Meet the Snoopy the northern saw-whet owl. 

I first saw him at A Midsummer Fete in Colony Farm Regional Park back in 2011.

Now he's the star of HootSuite's designed-to-go-viral take on the Yule log video.

It's not all self-promotional social-media marketing.

HootSuite is selling $20 stuffed animal versions of its Owly mascot, with all proceeds going to the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (O.W.L.). Well, until January 10, at least.

You might have seen a disturbing video that went viral two years back. In it, a man on a New York subway sticks his hand up the skirt of the woman sitting next to him and sexually assaults her while she's asleep.

No one on the subway stopped the attack. But one man videotaped it and posted it online.

Elisa Lopez was the woman sleeping on the train. She didn't even know that she had been assaulted until she saw the video online.

Two years later, she's speaking out for the first time, supported by the anti-street harassment organization Hollaback. In a video, she says she is "tired of being afraid".

After watching part of this rapid-fire video (I couldn't make it to the end), I felt sorry for the editor. If you don't blink, you might spot Jimmy Kimmel.

The Seymour River is really running high upstream of the rockslide in this video shot yesterday (December 9).

This footage, uploaded by Henry Wang, shows Twin Bridges full of water.

Normally, the bridge looks like this...

As any Vancouverite who has ever had their blood pressure hit heart-attack levels after sliding behind the wheel of a car knows, we live in a city where 90 percent of the population has zero clue how to drive.

Plunk a spaced-out Lotuslander on the streets of Montreal in a motor vehicle, and they'd be a road-rage-incident victim within 10 minutes.

It's somehow good to know then that we aren't the only city where people get their driver's licences from Cracker Jack boxes. 

Watch while this riot-stooge spends five minutes trying to get out of a parking lot in Calgary. A parking lot, it must be said, that Stevie Wonder would have had no trouble navigating.

Meteorological photographer David McColm is a pro at time-lapse imagery.

In this video, he turns his lens on Whistler and shares some thoughts about his work.

"The Night Watchman" is the third episode in The Beyond Series, a four-part promotional web series presented by Whistler Blackcomb.

In the leadup to the release of Inherent Vice on December 12, actor Joaquin Phoenix isn't just using the spotlight to hawk his latest flick.

Phoenix has lent his star power to a Mercy for Animals video that exposes the "harsh reality" faced by pigs at a Walmart pork supplier.

Narrated by Phoenix, the video documents an undercover investigation that found that piglets have their tails cut off and their testicles "violently ripped out of their bodies".

Phoenix says this is despite the fact that pigs are "one of the smartest animals in the world".

The actor ends the video by urging people to ask Walmart to stop selling pork from pigs locked in gestation crates, and to stop eating animals.

People around the world are talking about a brave fight put up by two Indian women who were attacked on the transit system.

As the video above shows, they beat off three larger male assailants with belts as other passengers chose not to get involved.

The incident occurred in the northwestern Indian state of Haryana.

The young women claimed they were being sexually harassed. However, a man from the village where the three men live has alleged that they were merely fighting for a seat on the bus.

The driver has reportedly been suspended for not taking any action and the three men have been charged with assault.

If you've ever questioned the need to have antihomophobia policies in schools, sports leagues, and the like, you're the perfect candidate for watching this video.

Ever since a video was posted online of a woman walking through the streets of New York City to capture the verbal harassment she experiences, numerous variations have also been created.

The following version illustrates what some gay people experience when they're simply walking down the street.

YouTuber Dennis Cee dressed in stereotypical gay fashions and walked along various streets of NYC without speaking or initiating any contact.

We've all heard about the white guy who has a fetish for Asian women. Especially in Vancouver.

Think it's annoying? Tired of getting hit on by Rice Kings? Irritated about being reduced to an ethnicity or cultural stereotype?

Well, what if the tables were turned and Asian women hit on white guys in the way that white guys hit on Asian women?

Well, actually some of them do. But this is what would happen according to comedic YouTuber Joy Regullano. And it ain't pretty.

Do any of these lines sound familiar?  

And here's what could possibly happen on a date.