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The 102nd annual Grey Cup has taken over Vancouver!

This year sees the Hamilton Tiger-Cats take on the Calgary Stampeders at B.C. Place Stadium on Sunday (November 30).

Photographer Andrew Chin is on hand for the weekend's festivities, which have included local favourites Hey Ocean! performing as part of the Red Truck Tailgate Concert Series.

Here's something that will surprise critics of the Fraser Institute.

It's a video of the Vancouver-based think tank's executive vice president, Jason Clemens, denying that he works for a right-wing organization.

The interviewer, TVO's Steve Paikin, tries without success to get Clemens to admit where the Fraser Institute is on the political spectrum.

Had Paikin read Burnaby author Donald Gutstein's recent book Harperism, he might have zeroed in with a more precise question: is the Fraser Institute a Hayekian think tank?

We've all heard about the white guy who has a fetish for Asian women. Especially in Vancouver.

Think it's annoying? Tired of getting hit on by Rice Kings? Irritated about being reduced to an ethnicity or cultural stereotype?

Well, what if the tables were turned and Asian women hit on white guys in the way that white guys hit on Asian women?

Well, actually some of them do. But this is what would happen according to comedic YouTuber Joy Regullano. And it ain't pretty.

Do any of these lines sound familiar?  

And here's what could possibly happen on a date.

Dear homophobes: here's even more proof that accepting gay men can have a gleeful effect on society.

While the rest of North America is out killing each other in the free-for-all rampage otherwise known as Black Friday, the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles sent out a video of them on the L.A. Metro bringing seasonal good cheer to transit passengers.

They reminded riders what the season is really all about: not consumerist kamikaze missions but donning our gay apparel.

How's that for a little bit of uplifting gaiety in our humdrum everyday lives?

So how about it Vancouver Men's Chorus? Will we be hearing your vocal talents on the SkyTrain anytime soon?

Same-sex marriage has been legalized in all Nordic countries.

Finland is the last Nordic country to approve the legalization of same-sex marriage (joining Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) and is the twelfth European state to do so.

On Friday (November 28), Finnish parliament voted 105 in favour to 92 opposed—a narrow victory for the equality movement, following a public petition that gathered 167,000 signatures.

Since 2002, Finnish same-sex couples have been able to enter registered partnerships. They will now be able to have the same legal rights as opposite-sex couples, including adopting children and sharing a surname.

Late Wednesday afternoon I was in the alley on the south side of West Broadway Avenue by Birch Street and stopped to admire an especially memorable old Grumman step van.

Grummans are distinctive enough as it is. This one, with its unmarked gray paint job and custom flaming grill, is unmistakably unique. I’ve seen it kicking around Fairview for years now.

As I paused to get a closer look and take some photos, I had to watch out for the dribble of through-traffic awkwardly maneuvering around it.

A section of Vancouver's famed Seawall is temporarily closed due to intense weather conditions.

According to a tweet from the Vancouver Park Board today (November 28), the section of the Seawall between English Bay and Lumberman's Arch is inaccessible until further notice "due to high tide, waves & crashing logs".

High winds are expected to continue in Vancouver overnight and temperatures are due to drop sharply this evening. There is also the possibility of flurries in the region after midnight.

A portion of the Seawall in West Vancouver was also underwater this morning.

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Pacific Baroque Orchestra presents Nachtmusik today (November 28) at 8 p.m. at Christ Church Cathedral (690 Burrard Street) and Sunday (November 30) at 2:30 p.m. at Rose Gellert Hall (4899 207th Street, Langley).

Nachtmusik features a programme spanning two centuries of music, from Boccherini’s Night Music of the Streets of Madrid, through Biber’s Night Guard Serenata, to Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Trio KV 166,

Both concerts feature guest soloist Ed Reifel on various percussion instruments.