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I confess

I love the reading people's confessions. It honestly makes me realize that I'm not alone. Thank you vancouverites from a Fraser valley gal :)

No Billboards Required

This could be considered a public service announcement to any women who is considering getting a tattoo on or anywhere near her breasts. Don't. Trust me. No matter how big, small or in-between your breasts are, guys are gonna look. And they don't need ink to draw their attention to Mother Nature's gift to the eyes of men.

Question for the guys

Thought maybe I should just ask ... Maybe I have caused myself years of unnecessary aggravation. What makes you hit on a woman A) cause you think she's beautiful B) cause you think she's easy C) cause why not D) cause you just want to screw anything with a vagina (nothing personal) Would like to say this survey is open to short answer format as well Cheers


I like gluten

Lump in the road

I'm probably going to lose a new job because of health issues.. I've been so stressed out about this big lump in my breast. I was at the hospital yesterday getting checked out and have to have to go back for tests. I guess I just wasn't really thinking ( or thinking too much ) and set my clock wrong last night. The alarm never went off... I was supposed to go in for training today. There's family issues going on in my life too which have also been stressing me out so sometimes I can't even sleep. I was so excited about this job. I really need the money to be able to pay my rent and I'm feeling like I screwed up. Note to self: Learn how to set a clock.

Move along

I think people who stare are impolite, provocative creeps.

Eye Contact

Every time I encounter a woman that I've never met before, she fails make eye contact. Actually, not just eye contact... in general, after catching sight of me, she'll explicitly avoid looking in my general direction. Ladies... would it be too much to ask that you not immediately avert your gaze after you catch a first glimpse of me? I mean, sure, I'm not an Adonis, but I'm not the elephant man either, and I'm well groomed and well mannered. When you behave like this, I can only conclude that (a) you're shy to the point of social dysfunction, (b) every one of you is uninterested in me, (c) you're not interested in men in general, or (d) you're not interested in human contact. In any case, you're making it very awkward to approach you, let alone talk to you.

I'd do anything....

for a job. No one wants to hire me. I have experience and an education but even that's not enough.

Ironic T-shirt

Soon, most of us will be living in shanty towns at the edge of the city. Luckily, we'll have bike lanes to get us downtown in order to serve the corrupt elite. "Thank you for loving me, Gregor!"

when everyone turnes their faces back

I have no idea why people turn their faces back or look another way whenever I go out , by people I mean public , whenever I look at someone no matter I am happy or sad I try to have an open facial expression and I don't fret at all just during the time I'm reading something or watching a Video No matter I'm one happy overall one day or sad , broken hearted or confused , it happens all the time , my appearance is different from the others though , I dress up great usually , like most of the adult guys at my age dress up very casuall , and I always wear a shirt or a hat with a coat and using light warm colors , and I still don't know why

fuck fads

get a brain, fads are lame, now it's a poem, and also a game

Change the channel.

My life is finally going okay.... everything is fine but I'm still not happy I could win the lottery right now and I would still want to cry. I hope I can figure this out... Unfortunately I'm the only one who can do that. Wish we had like... a TV guide for our souls. That would be so nice.

Too Much Noise

I am retired and I hate how at 10:00 am on weekdays some of my neighbors gardeners mow their lawns. These lawn mowers make so much noise and this is the time of day that I like drinking my coffee and reading my newspapers. I have been living in Kerrisdale for years and pay over $10,000 a year in property taxes to the city and the least they can do is ensure that there is no noise in the mornings. I just want to call the City and give them a piece of my mind.

Pet Racist

I don't like chihuahuas or their coddling owners.

Cotton in the wind..

Where is it flying in from? They're brightening up these gloomy days and I don't know if I like it very much!


Missed my chance...

We were at Fortune Sound Club, you beautiful blond, me gawky dude by himself. You walked up and...