Between Two Ferns never fails to deliver an uncomfortable exchange, and Zach Galifinakis interviewing Justin Bieber is pure awkward gold.

"I've just never interviewed a seven-year-old before," Galifianakis wearily says near the beginning of the interview.

"Your young punk attitude is not gonna work in this interview," Galifianakis chastizes the scandal-plagued pop singer in this Funny or Die clip before asking him about the Anne Frank "Belieber" controversy as well as the video of the young star peeing in a bucket.

Among the revelations, Bieber says he'd like to be a time traveller and claims he's never ordered a Happy Meal. 

To help quench that indirect thirst you might have whenever things get a little bit too racially diverse for your liking, there's a new beverage out on shelves that hits the passive-aggressive spot.

It's perfect for people who think that simply having friends from different ethnic backgrounds helps to counteract any racially discrimantory statements they make.

It's also great for people who talk about Europeans as the first people in Canada.

Due to the success of the drink, the company will soon be releasing new flavours: one for people who wonder why there isn't a straight Pride parade and another for those who think feminism is an out-of-style fashion accessory.

On Monday (September 8), the Easter Seals Drop Zone landed in Vancouver.

It's an annual fundraising event which sees participants each raise $1,000 or more in support of Canadians with disabilities, and get rewarded with the opportunity to rappel down an office tower.

In the above video, Kevin Getz, a host on The Beat 94.5, documents his experience of descending the exterior of 999 West Hastings Street.

This extremely shocking and deeply disturbing precognitive short documentary details the unprecedented and irrevocable damage by the LGBT–rights movement in Ireland.

Imperiled heterosexuals are shown resorting to extreme measures to protect themselves from the insidious and pervasive threats of the Pink Peril.

The video comes at an important juncture, just as the country is considering a referendum on marriage equality for the spring of 2015.

Earlier this year, an impassioned speech about LGBT rights by Irish drag queen Panti Bliss went viral internationally in March, even prompting the Pet Shop Boys to turn it into a club anthem.

I recently posted a blog about what happened when the U.S. show What Would You Do? staged scenarios in which Asian people were discriminated against.

Shortly thereafter, the latest video in a string of racist verbal attacks against Asians on transit in Australia went viral online.

In Perth, an aboriginal Australian woman making a racist verbal attack against a female Asian passenger was caught on camera this past weekend.

The Asian passenger remained silent as the other woman called her several derogatory terms, including a "whore" and "slut", and approached her. None of the other passengers stepped in.

Your Facebook and Twitter feeds are probably still awash with funny examples of those ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos.

Here's one video your friends probably won't be sharing because it might put you to sleep.

The credit goes to Supt. Claude Wilcott, the office in charge of the Coquitlam RCMP. Perhaps the Mounties he nominated to take the challenge will be more entertaining.

I was just tweeting about how a director in New York City was telling me on the line that I sounded “very Canadian”. And how a Disney rep at a Hollywood press conference once pointed out how Canadian my pronunciation of “about” was. (I couldn’t tell the difference.)

By coincidence, I came across a video that local YouTuber Linda Dong (of "Seven Types of Vancouver Girls" infamy) made with the Fung Brothers in the U.S. about the differences between Asian Canadians and Asian Americans.

Dear gentlemen of a certain disposition:

No, lesbian does not mean she is doing it to tease and titillate you.

No, it does not mean she just needs to meet the right guy.

No, it is not the same thing as being bisexual.

In fact, there is such a gaping chasm in comprehension about what lesbians are (and aren't) that web developers have had to figure out ways how to screen out male online users who use catfishing techniques and set up fake female profiles on dating sites to hit on lesbian women.

Maybe cute marmots aren't your cup of tea.

How about adorable sea otters?

This one was filmed rubbing up against a man at Cadboro Bay, near Victoria.

(Don't try this at home, folks. Your results may vary, and may including being bitten or catching a disease.)

Poor Greenpeace USA.

The enviro group will probably get more hits for this animal clip than it will get for all of its other awareness-raising videos combined.

That marmot sure is cute, though. And what a backdrop.

It's Glacier National Park, which also appears in the following Greenpeace anti-coal video (which most of us won't bother watching):