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A Christmas Wish

I wish that those who condemn someone else for what they are not with verbal abuse and name calling would actually Show a higher greater way of being, but this is simply not the case. No condemners have ever shown any method of being a better person.

Serial confessor

Sometimes I type confessions in, but don't post them. I just did it twice, because the ideas weren't clear enough and I like to keep my standards up.

Has the moment passed?

I met you 2 yrs ago. It was under less desirable circumstances. I think of you way more oftem then I probably should. I actually have fantasied about kissing you more times then I can count. It feels like the world would stop spinning for just a moment. Somtimes I get lost in the thought of you. Your smart, driven, honest, thoughtful & beautiful. I wonder if she thinks of her(me), the way I think of her(you)?


I honestly can't remember the last time I went this long without a drink and it hasn't even been two weeks. I'm not chemically dependent. I haven't had any withdrawal symptoms. I feel fine. Not to say there isn't some level of addiction. I would just rather be drunk most of the time.

Data Mine This!

No, I'm not going to take and use your store's rewards card just to save some change here and there. I know for a fact that you are tracking what, when, and how often and much of certain products I buy, and that's none of your business! I'm not going to be another number for your schemes.

Good Grief

I haven't been celebrating Christmas for years but now my parents are shoving it down my throat because they are bored and wand something to do. It's turned into a source of conflict between us and I feel terrible already.

Australian boot for Politicians

I think our politicians need a mass public booting, the likes of Bart Simpson in Australia. It's probably illegal to make jokes about politicians now. They're shielded from any other facet of commoner reality. How about some jobs for Canadians already, Mr. Trudeau? Without a swift kick in the butt, you will ruin Canada... Make it slick and greasy but pleasant for rich industrial globalized stock interests.

The one percent

Most people talk about care and the one percent Show care and, though we're not money rich - I'm glad to be with my husband who Is truly part of the one percent because that is how he Lives his life by showing good deeds rather than just talking about them - he does this one hundred percent of the time.


I don't believe in it because many people who have cancer are very good people - and the ones who don't - can be healthy. My spouse is a better person than I am - compassionate, considerate and intelligent and he is sick and I am a healthy asshole. Karma for me does not exist because of this.

Harm and Help

A person studying psychology that provokes others for 'study' is not in this to offer comforting assistance; this would indicate that this person is into harm for fun - which is sadism.

Someone Special

It takes a special kind of person to pick on someone they perceive as mentally ill and try to make them snap; this would seem to be what evil is.


My confession is I'm really glad my life didn't turn out how I hoped it would. When I was 20, I honestly believed marriage and babies would make me happy and that I would never want more than that. Twenty years later, I see my friends with their spouses and kids and I feel a sense of relief that their lives are not mine.

je ne sais quoi

I was not initially interested, but with each encounter I have become more and more intrigued by you. My feelings have now reached the threshold where I don't really have a choice but to do something about it. It's been a lame year of average Tinder dates and I could really use some real life passion.

The surprise of loss:

It all started with a phone call from my mum in February 2012. It ended on the 22 nd of October 2016. I have just lost my mum, no more phone calls, no more visits, no more sharing of things that we both like, no more cards or presents, No more conversations, No more childhood home visits and stays. Just nothing. In 2012 I lost my brother, he took is own life. He was 29 at the time. He had 3 children of his own. Later that year partly because of the grief of losing his youngest son and also due to ill health my Dad passed away at the age of 65. This 2nd passing in the same year was too much for my mum and myself; we had just finished with my brother’s arrangements. So with stunned silence we went into funeral mode again. It was all quite surreal, having not grieved for my brother and still evaluating the circumstances of his passing we put our heads down and went through the emotions and details a 2nd time. I live abroad from where I grew up, I would visit once a year, or my parents would visit me. With my Dad passing I felt it would be a good idea to move back home to be closer to my Mum, who herself had suffered on and off from depression since the mid 1990’s. My wife disagreed with the idea of the move back as we had a young son and she wanted to be close to her family. I made other attempts to highlight the benefits of a move back, but ultimately it was unsuccessful. I stopped asking. So I made do with being the best son I could be to her by calling weekly, video chat’s every weekend to her grandson. She made the trip here twice on her own and I visited her too. We had some nice times. Within the last year I could see and tell that my mum’s health was getting worse, her weight was up, she was not leaving the house, she would cancel her activities. Her friends were concerned. Her breathing was not good on the phone. I was due to attend the wedding of my cousin with my wife and son. It was then that I made the decision to resign my job, and go and spend some time with my mum, to look after her as she had looked after me when I was young. The decision I made was not a popular one on the work or home front, acquaintances and friends would wonder aloud about my decision to go. It struck them as a big step and most of them were surprised by it. Before I was due to fly my mum asked if I would go with her to the Dr with her. I was concerned at this One of her friends called me before I left to tell me that she had cleaned her house as best she could, but my mum would not let her in certain rooms in the house. I arrived with my wife and son. The house was a state despite the help from my mum’s friend. The Monday after my cousins wedding I went with my Mum to the Dr, she was admitted straight away to the hospital with breathing problems and a heart flutter. She was also retaining fluid on her legs. After 5 days in hospital she was released seemingly making a good recovery. She got some time with her grandson, before him and my wife had to fly back. My mum was doing well but her legs were getting worse, we called the dr’s again and she was admitted straight away to the high dependency unit. Once I arrived I was told that the dr wanted to see me, he said hat she was quite seriously ill and that she was morbidly obese. Because of this and her in active lifestyle her body was shutting down. The dr had the resuscitation talk with me. She was in for 12 days and again made a recovery much to everyone’s surprise. She was on the mend, getting house visits from the nurses and home helps to get her dressed, she did seem to act a little older that she was but she had a renewed vigor. The prognosis was good from the nurses and the dr’s. She was well enough to visit friends in the car. We drove around; we meet her brother and his wife for a nice lunch, my mum giving me the directions to the hotel. I was out to dinner with friends when it happened, her friend called me to say that she could not get hold of her. I called on my mobile early to check in and she has said that she was feeling well. I tried calling her, no answer, perhaps the phone was not on the cradle, it had happened before. I got on the train with my friends; one of my friends was staying at the house with us. We rushed up the road, into the house and found her on the kitchen floor. She was gone. After the funeral and making all the arrangements, clearing the house, taking items to the dump, storing items, handing down items to family, I am now back in my own house. I was away from the end of august to the beginning of December and I am very grateful for the time I got with my mum, I was lucky. Just. She was 66 years old. Now as I write this, I am happy to have been there with her to help her, care for her, but I now have no idea what to do next and that’s the biggest surprise. Just what do I do next?

Christmas Carols

'Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree... The staff are barfing on the branches.." Probably true someplace........ LOL


Toque craft fair

You may have noticed me staring because I was trying to figure out where I knew you from. We met...