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My friends are moving.

Most of my friends are moving. I'm thinking of picking up and leaving in a year. I feel like we completely lost out to globalization. Is that a weird thing to think? :/

Personal Pampering 2

I secretly desire a girlfriend who wouldn't mind me occasionally rubbing her tootsies, washing her back, or combing her hair before bedtime.

Mental Illness

Often the people who are meanest towards people with mental illness are the ones who have it themselves. I guess it's a mirror self loathing thing.

Thin white pants

Thanks to the woman wearing the thin white almost see through pants for walking really fast to catch up and pass me on the sidewalk... I couldn't help staring at your jiggling ass.. it was like you were naked. Then the nice smile as you looked back at me.. yup you made my morning!


Watching this high maintenance tiny office woman at work eat her banana... turned me on so much! The way she slowly put it in her mouth and wrapped her rosy lipstick laden lips around it before she bit some off... then her big gulping swallow... and the little noises she made as she chewed it down!

Viva la Coca el Van

Why does everyone in this city do copious amounts of cocaine? I am not into drugs really. It seems to many people just rail hard drugs 24/7 in this city and it doesn't phase them.

Ménage à trois

I have a few male playthings that want to have a 3some, I am bi and more than willing to participate. Where does one go to find willing, disease free, 30-40 yr old bi women to join in on a night of fun?

I'm unique

I believe I'm the only gay Aspie in town. I can't meet anyone who understands me.

Crosswalk Cuckoo's Nest

Tragically, my covered apt patio (and the bedroom) face a busy Vancouver SE Street -- and a few crosswalks. The two "Walk" activation buttons are constantly pressed over, and over, and over!! again while utterly vapid, stoopid neighbours wait to cross. These buttons, from my own research online, are modern electronic systems; regulated with mechanical or digital timers. Their moronic fingertip workouts makes no difference whatsoever as only the first push of the button changes the wait state. I actually spoke up to one of these impatient, irritating sheeple one day while out. Press! press! pressity prrrrrrrress!! went their silly finger. "Hey!" I shouted. "Once is really quite enough." She ignored me and my reasoning, continuing to Press!! Curious -- would I get say severe prison time for justified homicide? Joking ....somewhat. :/ - MGM in Vancouver

Skinny lover

I like petite, skinny girls. Im not sorry about it. Skinny girls are hot. I get shit for it from my 'curvy' female friends. They look with contempt at the girls I choose. Im a skinny guy, I like girls that are smaller than me. I know its super cool these days to praise big women with curves blah blah. But shitting on skinny people is just as bad as shaming fat people. We dont choose our bodies! Stop comparing yourselves! Every body is beautiful in its own way.

Doing time in Aspietown

'After her diagnosis, she also read books about Asperger's and began asking for more social advice. "I learned that if you smile and say hello, that's an outward sign that you want to be friends." Before, she would avert her gaze, stay silent and agonize over why people did not like her.' Verbatim quote from an article on autism. I just about fell off my stairclimber... That's like a Tuesday in Vancouver. And before you call me a freak, well, cardio at 2:30 AM. DUH. Also, some will scream about how they're the exception. Which is kinda my point. It's official, Vancouver. It's not the haters. It's you.

Figured it out. Benched.

It's the weirdest mind fuck men will ever play. Ladies listen up. Does he text a lot? Makes plans but never actually follows through? Keeps in touch sparatically with clever sprinkles of interest? You've been benched. Waaaaaaay worse than ghosting. Took me forever to figure it out. Apparently I'm an idiot. Never again douche. I see your a narcissist and a flake. Yes I'm stupid. But at least I'm not an asshole. I won't be playing the text game with you anymore. Sayonara bitches.

dropping your weight

Guy at Hillcrest gym drops his deadlift bar with 6 plates on it. If it's too heavy to put down then you shouldn't be lifting so heavy. Also fuck you it's loud! Also, waits 10 minutes in between his ONE rep (technically half a rep) so others around can't use the equipment. Confession: the next time you are there dropping your bar I'm going to tell on you! nah nah nah boo boo

If I could get past my own bs

I would have said loudly "you are a super hot babe" instead of what I actually said. Your fear and twitchy nervousness is just endearing but I didn't say it because then I would have to deal with that being out there. Also,I'm pretty sure you don't think I'm a super hot babe so that is another reason why I was a coward. I have a mad crush on you. Whatever. okay bye.


Wonton soup and spring rolls on Main street

We made eye contact when you first came in and you sat with your back to me. I was with my mom,...


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