If you're trying to figure out which films to see at the Victoria Film Festival, which is fast approaching (February 6 to 15), something to keep in mind is that we've got some reviews of the ones that screened at the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival.

Some of the films that screened at VIFF 2014 are:

• John Zaritsky's Canadian documentary A Different Drummer

• Sturla Gunnarsson's documentary Monsoon, about Indian weather patterns (chosen for Canada's Top Ten)

Much thanks to whatever troupe was responsible for Monday’s (January 26) beautiful spring dress rehearsal.

From the morning’s curtain-raising chorus of a pair (the pair?) of returning Canada geese, all the way through to the salmon-tinged sunset, it was a nearly flawless performance.

By early afternoon, everything clicked and I could’ve sworn I was enjoying a real spring day in the last week of January.

I have no doubt that it was warmly received by audiences throughout the city. Bravo to everyone involved!

I've long complained about the lack of decent horror flicks being made in and around Vancouver, but in recent years Hollywood has upped its game considerably as far as the Great Fright North is concerned.









If you've ever been on Grindr, Jack'd, or any other gay-dating app or website, you'll recognize all of the following annoying dudes. From asking to see a guy's dick to headless bodies, the video below illustrates how ridiculous it would be if gay guys acted like some guys do online.

Then again, some actually do.

Looking for something to do tomorrow? The Straight’s got you covered. Here are eight events happening in or around Vancouver on Wednesday, January 28.


The Biltmore Cabaret hosts the String Fling Concert, featuring Four on the Floor, Jim Byrnes, Ryan Guldemond, Dustin Bentall, Parker Bossley, Hannah Epperson, Dominique Fricot, Dan Moxon, and Tonye Aganable.


The film version of Stephen King's terrifying 1983 novel, Pet Sematary, sucked the biggie. I oughta know. I reviewed it way back in the spring of 1989, describing it as "a dead dog that deserves no last rite."

But apparently, according to abc7.com, some cat out in Florida named Bart just loved the plot about a pet graveyard where felines and humans alike can score a new lease on life. 

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay released a statement explaining what happened to the unfortunate critter after his owner discovered that he had been hit by a car:

Last night at 11 p.m. the Toys “R” Us store in the 1100 block of West Broadway Avenue was quiet as a tomb. Its vast population waited.

On display tables and shelves and racks, they were recharging or just biding their time.

They waited for the new business day and another chance to put on a friendly show in hopes of beguiling children and their parents into taking them home.

Because that’s the only way that these poor plastic—let’s be blunt about it—prisoners can ever hope to leave the store, without being “marked down”.

Couldn't make it out last night? You missed black-metal bands Mayhem and Watain at the Rickshaw. Craig Gilbert was there and caught a moment of the show on Instagram. Here’s your concert pic of the morning. The Mayhem and Watain at the Rickshaw Theatre on January 26, 2015. Thanks Craig.

Live Nation has announced that American rock group Faith No More will play a show at the PNE Forum on Wednesday, April 15.

The Bay Area band is currently wrapping up work on its follow-up to 1997’s Album of the Year.  The as-of-yet untitled album is due this May via Reclamation Recordings.

“Here we go,” says founder and bass player Bill Gould. “First North American tour dates, some in cities we haven’t played in over 17 years.  We are armed with the new material and ready for whatever comes our way.”

Registration has begun for next year's elite TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference in Vancouver. TED2016 will take place from February 15 to 19, 2016.

The theme of TED2016 is "Dream", which is fitting because the ticket price is US$8,500 (about $10,500 in today's Canadian dollars)—far from the reach of the 99 percent.

In an email sent today (January 27) to the "global TED community", TED curator Chris Anderson and his team talk about the TED2016 theme: