Video: The evolution of the hipster

Hipsters: where did they come from? How did they evolve? (Are they actually evolved?)

From Socrates to beatniks to hippies to yuppies to hipsters, the kids from Glove and Boots break down just where this sub–"culture" came from.

Thanks to Isabel DC for the tip!

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Are you a hipster?

Yes 22%
43 votes
No 78%
152 votes
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Second Nation
weak sauce
Rating: 0
Who cares???
Rating: +1
Miranda Nelson
That's just what a hipster would say, y'know...

And it's funny. You must have cared enough to click on the post, watch (or not watch) the video, then write a very witty reply.

Do hipsters have a sense of humour? Or do they get it surgically removed so they can fit into their tight pants?
Rating: 0
Ha Ha!
Outing a hipster is so easy! They get on the defense without any decorum ...

Just read the comments for proof:
Rating: -1
Mr Nogatco
The comments following the Adbusters piece referenced above are hilarious. Defensive, vacuous hipster nonsense at its finest.

That said, this video was kinda meh...and I am certainly no friend of the hipster.
Rating: -2
Hipsterdom declared dead already last year by that American Apparel clownshoes CEO. Now if we can just get all those girls around Main St and Commercial Dr to stop getting those terrible phony prison tattoo stencils.

Oh wow, you have some random triangles, your name, and some flowery vines on your neck and arms. I've never seen such originality only the last 60 or so girls I've passed on the street today had the same tattoos. You are truly an independent soul
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