This is what Occupy Wall Street wants

"What do the protesters even want?"—The mainstream media

This is the idea framing pretty much all the mainstream Occupy Wall Street coverage that I've read so far. (Well, when they're not deriding protesters as hippies, lunatics, and petulant children.)

In light of this, I'm going to make it really simple for those who seem to be too ignorant to educate themselves about the occupy movement that is spreading around the world.

Why are people protesting? They are sick of corporate greed. They are pissed off that 10 percent of Americans own two-thirds of the country's wealth. They no longer want to have to choose between buying food or paying rent. And they are tired of a political system that is complicit in selling out its citizens, which doesn't offer any choice between Candidate A, who is owned by corporate money, and Candidate B, who is also owned by corportate money.

Here's Occupy Wall Street's draft manifesto, which outlines what the protesters want. "There is a feeling shared by a growing number of people on the streets of the world that the global economy has become a kind of Ponzi scheme, a global casino, run by and for the benefit of the 1 percent," reads the document. Want to know what they want? An end to the exploitation of the poor by the rich.

Still don't get it? The following video interviews protesters on the ground about their motives.

Still don't get it? Here are more protesters talking about what they want.

Still don't get it? Would a cartoon help? Check this one out from Mark Fiore.

Henry Rollins gets it. Keith Boykin gets it. These writers get it. Tom Morello gets it. Noam Chomsky gets it. Joseph Stiglitz gets it. Naomi Klein gets it. Dennis Kucinich gets it. Michael Moore gets it.

I mean, if you enjoy sticking your fingers in your ears while screaming "LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU!", more power to you. I almost envy you in a way; I am unable to shut down my senses and pretend the world isn't going to hell in a hand basket. I'm definitely not saying you have to agree with the motives of the thousands, if not millions, of people who are protesting corporate greed. It's still a free country, and you are entitled to your opinions. I can't make you care about others if you don't want to.

However, it would be exceptionally swell if the mainstream media would stop repeating the asinine idea that these protests are directionless and get on to reporting the facts.

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So, those of us who aren't on the front line of these protests are too stupid, too lazy, or too out of touch with reality. Interesting.

Way to sell your ideas to the vast majority of adult Canadians.

No, wait - you don't HAVE any ideas. Just complaints.

Way to go. Rah-rah.
Rating: -3
We understand that there is an imbalance in the American banking and economic systems. Canada is one of the best regulated, most failry taxed countries in the world with a rich social support system. Tell me again what Canadian protesters are protesting against.
Rating: -5
JTurner's Shadow
@DavidH Your comment/criticism doesn't make sense. The writer is primarily critiquing the main stream media for their obviously willful misunderstanding of what the Occupy Wall Street protestors are protesting about. Nelson then provides ample links and information for the Main Stream Media as well as for "those who seem to be too ignorant to educate themselves about the occupy movement that is spreading around the world." Nowhere in this article did the writer even insinuate, let alone state, that those not "on the front line of these protests are too stupid, too lazy, or too out of touch with reality." Instead of foaming at the mouth unnecessarily like you have some kind of Tourette syndrome toward anything that doesn't appear to be on the political Right, why not look and consider the material she has provided. You might find that these protests could make sense to anyone, despite their political leaning, who believes in true democracy; where the political systems, laws, and those who are elected are accountable to the people and NOT to banks, CEOs, Corporations, and wealthy elites who have corrupted western democracies in order to push their own self-interested agendas at any cost.

Have a look at this Brilliant talk by Chris Hedges on why people should be protesting against their corrupt governments who serve the interests of the rich at the expense of their electorate:

Also read:
A Movement Too Big to Fail - Chris Hedges

@NoLeftNutter While there is some truth to what you say about our (slowly eroding) social systems and our still regulated banks (though the Conservative government wanted to do away with these prior to the global financial collapse), there are plenty of reasons these protests have spread to Canada and around the world (let's not forget about protests/revolts by the people against their corrupt corporate states in Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Iceland that precluded the Occupy movements). From what I gather, the main root of the problem that Canadian Occupy protestors (and protestors around the world) are addressing is the corruption of democratic political systems and processes by wealthy elites, banks, and self-serving corporations. Have a look at look at Stevie Cameron's book: On The Take to begin with. Then look at Paul Desmarais and his Power Corporation that has employed previous PMs Trudeau, Paul Martin, Mulroney, Chretien (his son Andre is married to his daughter France as well), various Premiers, and even Justice Ministers (like Cauchon who used to be one of his domestic servants). Just do a wikipedia search for Paul Desmarais and then one on Power Corporation. Also have a look at Wikileaks cables and you'll find a ton more stories of their family and others influencing Fed/Prov governments for their financial gain.

It's no secret there needs to be reform/redrafting of our political processes. Here are a couple of non-partisan materials that may be of interest:

John Turner on necessary parliamentary and political party reforms that would see them rebuilt from the bottom up:

Income disparity in Canada:

Rating: +7
Arthur Vandelay
@JTurner's Shadow - Both you and Miranda rail against the mainstream media and yet Miranda's first link is to critiques aginst "the right wing media". Also, DavidH's critique seems to be more of a general rebuke of Miranda's tone which, like yours, is disrespectful of the opinions of others as you both seems to be vehement advocates for mob rule.

But its with your response to NoLeftNutter where you really start to shine. "From what I gather, the main root of the problem that Canadian Occupy protestors (and protestors around the world) are addressing is the corruption of democratic political systems and processes by wealthy elites, banks, and self-serving corporations". From what you gather? You explode for two pages and yet you basically start your contention with, "gee, I really dunno"? Then comes the attempt at jumbling all of the world's problems up and barfing it back on Canada, which Miranda seems to excel at as well. The US isssue was triggered by Wall Street's greed and lack of regulation while the Euro-problems are triggered by the common man's greed (and so ably facilitated by his willing accomplice, the sympathetic socialist government, who both like spoiled children, think they can eat as much cake as they want without getting a tummy-ache). Well neither of these issues has affected Canada, because we have elected adults in charge who realize that things need to get done by men who have ambition, drive and yes, gasp, money that they are willing to risk. Jim Patison makes a lot of money but he also employs 33,000 people. Get it? Thats the deal we have made with the Man. But my favorite is when you proceed to vilify the usual boogeyman to explain why you still live in your parents basement instead of looking in the mirror and admitting that banking on a career as a pro hacky-sack player probably wasnt that practical of an idea.

Tell you what, in the upcoming provincial election, you have the perfect candidate for those of you who have been abused by the Man. Yes, it's Adrian the Corporate slayer, back for another round of punitive rule by attacking anyone remotely successful or productive. Why don't you start your correction of our society here by actually voting the Saviuor into office and see if he can do any better than the last time (ended in a 77-2 decimation at the polls). If its true that 99% of us are getting it stuck to us by the man, this election should be an easy stepping stone back to nirvana. Go out and make your case like an adult member of society instead of sleeping on the VAG lawn with the other random malcontents like Malmo-Levigne
Rating: -3
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