Exciting Monday to Buy A Vacuum
I saw you at Costco buying a new dyson for your cleaner. I was standing in front of you in line. We chatted while waiting about your new vacuum and returning your old one. Wanna...
I’m not worried about being hit on, but I feel like hanging out at a gay club would be somewhat dishonest.


So many of life's bruises can be soothed away with a little Neil Diamond.
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I find it disturbing that a man is killed at a festival and the show goes on regardless. Actually, fucking disgraceful.
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If someone did a confession just the same as the guy from Rush when he did his Rock and Roll hall of fame speech in 2013. That was pretty genius.
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You taught me a lot about life. We don't talk now, but I wish I could thank you. Different people come into our lives at different times for a variety of reasons. And you were my biggest learning experience to date. It's funny because when we were together (sorta) I always felt like you were the teacher and I was the student. You cut through the bs most of the time, and I'll always have love and respect for you that. But you also showed me the true darkness in a women's soul. And for this I truly thank you. You are taught me the difference between what I thought I wanted through social conditioning and what feeds my soul. You taught me how to see people for what they really are. You were the first person, I truly saw, and funnily enough it happened when we were miles apart. You liked funny stuff right? Well you laughed at a one who was driven and did art. Laughed at a young man and probably still laughing now? Sorry not sorry, I have a clean mind now and a open heart. So thank you, and enjoy your sixer, unknown knee bruises and cheeseburgers.
Rating: -5
I've been working really hard on my issue of being attracted to unavailable people for the last few years. I really thought I had gotten it under control, but nope! Once again found myself wanting someone who is technically unavailable... I really didn't think they were interested and that it was a one sided-crush that I had managed to get under control. Turns out there's a mutual attraction, but their current situation means they're still not fully available. Yes I know you can't dictate what the heart wants, but for once I would like my situation to be doable... My confession is that I'm ticked off at myself for once again finding myself in "unavailable" territory, I really thought I had moved beyond that...
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There have been at least three people at my office who have gone on stress leave and have never come back. I never understood why or what drove them to it. It's stressful here, but nothing I can't handle. Until today. All of a sudden years of ignored stress seem to be flying at me and I now understand how they all could've gotten to this point. I just hope I make a u-turn somewhere before I reach that point of no return too.
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I was eyeballing a woman's texts today while commuting to work on transit. She was having a text argument with what I guessed was her husband as they were exchanging texts that said things like, "We can work this out together" and "I don't even want to try anymore". She didn't seem too upset as she was typing but I figured she was the stoic type. I felt bad for her as I just went through something like that recently. But then, she opened up her app for Match.com, scrolled through a few profiles and then went back to texting the guy. I didn't feel as bad for her after that, either for the situation or really, for glancing at her screen as much as I did.
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I have recurring dreams about you twice a week. I don't know what it means or why, but you are a constant ghost in my head. My confession is that I want to reach out to you so badly and reconcile our friendship, but I can't and I'm too much a coward to deal with the awful words I'm sure you must have for me. I'm sorry for everything that happened before and I just hope that you're well and happy with wherever you are in your life. I need this burden off my heavy chest and I've nowhere else to say it. So, happy birthday to you. I wish you the very best, sincerely.
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