Here's a true story: two years ago, I was pulled over because I forgot to attach the insurance renewal sticker to my license plate. The Vancouver cop was a complete dick. Even though I had the sticker in my glovebox and promised to pop out of the car and affix it right away, he gave me a $150 ticket. 

His explanation was that "I wouldn't learn anything" if he let me off. Did I mention he was also a complete jerk about it?

Not all police officers are no fun though. Here's wagering that, had I been pulled over in Delaware by Master Cpl. Jeff Davis, the guy would have issued a friendly warning, and then sent me on my merry way. After, that is, he recreated his viral-video rendition of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."

A video of a passenger screaming about missing a B.C. ferry has gone viral.

The video, posted to a Facebook group called Spotted in Victoria on January 19, shows a woman on New Year's Eve shouting in the Swartz Bay ferry terminal. Comments on the post both sympathize and mock the distraught traveller.

According to B.C. Ferries, the woman had missed the cutoff for ticket sales by about three minutes.

Major U.S. entertainment outlets are replaying this video of two-year-old Nevaeh Smith's lip sync of Taylor Swift's hit "Shake It Off".

The songstress herself has even tweeted the video of the Pitt Meadows toddler to her 50-million-plus followers, with the folowing message: "YOU TELL THOSE HATERS GIRL."

But the little girl isn't the only one shaking in a car to the tune. Below, check out this video of Jeff Davis, an officer with the Dover Police Department in Delaware.

You may have already heard about growing concerns about the landfill problems that single-serve coffee capsules are creating.

If you haven't, a video by a Nova Scotian production studio has created an entertaining way to raise awareness about the issue involving disposable, non-recyclable coffee pods like those popularized by Keurig, known as K-Cups.

The capsules are estimated to generate approximately 966 million pounds of waste each year.

Ever wonder why the hell anyone living in North America would want to use up two weeks of valuable vacation time visiting Australia? Why fly half way around the world to see a country where everyone speaks the exact same language as you, Foster's Lager is considered a great beer, and Paul Hogan is a national treasure?

Truth be told, we've long wondered what the appeal of the land Down Under is. Until now. Evidently, Australia is the kind of place where you can watch two kangaroos kick the shit out of each other on the street from the comfort of the home you've rented on VRBO.

This is James Franco's wet dream come true.

As gay, bisexual, and men who have sex with men gain increasing acceptance in the mainstream, it's inevitable that straight men will want to try out some of the things that these men do out of sheer curiosity.

While a number of videos have explored straight male experiments in same-sex activities, BuzzFeed has been particularly prolific lately in shooting a bunch of them.

In the following video, a gaggle of straight guys rate the hotness of male celebrities like Drake, Justin Timberlake, and John Stamos. (They are completely off on Michael Fassbender and why did they use a mediocre photo of him?)

Even after writing a dozen or so stories about Bitcoin, I sometimes find it difficult to define the cryptocurrency in a concise manner.

In this TEDxBeaconStreet talk, Jeremy Rubin of the MIT Bitcoin Project takes a stab at explaining Bitcoin.

You may or may not still be confused after watching this video.

Local videographer Terence Chung wrote in about a "social experiment" that he and his friend conducted in downtown Vancouver.

Basically, they gave socks to a homeless man named "Trench", and then came back and asked him if he could spare something warm to wear.

They recorded the results of their ruse—presumably without Trench's knowledge—and subsequent conversation, and posted it up on their VanCityVideo YouTube channel.

Their message? "Be good to those around you - help people in need."

Meet the Snoopy the northern saw-whet owl. 

I first saw him at A Midsummer Fete in Colony Farm Regional Park back in 2011.

Now he's the star of HootSuite's designed-to-go-viral take on the Yule log video.

It's not all self-promotional social-media marketing.

HootSuite is selling $20 stuffed animal versions of its Owly mascot, with all proceeds going to the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (O.W.L.). Well, until January 10, at least.

You might have seen a disturbing video that went viral two years back. In it, a man on a New York subway sticks his hand up the skirt of the woman sitting next to him and sexually assaults her while she's asleep.

No one on the subway stopped the attack. But one man videotaped it and posted it online.

Elisa Lopez was the woman sleeping on the train. She didn't even know that she had been assaulted until she saw the video online.

Two years later, she's speaking out for the first time, supported by the anti-street harassment organization Hollaback. In a video, she says she is "tired of being afraid".