Video: Give Justin Trudeau an Oscar

This past weekend, I decided to mosey out to the Jericho Sailing Club to listen to Vancouver Quadra MP Joyce Murray tell her constituents that she's seeking the federal Liberal leadership.

Murray's speech featured a high-fibre diet of policy prescriptions, including a price on carbon and legalization of marijuana.

I was less enamoured by her heavy reliance on a written script, which undermined her ability to connect with her audience. I would have thought that after so many years in politics, Murray would have delivered this speech extemporaneously.

Contrast that with her rival, Justin Trudeau, who has no trouble speaking without a script. The only problem is that sometimes, he goes over the top in the drama department—as you can see in the video below.

Justin has a lot to say about Justin.

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rihanna's lyrics to "take a bow" have never been so appropriate.

Rating: +1
Donna Morgan
Never trust someone who refers to themselves in the third person.
Rating: -2
WTF? People please. If you can't elect a happening NDP federal majority and you absolutely must resurrect the Liberals, then get a real human being as a leader for a change. How about a woman. If you made it to the upper echelons of the Liberal party and you have a vagina, then you gotta be somewhat for real. Trading Harper for Trudeau is like trading Glenn Beck for Corey Feldman. So long paranoid power-mad narcissist; hello oblivious over-confident narcissist.
Rating: +1
Mark Fornataro
Well, in all fairness to Justin he was a drama teacher. He certainly is not as politically savvy as Bob Rae. If I had to choose one over the other- I'd vote Joyce Murray, but not being a Liberal-I won't.
Rating: +2
He reminds me of my ex-girlfriend!
Rating: +11
teth adam
even hammier than william shatner!
Rating: +6
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