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I'll Admit It..

We lived together for 19 years, he would bite the hand that feeds him, sleep around and not come home for days, be rude to his siblings and to me and rarely do any work around the house... Now that he's gone, I'll admit that my cat was not a nice person.

I can't be myself and be happy.

I exclusively date people I'm not interested in. Now that I've met the one it's just too painful to get through a single day wondering where this will go.

The mighty Drake

A kid at work told me he paid $315 for floor seats for the Drake gig at Rogers arena. Over 300 bucks to watch an auto tuned, bearded guy in a hoodie pretend to rap, sing and dance? And with a platoon of dancers I assume. I don't get it.


So. Much. Debt.


People always say that no one really cares about what you do or what you look like. That people are just paranoid. Well, after reading these confessions and comments it seems to be that one cannot be fat, ugly, wear ripped jeans, sip on a coffee, wear headphones, have a yoga mat, have a RBF, and so on. The nasty comments I hear on transit about people happens way too often for people just all minding their own business. I don't believe it.

Beauty and the Beast

It is not fair my spouse, who is caring and considerate with a huge heart and a mind as vast as the universe is sick; he is the one who has the heart that shows care for All people at All times and has done so as a way of life, so why him for this hell that he goes thru and I am healthy my mind is fucked and he is the reason for good in many peoples lives.

It was great to see you again

You stopped and we got to chat. It was so great to see you again. I wish I'd told you I never stopped being in love with you. I can't say that because you're married and I know you're an awesome dad. But I really did love you-still do-and you're a good man. Thank you for stopping. It made my day.


I wish, that I could have, should have, done more with my life. But as middle age slowly creeps in the door I realize that my wasted youth has become my wasted life.

Time At This House

I have lived in the same house in Nanaimo for a while now. There are rooms for rent near downtown here. Its a definite freak show but its amusing. I get a real chuckle out of the antics here. Definite revolving door for the unbalanced souls of the universe. A true goldmine of a place for people watching.

Paulina Gretzky

Keeps posting pics of herself in a bikini, nice to see that women in power are encouraging men to think of them as more than just objects. I mean we all appreciate Kim Kardashian for her views on life right?

Small dicks/ big engines/ huge woofers/no mufflers?

I confess that I suspect there is a correlation between tiny penis size, and the horrendously offensive noise created by guys (almost always guys) roaring around the city with their machines, rattling and roaring and screaming through the streets.


I find myself shaking my head when I see attractive girls walking in the street drinking from a disposable coffee cup, with their head buried in the cell phone held in the other hand. Just buy a lap dog and swing a yoga mat over your shoulder and the look is complete. Completely unoriginal.

Of course.

Life have a way of throwing people into your path when you really need them. Whether you know it or not. I really would love to love htis person fully as I can .... just not sure about the 15 year age gap.

Stop Lying To The Kids

In my business, it's not uncommon for our managers to try and keep people enthusiastic by promising promotions, but I know for a fact that they; a) have no authority to do so and b) are the ones that are first in line. I've been around the block long enough to know exactly how it goes, but I feel sorry for these poor newbies who believe them.


Shelly in South Granville

Shelly, we met one night, months ago now, at The Marquis on South Granville. Things went pretty...


Dashcam videos capture Fort McMurray...

Approximately 88,000 people have now fled from the fires devastating Fort McMurray.