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Get off the tablet

It's a dinner party ffs. If you're going to play games on your friggin' tablet why didn't you just stay home?

i confess

OK, now I'm starting to get pissed here.... I was online looking at a social media page. Some woman I don't know writes "here's three thing you should know.." just appalling English. Turns out she's an English teach, her last job was as a news paper editor. Fuck. And u can find a job because some idiot is hiring fool like this to teach English and edit newspapers. Fuck off.

not sober

a few drinks in i can admit to myself a few things. 1. my love is unrequited. when i'm sober, ego gets in the way. (they must not know how to express how much they care for me, maybe they're frightened/confused.) a whole lot of bullshit. 2. i obsess over them because it's unrequited. because i'm scared of commitment. 3. despite not deserving this in the slightest, someone amazing feels a similar obsession for me and i ignore them because i'm scared. i'm scared to disrupt my life so i'd rather live in pining limbo for something impossible.


Sucks when you understand that everyone has always loved the person you pretended to be rather than the person you truly are

I like being alone

This is where I belong. No regrets. Thanks for helping me to get over you. Long time in the illusory bubble. Just that now it's spent, not sure of anything. Oh well can't live forever. Onwards to oblivion and the big adventure ahead...

Fantasizing about my ex

I am still plagued with thinking about my ex after 2 years. I fantasize about being in the same room with them and slowly coming onto eachother and then having sex. How do I quit this habit, I want to be fantasizing about my current partner.

You dont need a cape to be a hero

Long time ago someone told me 'I'll never let anyone hurt you' and we stayed good friends after that. We never thought we'd fall inlove. Hl Then you found me in the rough and held me close that night and changed . You realized, you can't play gangster forever and held me close in your arms that night promising me 'iI'm soi'd let you go, ill never let you out of my sight' I love you. Im confessing this instead of I saw you because you know who I am. Lets never fight again. I <3 you My hero. I hope you know that. God sent you to find me and God sent me to tell you. We can finally be together.

Money doesn't buy happiness

I've come to realization that money doesn't buy happiness. I grew up really poor. Went to college, worked at a coffee shop to fund my education, got a job, went up the ranks. Met my partner, got married, etc. Both of our careers are doing well. We make 500k as a couple. We're more comfortable, but I don't feel any more happy now than when we both made 80k combined. When I was young, I daydreamed some day of being rich...we'll here we are, and I'm like meh. I'm going to get some heat for this confession from people who think I'm a douche and not grateful (which I am), but I now know that more money doesn't neccesarily make you more happy.

Emotional overload

I pissed so much time away worrying about other people's issues that it got really overwhelming. Now it's time that I take a step back and look after myself. My solution is to focus on my own problems because as much as I empathize, I cannot be responsible for someone else's happiness.


People failed me. Businesses failed me. Love interest failed me. Family members failed me. Banks failed me. But I kept going, kept pushing on, kept working hard, hoping, praying and dreaming. That's the beauty of life and your own experiences. As long as you keep moving, keep your days busy, keep your head above the water - something wonderful can happen, life can surprise you in the best way. One thing is for sure in your inner circle of happiness and good happenings - ignore negative and judgemental: people, news and businesses.

Enough with non-apologies already

I get tired of superficial bullshitters that apologize for any inconvenience, assure me it won't happen again and thank me for my concern. Really it doesn't take rocket science to distinguish a fake apology from a genuine one. Don't say sorry when you don't actually mean it.

Legalize Please

Most Canadians are on the cusp of getting over the stigma of smoking pot. Almost. We're just waiting on the Trudeau government for their campaign promise. The recent raids across the country have suddenly made the water murky. We've all waited till April 2017. We voted in Trudeau. We've waited on the guy. He said April 2017. I have grandparents who are ready to accept it. I have parents who are ready to accept it. You made a promise Trudeau. You got elected because of that promise Trudeau. A few days from now it is April. No excuses, no BS, implement what you promised to us. Let us move forward without the stigma of being "druggies" anymore.

No regrets whatsoever anymore

I've burned bridges with people and said a lot of stupid things to them. But I'm at a point where I honestly don't give a shit anymore because they gave me a reason to chew them up and spit them out. It's one thing to be an asshole but unlike other assholes I'm not ashamed to admit I've acted like one. Since I'll never see them ever again, I have no more regrets. Just taking better care of myself and moving on now.

Ok that's it

I would rather shovel shit all day than continue to work in customer service. So done with dealing with people bitching at me about something that I can't control. I can no longer defend the company I work for because they not only screw over the public, but they screw the employees too. Adios, bitchachos!

Porn is a

Vice like alcohol, gambling etc... I (dropped the mic.) LOL Said by mature person with advanced highly selective college degree.


Puerto Vallarta

Your eagle eye noticed the sunscreen I had just purchased and was already in my bag. You caught...