles."