Okay, so the Electoral Area A election doesn't get as much press as those in Vancouver and Surrey.

But this part of Metro Vancouver covers 818 square kilometres of land, including the University of British Columbia and University Endowment Lands. And Barnston Island too.

Maria Harris is the politician who sits at the Metro Vancouver board representing this area, and she was reelected by a landslide tonight.

Harris took in a whopping 769 votes.

Her challenger, Daniel Wood, netted just 169 votes.

Harris will now embark on her third term as Electoral Area A director.

Mayor Gregor Robertson was reelected, and Vision Vancouver retained control of city council. But it wasn't all good news for Vision on election night.

First off, Vision councillor Tony Tang lost his seat to the NPA's Melissa De Genova, and park commissioner Niki Sharma lost her council bid.

Vision also lost control of the park board and school board.

The NPA will now dominate the park board with four commissioners: John Coupar, Casey Crawford, Sarah Kirby-Yung, and Erin Shum.

Vision's sole commissioner will be Catherine Evans. Incumbent Trevor Loke was knocked off.

Four-term New Westminster mayor Wayne Wright won't get another four years in office.

That's because councillor Jonathan X. Cote defeated him for the job in tonight's election.

With 19 of 19 polls counted, Cote took 7,661 votes, while Wright netted 5,149.

James Crosty came in third with 1,345 votes.

Vladimir Krasnogor got 315 votes.

COPE is holding a "victory party" at its campaign HQ tonight, but there's really not much to celebrate.

Mayoral candidate Meena Wong placed third, far behind Vision winner Gregor Robertson and NPA runner-up Kirk LaPointe.

None of COPE's candidates for council, school board, and park board were elected.

With 108 of 129 polls in, Lisa Barrett was the top COPEster in the council race, in 20th place (27,670 votes).

Former parks chair Anita Romaniuk led COPE candidates in the park board race, in 15th place (26,414 votes).

Meanwhile, school trustee candidate Diana Day had more votes than any other COPE candidate (30,620 votes) and was in 16th place in her race.

Looks like Vision Vancouver’s repeated attacks on Kirk LaPointe and the Non-Partisan Association as reckless, confused, and backward paid off—in the mayoral race at least.

Vision incumbent Gregor Robertson has won a third term as mayor of Vancouver—this one four years long, rather than three—following an election race that got more negative as it went on.

With 129 of 129 polls reporting, Robertson had 83,529 votes, while LaPointe had 73,443 votes.

COPE mayoral candidate Meena Wong was far back at 16,791 votes.

Independent Bob Kasting, who endorsed LaPointe but remained on the ballot, had 1,682 votes.

Update: Vision Vancouver likely losing control of park board and school board

Vision Vancouver school board chair Patti Bacchus is leading the race for the nine school trustee seats, with 52 of 129 polls in.

Bacchus so far has 26,569 votes.

If the numbers hold, she'll be joined by Vision's Joy Alexander, Allan Wong, Mike Lombardi, and Ken Clement.

For the NPA, Fraser Ballantyne, Penny Noble, and Stacy Robertson are poised for wins. 

Janet Fraser of the Greens is headed for the second-last spot, but it's far from clear if she'll get it.

Three years ago, Adriane Carr of the Greens snuck on to council in the 10th and final spot.

Tonight, she's in the lead among council candidates as Vancouver results trickle in.

With 37 of 129 polls reporting, Carr has 14,416 votes.

However, Carr may find herself alone as a Green on council again.

Cleta Brown and Pete Fry are back in the pack with 9,175 and 9,072 votes.

With 21 of 129 polls reporting, the NPA looks set to possibly wrest control of the seven-seat park board from Vision Vancouver.

Catherine Evans of Vision is leading the race with 6,762 votes.

Next is the NPA's John Coupar, Casey Crawford, Erin Shum, and Sarah Kirby-Yung.

The Greens' Stuart Mackinnon and Michael Wiebe are in sixth and seventh place, with three Vision candidates close behind.

Stay tuned. It's not over yet.

As Linda Hepner continued to pile on her lead in the Surrey mayoral contest, this comment was heard from among the crowd gathered at the Central City Brewing Pub: pollsters are always wrong. 

The individual was obviously referring to a poll in the final legs of the campaign, whose results indicate that the election in B.C.'s fastest growing city was a headheat between Hepner, an incumbent councillor; comebacking ex-mayor Doug McCallum; and current councillor Barinder Rasode. 

It can be recalled that in last year's provincial election, polls indicated that the B.C. NDP was well on top. Election results showed otherwise.

With Vancouver election results finally coming in, Vision's Gregor Robertson holds the early lead for mayor.

Robertson has 2,195 votes, with just 5 of 129 polls reporting.

Kirk LaPointe of the NPA has 1,958 votes.

Meanwhile, COPE's Meena Wong is far back already with 535 votes.

Adriane Carr of the Greens is leading the council race with 1,893 votes.

It's early though.