UBC Sushi Customer
You: Tall, blond, dressed in a white dress shirt and grey jacket with an umbrella at your side. Walked past me and smiled as you went to take your order. Me: Shorter, wearing...
Acknowledge the discomfort and awkwardness (D & A) that has been created while simultaneously drawing attention to the fact that said D & A are not of your creation.


I think women in this city complain too much about how horrible men are and that's why they are single. The blame should be shared 50/50 in my opinion. Every single man in this city is not horrible and every single woman in this city is not horrible. You are complaining based upon your experiences. The fact that you are complaining about horrible men really is a reflection of yourself and your dating choices. Most women are too picky in my opinion. They need to be less picky. Women should not care about what kind of car a man drives or what kind of job he has. I think women should settle for a guy who is good to them and has a job of some kind.
Rating: -4
I went out of my way to mail a relative in the US a Christmas card with a photo of my kid and me with Santa. She, in return, went out of her way to hunt me down on the phone to tell me I looked "fat" and laughed at me. She will get nothing from me this year, not even a lump of coal.
Rating: +40
I'm a gay guy in his early thirties. I've been in a LTR for the better part of a decade. We're both around the same age. We live together. But the last few years have been really tough: he stopped wanting to have sex with me around 2009 or so, and in the intervening years, I've caught him (more than once) hooking up on other smartphone apps. When I catch him, he pleads flaw in character, and reminds me that if didn't have him, I would have a lower quality of life, despite the fact that I am intelligent, articulate and (I hope) worthwhile. So I put up with it, while retaining stupid self-imposed standards of not wanting to stray, meaning that, as a guy in his early thirties, I haven't had sex in almost six years. Somehow I have been taught to believe that this is my fault. His newest thing is body shaming; he is obsessed with body image and calls me fat all of the time, even though I'm completely average for a guy my age. This makes it really hard for me to relax around him. But I'm putting up with it, and hoping that things get better. One day, maybe he'll change. Other friends tell me that I'm smart, likeable, sexy and cuddle-worthy; maybe one day, he'll see, too. Maybe one day, I will believe it. We have nothing in common in terms of values (even though I have many of my own), and I am dying inside. I can't afford to move out, so I'm stuck here. What kills me most is that I think that these are a person's prime years, and I'm trapped and forced to languish them. My self-esteem is shot, I don't even know I'd handle intimacy if it came along at this point, and it is getting to the point where even basic life decisions terrify me. I am sinking. Please help.
Rating: +3
What is success, if not to have a girlfriend with the finest breasts? For years I happily sampled a cornucopia of hangers, and even dated a woman with quite nice fake ones, which drew attention, but did nothing for me intimately. Then I came across the most amazing pair, but was denied, and now I cannot enjoy anything again. Too small, too odd, too normal. And now, as time passes I worry what chance I had is passing, and soon that holy grail of tits won't even be the same as it was, gone droopy and wrong.
Rating: -54
Had a huge falling out with my sister. She screwed me around AGAIN! And she is the one who cut me out of her life completely which was a shocker. One one hand I feel really sad about the situation but secretly I think, Good, I'm so sick of your f==ing drama, leave me alone!!
Rating: +22
I am tired of being the single one in my group of friends. I have come to the realization that I won't have the happy ending I always dreamed of. I have been cheated on and lied to by every man I have ever dated. It has gotten to the point where I view all men as monsters. Its hard going to birthday parties or any social functions. Being a single 37 year old female is horrible. The men you want to date are dating 20 something women and the men that want to date you are in their 50's. My friends continue to have children and milestones and its as if I am stuck in neutral. Getting older and more jaded by the minute. Please no comments about finding love when you least expect it or just getting out there. I am just tired of trying so hard and not getting anywhere.
Rating: +40
What kind of low life parent starts an altercation with a stranger with their child in tow? Apparently, you. Sorry my dog peed on your apartment bushes, but was it really necessary to follow me down the street threatening to video me and call the city? My confession: Go ahead. Maybe, I'll call the Ministry of Children and Family services. You are a shitty parent.
Rating: +33
Facing a death in my family, and meanwhile, I have a desperate hunger for casual sex. It's like I'm trying to prove to myself that I'm still alive.
Rating: +28