Right wingers got it wrong on Hillary Clinton concussion

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      BuzzFeed Politics writer Andrew Kaczynski has delivered a stark reminder why U.S. politics is so dysfunctional.

      After Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to hospital with a blood clot in her brain, he's outed a bunch of right wingers who claimed she faked a concussion.

      The Bush administration's ambassador to the United Nations, John "Captain Bangeroo" Bolton, called it "diplomatic illness".

      Congressman Allen West, a Republican, described it as the "Benghazi flu".

      Jim Treacher of the Daily Caller and Fox News mouthpiece Sean Hannity wanted to see a medical report.

      The New York Post pubished an article about "Hillary Clinton's head fake".

      Kaczynski also noted of the kings on the right, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, called it the "acute Benghazi allergy".

      No wonder America is so fucked up.