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Get off the sidewalk with you bicycle, PLEASE!

The worst part about the warmer weather, it brings out all the ding-bats who don't know the rules of the road when it comes to bikes. You're not suppose to ride on the sidewalks. This includes you, Mom and Dad with your two kids, (4 bikes all together) w/o helmets, riding down Willingdon near Kingway on the sidewalk, without a care in the world. And when I told them, "Get off the sidewalk with your bicycles", a blank stare only solidified their ignorance of the law and the fact they were teaching their children how to break the law too. And to the meek and timid passer-byers who look AT ME as if it's all my fault: get a backbone and gaze your eyes upon the real culprits here! People who ride bikes on sidewalks give all bike riders a bad name. The next biker I see coming at me on the sidewalk may be met by a citizens arrest!

It always looks good

A clean bright white t shirt always looks great on a guy. And yes the backwards baseball hat is hot, don't ask me why. (Does it signify "Ready for action"? Dunno!) This woman always smiles inside when she sees this combo. Thank you, boys!


I laugh my skin out with Sister Act

Purpose of life...

Do people with kids ever wonder about their purpose in life, or is it a childless thing (and we have more time)...?

I have a dream

Imagine if all the people who complained about how grey and wet and boring Vancouver is left. I feel like there would be a end to the housing crisis.


You know how there is a Gas Buddy app? Someone should make a Cigarette Buddy app.

pianos on the street

Its almost time for broken and out of tune pianos to be placed back on the street. Its also really cool that they chain these disrespected instruments in what can only be described as a sadistic taunt for pianists. Fu

Open Marriage?!

What exactly does an open marriage mean?! Isn't the point of a marriage is to be monogamous and have only one person? If it's open, why get married at all??

40 !!!!!!!???????

I can count the days until in turn 40. I feel i'm okay with this, but I have this feeling of panic maybe that I just cant explain. I don't have any kids, which makes me feel better about everything. My life in general is actually not bad at all and at this very moment in life i'm in good place, where a lot of my life I really wasn't. Although my future is (as it always has been) is totally unstable and i'm unprepared for it. Not sure what i'm feeling here, old isn't really the word, but something feels a little or a lot off, wish i could put my finger on it before my big day. This happen to anyone else?

Nice young men in Burnaby!

Such nice young men in this city. Just today, in passing, I encountered 3 really nice young men. Smiling, kind, just plain NICE. I wish I was able to tell people, right to their face when they are nice because it really makes a difference, all the way around. Thanks to all the people out there who look up from their phones and interact with the world. Even a smile can work wonders.

Muscle Car

Mustn't be as cool having a Dodge Charger now that the cops all drive them. Everyone must slow down when they see you coming.

Rich Girl

Judging by the number of vacations she's gone on, she can afford not to work here. I know by what we get paid that I certainly can't. So long..

Workplace Gender Balance

It's not an encouraging sign when your colleagues are mostly men, or mostly women. I'm sorry to say this, but this imbalance usually, but not always, suggests an unenlightened/ toxic working environment. I much prefer a ratio closer to 1:1.

One Craft Beer Week

I went to a beer pairing dinner alone and was seated at the end of a table full of friends with one other empty seat. The person who was seated across from me, it turns out, had some similar friends and interests. They were in an open marriage, so after the dinner, we went to my place and had great sex. It was like our own private date, if only I could have more nights like that.


Two baseball caps

Both of us were wearing baseball caps. You were white; I'm Asian. You took the urinal at...


Cher mourns death of former husband and...

Their marriage was short, turbulent, and tabloid-worthy.