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Two years almost too late

I got back together with my ex after two years of just being friends. I can't explain what it's like to see the person you love with someone else, have her see you with other women, act like a jealous idiot and even be there when she gets her heart broken. All of that to be told that she always just wanted me. All of that because I thought that I was too young to be "tied down" to one girl. If it's true love, you'll know it's special. Don't wait two years to realize that.

I like to think...

that our experiences and the people we meet happen to us for a reason. Even if they only stay briefly, I feel like people come into our lives to teach us something about ourselves. But then, when I think of life like that, I also wonder what experiences I'd have and what people I would have met if I'd taken an alternate route in life. Whether it's big decisions, like choosing a different job, or moving to a different city, or smaller decisions like going to a different coffee shop every day or dropping out of one class and taking another, it's pretty crazy to think that life is just one big web of coincidences, and by making one seemingly insignificant decision, you could be altering your life path forever.

I'm disgusting

Thats it, point blank. I'm a overweight, hideous person. No one is attracted to me, and I've accepted that I won't have that cute love story. No one looks at me and thinks 'wow, she's beautiful.' It hurts me, but its how life is going to be. But, it would be nice to feel like I'm beautiful, that people notice me and think that I'm gorgeous. Not just my face, but me. I would like to be found attractive. I would like people to want to get to know me. But its not like that.

I understand now that life won't be what I wish it to be.

After seeing and being apart of all the things in my life, I came to a understanding that life will never be perfect. People will never change. There will always be rape, murder, pedophiles, lying, cheating, and the other horrible things. All we do is try to prevent it, when in reality we can't. We should be teaching them how to recover, how to live after it. No, I'm not saying that we shouldn't try to stop it. But all we do is tell them how to avoid it. When I was younger, I was molested by my older cousin. Even though I tried to avoid the subject, I know now that it has affected me and my lifestyle. I'm never going to be what I once was, and thats something I've accepted. Maybe if someone taught me how to recover, how to live life after what happened to me, I might still be okay. I've given up on the perfect life. I stopped caring about others, other than my close family. I don't have friends, because friends don't help me in anyway. My persona in my outer life is nice, I want people to think I'm a sweetheart. I want others to think I'm the nicest, most generous person they know. But honestly, I'm not. I'm not nice, I despise everyone. My opinions on touchy subjects are hurtful and blunt. But to live life outside my head normally, I can't be like that. I didn't want to grow up feeling like this, I'd like to be like other people. But all I've seen from this world is hatred, and negativity. I've given up on humanity, and myself. Of course, I don't tell others. I'd be shunned, and that would make my life even more difficult. The only thing I want and care for in my life is making sure my family grow older in a nice environment, for me to take care of them. I don't want anything else, to be honest. I don't feel the need for any other things. I hate feeling this way, because I know that I'm not normal. I want to be happy, I want to care and feel like others. I don't know why I don't, but I've accepted it. Its will be alright the way things are, because I know what I am. I'm me, and I can't change who I am anymore.

Loving the Inner Child in Everyone

Ideally, kids need two involved parents. Two united parents is beyond ideal. And rare. If you can avoid having a child with a person with an addiction issues of any kind, life will be easier. I just needed to say it to free myself a little. The child will not make the addiction issue go away. It might make it worse. Even if your child is beyond magical as majority of tiny people are, you need to be made love to, share laughter, be an adult with someone. Choose with care.


I conffess it seems to me that the most beautiful men sometimes turn out to be gay? Is this a practical joke the universe plays on us women?!?!?! Then to add to this...maybe their genetic good looks may never be passed on... just wondering, and complaining...

Political Correctness

Support Dry Grad??? After 13 years of Illuminati brainwashing, having a drink to celebrate its ending is deserved. Yes, Its a no- no; but a drink or two is's not like kids don't know what alcohol is.

this so-called life

I realize that I don't really matter to anyone. Not even to myself.

Don't Ever Marry For Money

I did and I went through a horrible divorce and my children are now extremely spoiled and talk back to me because of him.


So everyone is making a big deal about Michael Buble's butt selfie so much that it ends up on the morning news the other day. About 90 seconds after talking about it, the female host is speaking with another woman from the broadcast and they're showing some pictures of these young strong looking men. The host ends this segment with the comment "I wonder if he has buns of steel too" So I am wondering where exactly this line is supposed to be drawn on this stuff since everyone seems to be so overly sensitive about it now. I realize the most important thing to people these days is having a reason to make an "epic rant" on social media(for likes) about something but I think we all need to chill out.

I'm sick

With a head cold right now. Sometimes when I blow my nose, I don't notice the extra moisture on my chest right away.

Sex Test

Although it's been a while since I had any action, I'm going for an sti test for peace of mind next time. One of the only tests you want to fail.


I think in one way or another almost all women are sexy as hell. I love all of the variation in body types from tiny to big. My friend made a comment about a fat girl in a tiny bikini saying why would you wear that if you were that big but I thought it was hot as hell and told him so. Be confident with whatever you have and believe me you are sexy.


I'm afraid my body will wear out before I can get myself out of debt and back on my feet.


Why does my gym have a special "women's only" gym but no "men's only" gym? Isn't this the definition of sexism? Giving one group special treatment based on the fact they are of the same sex? Now before everyone goes nuts and tells me their horror stories of going to the gym and not being comfortable let me tell you something. I've always been a skinny guy, really skinny. This might be great for a woman but for a guy life can be interesting when you only weight 135lbs and are 6'1. For many years I've heard about how "it's all in the personality" and then get rejected because a guy with a 50 inch chest and cheese grater abs comes along. So going to a gym filled with ripped guys is already a bit uncomfortable but it gets worse when you throw in some women in spandex, I don't feel good enough for them or being around them. So that being said I would prefer to have a gym only for the men.


Same tattoo

This is worth a shot. ...


Sideshow Bob Hartley fined $50,000 by NHL...

One doesn't have to be John Tortorella to recognize the fact that Calgary ...