Conservative MP Jim Hillyer's biography on his website doesn't say anything about abortion.

But the first-term politician from Lethbridge clearly has a problem with women retaining the right to choose if they want to give birth.

Vancouver Centre Liberal MP Hedy Fry tweeted this photo from a survey that Hillyer is conducting.

There are two questions.

1. Do you agree with Jim Hillyer that our government should not use your tax dollars to pay for abortions in other countries?

2. Do you agree with Jim Hillyer that abortion is NOT a human right?

"Yet another male Conservative MP telling women what they can/can't do with their bodies... all on taxpayers' dollars," Fry noted in her tweet.

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Couldn't make it out last night? You missed the not exactly adult contemporary band Pure Bathing Culture at the Media Club. Kristina Kolosova was there and caught a moment of the show on Instagram. Here’s your concert pick of the morning. Pure Bathing Culture at the Media Club on July 24, 2014. Thanks Kristina.

The Canada Border Services Agency probably, almost certainly, absolutely definitely, must have guidelines for the proper disposal of guard uniforms.

I’m guessing that a public dumpster behind an apartment building in the Fairview neighbourhood isn’t a proper place to throw away government agency uniforms, but that’s where I found a whole big box full of navy blue CBSA uniform shirts.

Who’s guarding against the possibility of impersonation?

Nice shirts—button-down collars, heavy-weight fabric—each with two large gusseted pockets. I think all of them had been worn, but they were all in great condition, so far as I could tell—and clean.

The dangers of personal identity theft have been drilled into people’s heads—some more so than others, it seems.

The person who threw away the Gateway laptop I saw in a Fairview Dumpster yesterday obviously took the warnings to heart because they made sure no one would ever use their old klunker laptop ever again.

Actually, I think they were not only trying to make sure no one could use their old workhorse for nefarious ends but for any ends.

No way this person’s garbage was becoming any scavenger’s new free laptop.

Fair enough. The laptop was theirs, they could do what they wanted to it right to the bitter end.

But gosh, I sure wanted a Gateway laptop. They leave Lenovo ThinkPads in the dust, right?

Like Halloween, when the early October fogs start to roll in, and Kanye West when he isn’t cancelling his shows the day they are supposed to happen, it’s starting to feel like it’s almost here.

Yes, we’re talking about the Squamish Valley Music Festival, taking place August 8 to 10 at the Logger Sports Grounds and Hendrickson Fields. In anticipation of the big event—headlined by Eminem, Bruno Mars, and Arcade Fire—we’re spending the next few weeks rounding up local artists who’ll be playing the open-air party, and getting them to answer some important questions.

The Vancouver Police Department has busted a second marijuana dispensary for not playing by the rules.

Today (July 24) Jim’s Weed Lounge at 882 East Hastings joined Weeds Glass and Gifts at 2580 Kingsway as the only dispensaries raided by police in all of 2014.

Meanwhile, more than 40 similar storefronts selling marijuana continue to operate in Vancouver.

A train carrying oil has derailed in the Interbay neighbourhood of Seattle, roughly seven kilometres west of where the Interstate 5 highway cuts through the city’s downtown core.

According to the Seattle PI, the five-car train was travelling at about eight kilometres an hour when three of its cars tipped onto their sides.

The train was brought to a standstill. No oil was reported spilled in the accident.

One of my favourite things to do as a music-crazed teen in the '70s was to go to record stores and buy albums based solely on how rockin' they looked.

I can still remember checking out the record bins and laying my eyes on a 1972 album by a group that I'd never heard before called Status Quo. The album was called Piledriver. Did it ever look rockin':

I snapped that sucker up and took it home and spent many an hour transfixed by its straightforward guitar-boogie. I was especially fond of a song called "Big Fat Mama", which was fast and then slow and then fast again and went on for like six minutes or so.

Uptown Live MusicFest takes over the Uptown business district (at 6th Avenue and 6th Street in New Westminster) on August 10 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The third-annual festival is free and open to people of all ages.

This year’s festival features an impressive lineup of local and international musicians, including headliners Five Alarm Funk and Texas-based rockers The Bright Light Social Hour. Other artists performing at the fest include Rykka, BESTiE, Jordan Klassen, The Matinee, Ash Grunwald, Headwater, Pacifika, Santa Lucia, Redeye Empire, Halfway to Hollywood, Rich Hope and the Blue Rich Rangers, and Ben Rogers.