Remember when Premier Christy Clark declared parking free in all of B.C.'s provincial parks? In a 2011 news release, Clark said the move would make "British Columbia’s parks are even more welcoming for families".

Fast-forward to today (January 22), and the premier's name is nowhere to be found in the Ministry of Environment's latest news release. The headline: "Fee changes to support increased investment in BC Parks".

Last May, the black-capped chickadee became Vancouver's first democratically elected city bird.

In the inaugural city bird competition, the songbird known for its "chick-a-dee-dee-dee" call bested the Anna's hummingbird, northern flicker, pileated woodpecker, and Pacific wren, topping the polls with 277,924 votes.

The results of the latest poll about the TransLink plebiscite are in, and they show 46 percent of Lower Mainland adults are planning or likely to vote Yes and 42 percent are leaning toward No. Eleven percent remain undecided or don't plan to vote.

Insights West surveyed 643 adult residents of Metro Vancouver from January 9 to 12. The poll has a margin of error of four percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

It didn't take long for the Libertarian Party of Canada to come knocking on Jodie Emery's door.

On January 16, the federal Liberals told her that she couldn't seek the party's nomination in Vancouver East.

Two days later, Libertarian Leader Tim Moen had a video on YouTube inviting Emery to join his crusade to remake Canada.

He claimed that she represents a "threat to the status quo".

I was having lunch with a friend today and we started discussing Vancouver civic politics.

Then out of the blue, he asked me, "Have you seen Wanting Qu's latest Facebook post?"

For those who don't keep up with the gossip around City Hall, Wanting Qu is reportedly dating Mayor Gregor Robertson.

She's also a singing sensation in China as well as a Tourism Vancouver ambassador.

Not being a reader of Wanting Qu's Facebook page, I told my friend, "No, I haven't seen it."

On Monday (January 12), the Province and other newspapers across Canada ran an opinion piece by Art Eggleton, in which the Liberal senator laid out three ways that Canada can eliminate poverty: education, a basic income plan, and tax reform.

If you follow the #vanpoli hashtag on Twitter, you've probably heard the latest in Vancouver political/celebrity gossip.

Local journalist Frances Bula has blogged that, according to her unnamed sources, Mayor Gregor Robertson, 50, is dating local Chinese pop music star Wanting Qu, 31.

You'll recall that Robertson separated from his wife Amy last year, and (fairly despicable) rumours were spread linking him to women at city hall, in his party, et cetera.

Gone are the days when Canadians were seen as courteous, considerate, and cooperative people. No, now we're a bunch of obnoxious, spoiled, and violent folks, thanks to the likes of some of the biggest Canadian names (in addition to jerk-off Canadian tourists) who have been making not only national but international headlines.

With doleful eyes, let us cast a backward glance upon the top Canadian iceholes of 2014 as we track not only the decline but the destruction of the Canadian empire. Like take off, eh?

Every winter, we are both bored and entertained by our political leaders' and parties' holiday greetings.

Here's this year's crop so far.

Merry Christmas from NDP Leader Tom Mulcair:

Happy holidays from Green Leader Elizabeth May:

Happy Chanukah from B.C. premier Christy Clark:

Merry Christmas from the B.C. Liberals:

Which video gets your vote?

The B.C. government has approved the transit referendum question put forward by the Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation, with some tweaks.

While the mayors had proposed a 0.5-percentage-point hike to the provincial sales tax, Transportation Minister Todd Stone said it will be a new Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax that will be voted on by the region.

Stone also confirmed that the vote will be a mail-in ballot plebiscite. Ballot mailing will begin on March 16, 2015, and voting will end on May 29, 2015.

Here's Stone's letter to the mayors' council:

Re: Mayors' Council Recommendations