Tony Tang gets some name recognition help

With 10 spots up for grabs on Vancouver council, the ballot for the city's governing body can get pretty long.

In the November 19 election, 41 candidates are running for councillor. One of the nominees near the bottom of the alphabetically ordered list is Vision Vancouver candidate Tony Tang.

Today (November 15)—perhaps in an effort to make sure Vision supporters don't forget to vote for the former chair of the Vancouver board of variance—the party-funded folks at the We Back the Juice Man site put out this somewhat-amusing video.

COPE and the NPA also posted videos on YouTube today, but, unlike Vision's, theirs are meant to be taken seriously.

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Damn the man(g), Tony Tang!
Rating: +4
Tony "Reading The Script" Tang hah, I knew there was no way at Britannia watching read what he was supposed to think.
Rating: -3
Save Vancouver
Vision HQ: Quick, find us another innocuous middle aged Chinese man from the West Side, Chow's stepping down!

Offensive ethnic pandering pure and simple.
Rating: +4
I agree, if the ethnics voted ethnics, I might do well though, so I won't discourage. I am the ethnic on the Mayoral, unless someone is playing a Mate card, which french Y gene.
Rating: +1
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