Video: Mayor Gregor Robertson makes DJ debut at the Biltmore Cabaret

Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson made his debut as a DJ Saturday night, as part of the third anniversary party of club night Glory Days at the Biltmore Cabaret.

The mayor's set began with the first few notes of "Tom Sawyer" by Rush, then quickly morphed into the Black Keys, and later to James Brown, Prince and the Notorious B.I.G.

Other tracks during the nearly hour-long set included "Hey Ladies" by the Beastie Boys, and songs from 2Pac, Michael Jackson and the Talking Heads.

Here's some video of the mayor behind the turntables, getting some help from local DJ Rico Uno.

How do you rate Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson's skills as a DJ?

Got my vote 45%
65 votes
Don't quit your day job 40%
57 votes
No comment 15%
22 votes
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Save Vancouver
There's just no end to the Marvelous Moonbeam's talents!
Rating: -2
Can we get Kristi Alexandra to write a review on this?
Rating: -8
Dear lord, it's Harper playing the piano all over again.
Rating: +3
There's no end to the whining...
by idiots and their "moonbeam" group-think.

So the guy spends an hour at a "hip" nightclub playing some music.

You weren't mandated to go, you weren't even (personally) invited. Oh, did I just touch upon the reason for the hostility?

And no, it's not like Harper playing piano, that felt more like a cardboard cut-out lip-syncing. I mean, Harper playing, "I get by with a little help from my friends, I get high with a little help from my friends"? Gag reflex in 3, 2, 1.

I'm no fan of Robertson, but he appeared not out of his element, like even I would be in that setting.

Now, if there were "Vision Vancouver" banners plastered everywhere, *and* an election were just around the corner, it could be seen as a mere political ploy, but I don't see that from these videos.
Rating: -2
good job super man.. less air punching though..
Rating: -2
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