Of lifejackets and lucky fishing hats

July 1 to 9, 2017, marks National Fishing Week in Canada. On designated days within this period, thousands of Canadians will take advantage of their ability to legally fish without a licence. While this opportunity has been a catalyst for many of us to catch the fishing bug, angling has...Continue Reading

E3 2017: Best indie games

I’ll confess that there’s never enough time to properly look at all the independently developed games that have a presence at E3. I always take some time to visit the Indiecade space to see what’s going on, and the energy there is always positive and palpable. But the indie titles that caught me...Continue Reading



I have a best friend that I've been close with since high school. He was the only guy that...


Vancouver Aquarium - Arctic Expeditions...

You - Shoulder length blonde hair, light top and skirt with brown leather boots. Gracefully...