Rat-faced Dave Bolland takes a shot at the Sedin Sisters

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      That’s it: it’s officially time to bring Gino Odjick out of retirement, for no other reason than the Vancouver Canucks would finally have somebody willing to do something about Chicago Blackhawk Dave Bolland.

      Over the past couple of years the Hawks' centre has gone out of his way to position himself as one of the indisputable assholes of the universe. Think back to last year’s round-one Canucks-Blackhawks Stanley Cup Playoffs series, where he spent a good chunk of the games he played spearing, slashing, and hooking Daniel and Henrik Sedin. For reasons that then-NHL head sheriff Colin Campbell could only have explained, the on-ice officials chose to do nothing about his rampant douchery, which, funnily enough, gave the refs something in common with the Vancouver Canucks.

      Not content to be a complete fucking dickwad on the ice, Bolland went on a Chicago radio station this morning to trumpet the fact that he hates each and every Canuck. He then went out of his way to fire a new shot across the bow of Daniel and Henrik, referring to them on repeated occasions as the “Sedin Sisters”.

      As he ripped on the twins, Bolland was asked how the Sedins would be treated if they became Blackhawks. His response was this: “Well, they’ll never become Hawks. I don’t think we’d let them on our team. We’d be sure not to let them on our team. And, yeah, they probably still would be sisters. I think they might sleep in bunk beds. The older one has the bottom one, the younger one got the top.”

      Bolland—whose face resembles a Norwegian wharf rat crossed with Nosferatu—also made a point of dissing Vancouver in his interview, noting that he never ventures far from his hotel room while in town.

      “There’s a lot of weirdos there,” he said. “You don’t want to be out there too long.”

      As much as we hate Bolland, we’ll admit he has a point there.

      In an interview later in the day, Canucks' coach Alain Vigneault took the high road, calling the Blackhawks a "classy organization" and suggesting that Bolland's comments were not befitting of a professional athlete. He also described the Hawks' chief asswipe as having an IQ "the size of a birdseed" and then suggested he has a "face only a mother could look at".

      The Blackhawks and Canucks, who have developed one of the most bitter rivalries in sports, next meet on January 31 at Rogers Arena. In addition to Odjick, would it be asking too much to hope for the return of Donald Brashear and Tiger Williams?

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      Dec 14, 2011 at 2:12pm

      You are so bitter. By reading the article it looks like his judging the nucks fan was pin point accurate. Did you at any time hear the interview? NO. Go read puck daddys blog for the whole explanation. Also while you are at it, quit writing because you are nothing but an angry, arrogant and ignorant fan. bahahahah NUCKS. Go riot!

      peter parker

      Dec 14, 2011 at 2:23pm

      Dave Bolland= Complete tool. What's this guy's problem? You won a cup STFU.


      Dec 14, 2011 at 9:59pm

      why the hell would you be such a homer? Seriously you are ass-kissing the 5th biggest corporation in Vancity who refuse to take responsibility for their homicidal fans behaviour. Hail the fabulous weapon

      Derek Mann

      Dec 15, 2011 at 7:13am

      U have reenforced what we already know.the sisters are indeed sisters and you are a typical cry baby Van fan.Stop blaming everyone for your teams inability to win a cup,go riots