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Why do I

turn every pleasant opposite-sex social encounter into a moment where I should've asked for her number? I never ask and then think about it with regret for weeks after. You'd think I would learn...


She's supposed to be the woman who loves me more than anything. But I am a disappointment, a failure a lose a nothing and a no body. I will die miserable and alone - no one will hire me or want me or love me, I am fat ugly useless and I deserve to die - she hasn't said that last part but I know she feels it. I repeated all the nasty mean things she said to me today, and it finally shut her up - she said "you told me to get out so I'm leaving" she neglects to remember that she not five minutes before threatened to move out and leave me alone with the animals waiting to be homeless. Who is this person? Why do I become so mean around her? She's supposed to encourage and inspire me, but she never has. Not once that I can remember has she ever said "you can do this" nothing I do is good enough. I could do it, I could kill myself I could end it right now, but if I do that then she gets one more chance to be the innocent victim and I the selfish daughter. One more time she gets to be the one taken advantage of. The world thinks she's a saint, they don't know her. They don't know the cruel abusive woman she is, they actually call her a saint to my face - which just compounds the abuse. Writing this here won't save anything, I can't leave because of my monetary situation and she knows it, so I put it here, knowing it won't change anything except that at least one person will read this, at least I won't be the only person that knows the bounds of her cruelty.

If you don't like me

Don't bother telling me all the details of what you don't like, expecting me to change to suit you, and punishing me if I don't - just dump me already and you can find someone who meets your standards, who you can walk with instead of miles in front and who you don't have to spend every 'special' occasion punishing for random reasons when you are drunk. I have had enough punishment from people who 'love' me to last a lifetime.

Cosmic connection

Soulmate? Some sort of parallel confusion or insecurity? I don't know why I can't forget her but I wish she had noticed it too. Or maybe she did. If anything was simple or obvious or not contradictory I probably wouldn't have to make confessions about it. Its the stuff of a good television drama, only I believe shows eventually reach resolution. Not sure, I've never owned a TV. How many seasons does this run for?


My uncle came into the restaurant I work at with his lover. I had to serve them and had no idea who this woman was until he pulled me aside and confessed it to me. He begged me to not tell my aunt (my moms sister). Keeping this from her is killing me.


I'm so fucking angry right now after just reading the news story about the poor guy left with brain damage because some cunt decided to sucker punch him as he walked down Granville with his wife. Anyone who thinks suckering a person is a legitimate fighting technique or is their idea of a funny joke is a fucking coward who is probably too scared to actually risk getting hit back. I hope the guy has a full recovery and that the goof who did it receives a righteous asskicking.

Lost Turquoise Blue Prayer Beads at the Vancouver Library

Hello people of Vancouver, I lost my prayer beads at the Vancouver library. I went back and asked if the cleaners had come across it but sadly nothing. These prayer beads are made of turquoise blue stones and are of most sentimental value to me as they were gifted to me by my late grandfather. Please get in touch if you have found them, I would be most grateful.

Complaining Coworker

There's about a billion sushi places within walking distance of my workplace. But only 1 is called the good place. I have a coworker who always asks anyone who goes to bring her back an order. And every time she has something to moan about. The sushi has given her food poisoning, they gave her soy sauce instead of tempura sauce so the whole order was inedible, there was a hair, it was mushy etc. I stopped picking her food up myself, but others still do it. I am at the point where I feel like REALLY tampering with her food and seeing how that goes. If you don't like a restaurant, stop ordering from there!!!

Picking up Vancouver women

I don't understand why picking up women is so hard for a lot of you men out there that bitch about Vancouver women. I walked in to a downtown bar late late last night and sat down beside a young lady who was talking with two men who were trying to pick her up. They were talking before I got there and then after listening to it for five or ten minutes I decided to say something. I used my own original pick up line (canned openers work too) and I had her number in less than a minute. The look on those gentlemen's faces was priceless. I took her attention away from those men and now she's talking to me. Simple simple simple. What is your guys' problem? I don't understand!!

Eyes Wide Open

I was driving home late at night along Kingsway back to the West Side and was astonished at the amount of prostitutes that were basically on the majority of the street corners. Several of them were very close to elementary and high schools. Yet I saw absolutely no police presence. In my opinion there is a strong correlation between prostitution and drugs and other crimes. Children should not have to walk to school and see condoms and drugs on the streets but this is a reality for children in these east Vancouver neighborhoods. This opened by eyes because we don't have these kinds of problems in Dunbar. I think as tax payers the police should be arresting and prosecuting all of these prostitutes and their customers.

Black Friday

I love watching the news coverage the day after Black Friday. I enjoy watching people push and shove and fight each other over a $100 dollar television.

Left out

I made mistakes. Everyone makes them. I said some things I didn't mean, in the heat of the moment, when I was feeling under attack - I was defensive and angry and hurt - everybody gets worked up sometimes. I didn't mean everything I said - and I was young, still learning lessons and how to stand up for myself in the right way. I know that things take time for people to be able to forgive or move on, and I know that maybe I don't even deserve that - but it's not even really about me. I just wish that for his sake, she would be in the same room as me. I'm scared that if we ever have kids they'll never get to experience what it's like to have an aunt (I only have brothers) because she doesn't want anything to do with me. Right now it's not so bad that I can never go to any oh his family holiday events unless his sister isn't there, but if we're really doing this, if he's not just lying when he says he loves me, and if he's not just living with me and sharing a car and a cat with me because it's convenient, if he's actually going to marry me one day and have a family with me... that's what I'm worried about. I can handle being the one left out of every family thing as just his girlfriend, but how can I do that as his wife or the mother of his kids? How can I tell my kids "I can never go to family events with you on your dad's side of the family because your aunt doesn't like me"... I don't know if that's something I can do. I love my brothers and I would do anything for them, including putting things behind me in order to include their significant others in our family get togethers, no matter how much I might not like them if my brothers had chosen to love them and made the decision to be in a serious, committed, long term relationship with them then I would want to be supportive of my brothers and that would include accepting their partners. I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year at all. I already missed out on birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving. I was so excited because a relative had invited us to dinner, but now I just can't go because if I go it ruins her Christmas and I don't want to do that to someone, so I'll just stay home by myself. I know I made mistakes, but how long do I have to live like I've just done something wrong? I have apologized from afar because I don't want to offend by reaching out - I know she doesn't care and would rather I get hit by a bus or something - but I do hope that she knows I didn't mean what I said and I hope one day she'll be in the same room as me - if not I guess my life is going to be pretty sad every time a holiday comes up.

Restroom Reviewer

As a frequent peer I know all the washrooms everywhere in the city - some are like crime scenes but others are like living rooms that I don't want to leave...Number one is Browns social house number two is Cactus Club.


My best ones have been my cats fifi and cuddles - they don't call me on the phone, their complaints are minimal, never have to hear them talk about their vagina issues, and they like me for who I am without me having to change a thing except their litter box and water.



You work at Spank on Commercial Drive. Slim, dark hair, eyes that could turn mountains into dust....


Concert pic of the morning: RAC at the...

From the solo indie-electronic project RAC's November 26 show at the Commodore.