If you've ever been on Grindr, Jack'd, or any other gay-dating -hookup app or website, you'll recognize all of the following annoying dudes. From asking to see a guy's dick to headless bodies, the video below illustrates how ridiculous it would be if gay guys acted like some guys do online.

Then again, some actually do.

UBC Library has acquired two historic documents of gay literature that could have possibly been written by Irish author Oscar Wilde.

The books Teleny and Des Grieux were obtained by Justin O'Hearn, a UBC PhD candidate in Victorian literature. When O'Hearn learned that Des Grieux was up for auction at Christie's London on November 18, he launched a crowdfunding campaign to purchase it.

O'Hearn raised over $3,000 from donors and the UBC Library contributed the remaining amount to purchase Des Grieux ($23,000) and Teleny ($16,000).

The International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers posted this video on YouTube on December 17.

That's the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

It features people in this industry from Serbia, Macedonia, Spain, Turkey, and Romania discussing how their rights are being trampled on by authorities in their countries.

This is one view of the Conservative government's new prostitution law, which allows sex workers to sell their services, but penalizes any buyers.

Health Initiative for Men has continued to make STI–testing more accessible for men (who have sex with men) in Metro Vancouver.

After opening health clinics on Commercial Drive and in New Westminster (in addition to their Davie Street clinic), HIM has opened a fourth clinic in Surrey.

The clinic, a partnership with Fraser Health, is located in the Surrey Health Centre (220–10362 King George Highway, Surrey) which is a few blocks away from the Surrey Central Skytrain station. It's open on Wednesdays (4:30 to 9 p.m.) and Fridays (3 to 8 p.m.).

Women are almost four times as likely as men to be sexually harassed in the workplace.

That's according to a new Angus Reid Institute online survey of over 1,500 Canadian adults.

Forty-three percent of female respondents reported being targeted by sexual harassment at work, compared to only 12 percent of men.

In terms of "unwanted contact" in the office, 20 percent of women and nine percent of men reported this.

Taking pride of place on the coffee table next to The Secret and Bill Cosby’s Fatherhood, Graphic Thrills has provided countless hours of engaged family reading time for myself, the wife, and kids.

Robin Bougie’s boutique collection of vintage porno movie posters, published earlier this year, is a must-have for anyone who wants a boutique collection of vintage porno movie posters. If that's still not enough, then the author will be at the Fox Cabaret on Tuesday (November 25) to present an evening of classic XXX trailers, curated, like the book, from his private collection.

It’ll be nice if some of the old regulars make it out for this one.

Comedian Margaret Cho is all kinds of fierce. She's warrior fierce. She's Tyra Banks fierce. She's you-go-girl fierce. And when it comes to social issues, she is capital F fierce. 

When Cho performed here in Vancouver and Victoria on November 1 and 2, she used that fierceness to support the Canadian women who spoke out about their experiences of violence and sex with Jian Ghomeshi.

Both Cho and her opening act Selene Luna addressed the topical discussion about Ghomeshi, violence, sex, and women into their acts.

Although Luna got the audience laughing when she asked how exactly does a woman demonstrate that she consented to some sexual acts but not others, such as saying yes to teabagging but no to choking, she did raise a complex, thought-provoking issue.

Researchers have released what’s being called the first national report on the sex industry in Canada—and some of its findings may surprise you.

The working paper, whose lead author is Cecilia Benoit of the University of Victoria, will be discussed at an international symposium in Ottawa on September 22 and 23. It’s based on five studies undertaken in St. John’s, Montréal, Kitchener, Fort McMurray, Calgary, and Victoria.

Damn, I didn't make the list. Neither did the music editor named Mike, the movies editor named Adrian, or the senior editor named Martin.

But our second-floor production worker named Ken is probably smiling today.

That's because his name topped the list of Canada's sexiest male monikers.

It was released by the dating site WhatsYourPrice.com and identified the 10 men's names that received the "most accepted offers" for dates.

They are, in order:

1. Ken

2. Christopher

3. Colin

4. David

5. Tony

6. Troy

7. Mark

8. Reginald

9. Nicholas

10. Stephen