"Thank You For Being a Friend" singer-songwriter Andrew Gold dies at 59

L.A. singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Gold, whose hits in the '70s included "Lonely Boy" and "Thank You For Being a Friend", died in his sleep of an apparent heart attack on Friday (June 3), exactly two months before his 60th birthday.

Gold's career highlights included performing with the likes of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Freddie Mercury, and touring with the Eagles, James Taylor, and Jackson Browne. He played a number of instruments on Linda Ronstadt's biggest hits, including "You're No Good", "Heatwave", and "When Will I Be Loved?".

I remember owning at least one of Gold's LPs, 1976's "What's Wrong With This Picture?", which had a cover that was fun to look at because you could try and figure out what was wrong with it. I quite liked the hit single from that album, "Lonely Boy"; I didn't care so much for its followup, "Thank You For Being a Friend", which was co-opted as the theme song for the TV sitcom Golden Girls.

The video for "Lonely Boy" that appears above was taken from the seventies concert series Midnight Special, and features a solo by famed L.A. guitarist and producer Waddy Wachtel. He was in town six weeks ago, playing with Rod Stewart at the latter's surprisingly wonderful Rogers Arena gig.

Gold leaves behind his wife, Leslie Kogan; daughters Emily, Victoria, and Olivia; and his mother, singer Marni Nixon.

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I liked Lonely Boy when it came out too in the 70's... I remember listening to it on CFUN at our beach cabin. he musta been a young boy back in '76 when he released it.
Rating: +3
R U Kiddingme
Oh no, I just added Lonely Boy to my itunes this year! I had it on a k-tel sampler! Now I am in a Seventies uncool-song nostalgia haze... must assauge self with "Shannon," "Popcorn," "Brandy You're A Fine Girl" and "Sky High."
Rating: -10
Steve Newton
I used to have "Brandy" by Lighthouse on a K-Tel sampler too. I loved that tune! "The sailors say Brandy, you're a fine girl, what a good wife you would be..."
Rating: 0
PT Barnum
At the time Lonely Boy came out my girlfriend decided the song summed me up well, and I doubt it was meant as a compliment.
But having heard it in recent years it feels like an anthem for my non-conformist youth, and I'm glad to have been that kind of lonely. Thank you for the memory, Andrew Gold.
Rating: -1
Martin Dunphy
Hey, Newt!

Don't you mean the group Looking Glass? I know Lighthouse pretty well, and I don't actually remember them covering that piece of dreck "Brandy".
Rating: -1
Steve Newton
you could be right, Marty, maybe it was Looking Glass and not Lighthouse. All those Canadian bands that start with L and have a horn section always get me confused.
Rating: -1
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