Earlier this week, I wrote a post about how Surrey councillor Barinder Rasode had drenched herself in icy water to raise money for the ALS Society of B.C.

At the time, Rasode challenged three politicians, including Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson, to either get wet or fork over some money to the charity.

Robertson's office is often quick to issue public statements in the mayor's name, but it's been silent on this matter.

Now, a second suburban politician, Delta mayor Lois Jackson, has issued a similar challenge to Robertson.

You can check it out below.

One of the many fine memories from my 13-year stint as Vancouver correspondent for New York horror mag Fangoria involved interviewing screen legend Pam Grier when I was covering the Snoop Dogg flick Bones.

I was expecting good things from Bones because I loved director Ernest Dickerson’s previous fright flick, Demon Knight, but it turned out to be no great shakes. It was still worth it to chat with Foxy Brown herself, though, even if I had to go through some makeup FX artists and secondary actors first.

Do we now have Hollywood's first gay male action hero couple?

Apparently we do, according to Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes.

Amid the testosterone sausage fest, a homo-affectionate scene, between characters played by the Governator and one of China's top martial arts movie stars, aroused speculation on the internet.

Trench Mauser (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Yin Yang (Jet Li) are shown cuddling up with each other toward the end of the film.

Expendables leader Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) tells the dynamic duo to get a room while the pair laugh it off.

"We don't need a room!" Mauser replies. "So jealous!" 

People with good taste generally wish the whole Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon would just go away; not because there is anything inherently wrong with erotic fiction in general or BDSM themes in particular, but because E.L. James's writing is so painfully—one might even say torturously, but not in a hot way—awful.

It's not going anywhere, though. The Hollywood adaptation is scheduled for release next February. If nothing else, it should be fun spotting all the Vancouver locations in the movie, which was shot locally (although the story is actually set in that other Vancouver).

Do you pride yourself on the perfect beer pour?

If so, Frosty Beer may be the free iPhone and iPad game for you. Released earlier this month, the Vancouver-made game is all about that.

No really, that's all it's about. You fill mugs of beer by tapping on your touchscreen, and if they're not perfect—game over and start again.

With its retro, eight-bit graphics and high difficulty level, Frosty Beer is, as the developers say, maddening to play. In a couple minutes of trying, I wasn't able to pour two in a row.

North Vancouver RCMP say someone caused $100,000 in damage at various car dealership lots in North Vancouver over the August long weekend.

According to police, an "unknown individual" scratched 47 vehicles with a "key like object" sometime between August 2 and 4.

"Police have extensively viewed the footage of various security cameras and have identified a person of interest," said Cpl. Richard De Jong, spokesperson for North Vancouver RCMP, in a news release today (August 22). "We need this person identified and spoken to."

RCMP have posted a photo of a "person of interest" on their website.

The Vancouver school board has posted a letter to parents, updating them on the B.C. teachers' strike, on its website.

In the letter, superintendent of schools Steve Cardwell says the VSB will likely hold off on making a decision on the start of school until next Friday (August 29).

The August 20 letter states:

He has run twice for Vancouver mayor, and he’s doing it again.

Mike Hansen, a self-described blue-collar politician, offers a message of hope.

“I’ve been poor, homeless, alcoholic, drug addicted and in despair,” Hansen writes on his website. “When you manage to overcome life’s obstacles, your life can and will change.”

The 59-year-old boasts of a solid working-class background: “I’ve been in construction most of my life with episodes of long haul trucking, brokering pension funds, promoting stocks and consulting.”

Dîner en Blanc in Vancouver gets a lot of hate, and for the most part, it’s unwarranted. I attended my first Dîner en Blanc last night, and what I saw were thousands of people having fun, outside at a park, making new friends, and celebrating life. What’s there to hate about that?

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