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happy canada day! not everyone in surrey is a gangster

this morning i was out front watering the lawn with just a hose as i was using our only nozzle out back for the same thing, simultaneously watering both and was thinking, boy, it sure would be nice to have another nozzle. a short while later this woman pulls up in a black vehicle waving at me to let me know she was stopping (i'm perplexed as i didn't recognize her) and stops, gets out and says: 'i was at costco this morning to buy a nozzle and they only came in packs of two. I only need one so i thought i would give you the extra nozzle.' i confess i was some surprised and thanked her profusely wishing her a happy canada day. she drove away with this huge smile on her face leaving me with a huge smile on my face. thank you kind lady! happy canada day, everyone!

Hope has limits

I've held out hope for far too long. If you still want me & think we can be together in the future sweets than you that's fine; I'll give up hope and move on. But.,.if you do think there's some kind of future for us you need to let me know. Give me a solid sign; don't leave me hanging. xxo

Confessions! Stop Whining

Reading most of these posts has gotten me upset. A confession is something that you did. Something that you knew wasn't right. A sin if you're religious. A confession isn't what I'm doing right now and whining about the pathetic cry babies. I wish my older brother would confess that he f*cked my ex gf on the couch while I slept in the room next door. I wish that my other ex wife would confess that she's a lying thief that ruined our kids lives. I hope that I never have to confess that I physically ruined either of their livrs, but it's hard to not want to hurt them badly!

Save On Staff

I think this is what Save on foods should be called this Canada Day - the poor folks short staffed while I'm sure Jim is drinking coronas in Cuba and for certain not listening to music that was bad even in the eighties.

no dL

My confession is I'm 55 and have never owned a car or even a license. I never bother people asking for rides and always get around very well whether it be walking, bike, bus etc. so it's really not a problem. The only problem is in a car-centric society I sometimes feel ashamed.


When I try to speak I sound like caveman.

Men in laundromats,

Why are men in laundromats such bullies? Each time I go in they will sit practically on my I will move. Then they take up every counter space with all their items. So i find my own little corner...then another one Starts throwing their smelly bedding ontop of my laundry bag so I have to move again... Come on guys...the laundromat isn't your personal man cave, you have to share!! My confession.....I just told him off, clueless idiot.

F_cking Stole It, man

There was this sandwich in the work fridge. It was there all Friday, the weekend, and on the Monday I just took it. It was purchased from a store and it was in a container. And to throw off suspicion, I threw out every other expired food in the fridge as well to make it look like the managerial staff cleaned out the fridge. Am I a monster?

I confess...

...that all of you who 'should have given him/her your number but [enter excuse here]' should watch 'School for Scoundrels' and study it.

I can't stop!!!

This is taking over my life in SO SO SO many ways! All the time from when i walk up till i go to sleep i think about food. I think about what i shouldn't or can't have or should stop eating. I think about how yesterday i had no self control but today or tomorrow will be different. and it rarely is. Sometimes i go for a week or two and eat like a normal healthy person with normal portion and fruits and veggies etc.. but then i have just a bit of chocolate or a meal out or have booze and decide i don't care. Then ALL OVER AGAIN i'm on this cycle. This really messes with my whole world! I have beautiful dresses i can't wear now, won't go to the beach and feel bad about myself in general. even at work or going to work i feel awful and self conscious about walking around because i jiggle. I'm not sure if there is some sort of support group for this or not but i really need my life back. i am in my 30's and not huge at all, but if keep this up i will be. I just can't get enough or bad food. So i don't by it. BUT its always around. Anyone else like this. I feel horrible about myself.

Am I a total asshat?

I don't know what it is but I am not always eager to hang out with my partners friends. They arent terrible people and it's not like I dread the idea of hanging out with them, I just don't feel psyched always. I just haven't connected with them or feel as if I have much to say. I feel socially inept when I am around them and the only time it is easy to talk to them is if everyone is intoxicated. Anyone else never felt that instant connection with your partners friends? Maybe it's because I am more of an introvert. Some times I can instantly click with people and other times it's harder. More of the latter these days. Just feeling socially weird I guess.

Straight out

So I went to man up last weekend, I was SO excited and nervous cause it was my first night "out", if you can catch my drift. I was expecting to meet some women, flirt for real, maybe make a friend or two. What I learned from the night is that people thought I was straight. This is something that I have been struggling with for a while. I dressed like myself, acted like myself. what makes someone gay? How do you pin point that.. Some help?

The opposite

I can't take really hot sunny weather. The thought of this continuing for 2 more months makes me sick and anxious.


I will never get back the ten years that I lived here. I put my heart and soul into every person I met. I threw parties, cooked meals, took people out to shows, helped people in debt. I was the best friend you could have. Not one birthday party, not one meal, nothing was every given back to me or even hearty thanks for my efforts. Millionaire's would haggle over 50 bucks for party rentals, women would simply disappear after a few free meals, my job was stolen more than once by my best friends. Basically the more I put into people here the worst my life was getting and each and every person I knew was self absorbed or too stupid to even realize they where shitty people. They would just smile and go "what?" Like it was my fault they decided to be losers. #Fuckvancouver

How Many More Times

How many more times will I have to learn that 'just once more' is never the answer when it comes to addiction...


Dominic-Canada day My Skytrain Prince

You generously offered me your seat on the crowded train, opened the window, and we chatted while...