Earlier this year, Mercy for Animals Canada sent an undercover investigator to work at Horizon Poultry, a Maple Leaf Foods-owned hatchery in Hanover, Ontario.

The nonprofit organization's hidden camera footage, released on Monday (April 14), shows adorable chicks being roughly handled, thrown, tumble-dried, ripped out of their shells, ground up alive, and drowned. The video's narrator says:

The cruelty you have witnessed is inherent and widespread within the industrial chicken meat industry. Please remember these chicks the next time you're in the poultry section of your grocery store.

This video was posted to YouTube on Sunday (April 13) and already has more than 90,000 views.

It shows "fricken'" longboarders being forced to take spills after a police SUV pulls into the middle of the road and stops. The cop then tells the longboarders, who criticize his actions, that he's "sick and tired" of dealing with them.

Today (April 14), the West Vancouver Police Department issued a statement on the matter:

Note to bigots: resistance is futile.

In the past, companies and networks often bowed to complaints from the public about the depiction of LGBT people, interracial marriage, and anything that was basically normal life but certain people with not enough bran in their diet (or something like that) didn't want to see.

The tide has turned.

If you watch Game of Thrones (Season 4 is almost here), you might appreciate this social-media-themed video, made by the TV show's fans at HootSuite.

Given that the musician in question below seems to have been beamed in from another place and time (namely the Sunset Strip circa 1985) one can’t blame him for not knowing what that giant black thing in the background is. Therefore how could he be expected to understand that, if you aren’t careful with your Yngwie Malmsteen-issue noodling, bad things sometimes happen?

Next time you plug in fella, make sure that the only boob tube in the room is a vintage circa-51 Philco B&W in a Stonehenge-size wood cabinet. Now throw those goat horns high, because what you do here is truly impressive, even if it happened to take place in your parents' basement. 

Yes, it's still April Fools' Day, unfortunately. So, you can't actually pay $228,619 to fly to SFU's newest "satellite" campus.

Here's the best line from the Semester in Space website:

Because of increasing pressures on universities to provide measurable learning outcomes that prepare students for immediate entry-level jobs in the resource development sector, the students will receive training in the areas of self-reliance, space industrialization, asteroid mining, and recycling of disused satellites.

Stock video provider Dissolve sets Kendra Eash's poem, "This is a Generic Brand Video", to actual stock footage video clips.

Narrated by Dallas McClain, this three-minute video of generic, bland imagery is everything one would hope it would be.

"Lest you think we're a faceless entity, look at all these attractive people."

Once you cut through advertising bafflegab, this is pretty much all that's left.

Hotmail, GeoCities, ICQ, AltaVista, and Bitcoin?

Just what SFU needs: students dressing up as the 1990s' least-favourite costumed heroes and performing "random" (not actually random) acts of kindness.

I don't know what's sadder—the expressions on these Canucks fans' faces or their version of a classic song.

Anyways, singer Scott Jackson and actors Stacey Roy, Steve Comm, Shelly Walker, and Dayne Cody have claimed responsibility for this tribute to Roberto Luongo.