Videos: Pride Parade features colourful corporate floats

The annual Pride parade always offers a snapshot into where our society is going.

In recent years, large corporations like TD and Telus have put on some of the most uninhibited shows for the crowd. It's a sign of how mainstream Pride is becoming.

This year, Telus played up its Caya brand with some very gay-friendly music and dancing.

Caya dancers don't hold back at Pride.

TD, which has two West End branches, was a little more sedate this year compared to last year. In 2011, the corporation's float resembled a gay strip club. This year, TD may have had the largest number of people in the parade, but the presentation was a little more tame.

TD brought a large crowd to Pride.

Trojan, which makes condoms, is another corporation that often puts on a good show at Pride. This year, its employees dressed the part, looking like ancient soldiers.

Trojan employees showed some enthusiasm.

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