The infamous Toronto-based website Ashley Madison, designed to help married people hook up with others, is launching a lawsuit against the South Korean government for blocking it in that country.

The Korean site of Ashley Madison was launched on April 1 but was shut down on April 16 by the Korean Communications Standards Commission.

Authorities accused the website of encouraging immorality. Adultery is illegal in South Korea.

Earlier this month, Simon Fraser University confirmed that it is considering accepting Bitcoin at bookstores and dining services on its campuses in the Vancouver area.

Today (August 28), SFU made its first official foray into Bitcoin, announcing it is now accepting donations with the digital currency.

That makes it the first Canadian postsecondary school to take donations in this manner.

Here’s a silly, geeky way to cool off on a hot day: use a compressed gas duster—one of the many brands of canned compressed gas you normally use to blow the dust out of your computer’s keyboard.

Yesterday I came across two cans of “Dust Off”-brand gas duster in a Fairview dumpster freshly garnished with the bagged results of a large apartment cleanup.

When you spray the gas duster, the can gets very cold.

So cold that you could probably use the cans as ice cubes, if your drink was sufficiently large and you thought the cans were clean enough.

Are you studying at Capilano University? There's an app for you.

The Cap App, released this month by the university for iPhone and Android, allows students to check their email, class schedules, grades, and library accounts with ease from their smartphones. It also features maps and emergency phone numbers.

“This app highlights the importance of connectivity amongst our student population by allowing students a quick, efficient and easy way to stay up-to-date on their life here at Cap,” Karen McCredie, Capilano's registrar, said in a news release today (August 26).

The app is free to download via iTunes and Google Play.

Capilano has campuses in North Vancouver, Squamish, and Sechelt.

Sure, Amazon doesn't yet accept Bitcoin. But Dell, Expedia, and do.

Almost two months ago, Newegg became one of the latest online retailers to start taking payments with the digital currency—but only in the U.S. Starting today (August 26), Newegg, which sells electronics, is extending this payment option to its Canadian customers.

Health knowledge is one of many areas that have expanded exponentially since the development of the Internet.

Many challenges have resulted from that growth, including critically assessing content and keeping up with the pace of information that's out there.

The next Gay Men's Health Summit will explore what issues are involved in this technology-based phenomenon, and how that might affect everyone from health professionals to gay men, in a variety of issues such as well-being or the HIV epidemic.

The Community-Based Research Centre will hold its next Gay Men's Health Summit, with theme "The New Literacy of Gay Men's Health", on October 30 and 31 at SFU Harbour Centre.

Submissions for presentations, workshops, or panels are now being accepted.

Do you want to work for Vancouver's leading social-media company?

Hootsuite is planning to hire more than 100 people, and it's holding a great big job fair.

The HootHire event takes place on Wednesday (August 27) from 5 to 7 p.m. at Hootsuite's HQ2 (111 East 5th Avenue).

According to a Hootsuite blog post, here's what attendees can expect:

Do you pride yourself on the perfect beer pour?

If so, Frosty Beer may be the free iPhone and iPad game for you. Released earlier this month, the Vancouver-made game is all about that.

No really, that's all it's about. You fill mugs of beer by tapping on your touchscreen, and if they're not perfect—game over and start again.

With its retro, eight-bit graphics and high difficulty level, Frosty Beer is, as the developers say, maddening to play. In a couple minutes of trying, I wasn't able to pour two in a row.

We know birds do it, bee do it, and apparently even educated fleas do it; I’m wondering if ladybugs can also do it—if they can see or sense electricity or rather, electromagnetic radiation.

I only ask because for over an hour I’ve had a ladybug wandering over the expanse of my laptop—in a seemingly discernible pattern.

Just this moment it appears to be napping on the screen frame beside the blue Dashboard icon on WordPress’s “Add New Post” screen.

First I noticed it though, the little ladybug was running back and forth along the insulated wire of the AC adapter.

This ladybug really got a charge out of my laptop

Eventually it made a beeline ladybug-line for my cellular Wi-Fi stick and patrolled the topmost part of the stick for a good while.

A local digital marketer has reported spotting a drone spying on condo dwellers in the so-called Crosstown area of downtown Vancouver.

Conner Galway, cofounder of Junction Creative Solutions, posted a video on YouTube showing the unmanned aerial vehicle flying among the city's towers.

He also posted these tweets: