Videos: Hedy Fry, Adrian Dix, and Gregor Robertson march in the Vancouver Pride parade

Perhaps nothing in the world draws more progressive politicians than a Pride parade.

Today was no exception in downtown Vancouver, with the New Democratic Party turning out the largest contingent.

It was led by Adrian Dix and back-ended by gay West End NDP MLA Spencer Herbert. If the party had put on such a strong effort in the neighbourhood in the recent federal election, it might have snatched Vancouver Centre from veteran incumbent Hedy Fry.

Hordes of New Democrats follow their leader.

Of course, the federal Liberals are no slouches when it comes to the Pride parade. Last year, Fry dressed up as Lady Justice in a dramatic demonstration of her diva-like presence.

This year, she toned it down somewhat. It was rather entertaining to see the only other Liberal MP in the province, Joyce Murray, look like part of the backup act to the Queen of Pride.

Hedy Fry always brings some theatrics to Pride.

Last year, Vancouver civic politicians appeared to be having a roaring party on their float, led by Mayor Gregor Robertson in a feather boa.

This year, the mayor toned it down somewhat, though he still managed to don a rainbow-coloured shirt for the occasion. He walked alongside Chief Jim Chu in the Vancouver Police Department contingent.

Gregor Robertson marches with the Vancouver police.

Robertson may have been trying to demonstrate that he's getting along with the chief, even though the mayor seemed to leave Chu out in the lurch after the Stanley Cup riot.

Meanwhile, those on the City of Vancouver float, including Heather Deal and Tim Stevenson, tried to generate some excitement without their grand leader. The best floats always have the most dramatic music—and this year, the city didn't match the standard set in 2010.

How many politicians can you recognize on the city's float?

This year, the labour movement marched in solidarity rather than running a bunch of separate floats. It left a positive impression on the crowd.

Lots of union folks came to the parade.

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James G
It was nice to see Hedy Fry there but by what measure whatsoever could you include Gordon Campbell cabinet alumnus Joyce Murray as a progressive politician? Elizabeth May was there which you overlooked but my partner and I were there in person so we actually physically overlook her by turning our heads as we did too when the tiny but gutsy Conservative Party of Canada group went by. Guys, you know that your party at it's recent convention just passed a resolution now making it party policy to oppose gay marriage, right? So, are you there as total traitors to your own party or just as the traitors to the gay community you have always been?
Rating: +1
And no BC Liberals. Not one. Shame on them.
Rating: +2
Mr Nogatco
>>It was led by Adrian Dix and back-ended by gay West End NDP MLA Spencer Herbert.
Rating: +3
Andrea Pratt
My photo of Hedy Fry with an absolute flurry of manservant activity behind her.
Rating: +2
Well I'll be darned. Hedy Fry does something? I thought she just justified the $167k we pay her by socializing in Ottawa.

Who knew?
Rating: +3
No thanks I will pass , I have seen their act before!
Rating: -1
James G, which resolution was that? Please provide a link.
Rating: +6
James G

The resolution changed the wording of an existing party policy on gay marriage, which said the Conservative "government" supported legislation saying marriage is between one man and one woman, with delegates voting to change it to say the Conservative Party supports the move.

The question of why arises. Why stop calling on the government of the day to support the proposition that marriage should be between "one man and one woman" but simultaneously make it the concept policy of the Conservative Party? Any guesses?

Mine is that they are paving the way for future revisiting of the issue, perhaps not in this mandate or even with this leader. If it is party policy, instead of a free vote, it could be a whipped vote just as the NDP whipped it's caucus on the other side of the issue in the 2006 parliamentary attempt to undo gay marriage. If you don't go along to what is party policy, out you go, MP! Just ask former NDP MP Bev Desjarlais, who bucked the whip and promptly never got re-nominated in her constituency.

On your guard, gay-friendly Conservatives, should any be left.
Rating: +4
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