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False Advertising

I boycott the place whose motto is "Eat & Drink Local" and head office is in Calgary.

Bottle picker

I confess that I have a secure cheap housing situation, no money worries and that everything is going fine in my life, but I cannot cycle by an empty beer can or bottle and leave it. I go for a bike ride every morning and have a bag in the basement for tins and bottles and every week or so when I have 24 I take them to the liquor store.

Let Me Get This Straight

...If I join a club/get a hobby, everybody there will be single and looking for dates? Why not just skip the middleman.

Being new in town is great

Nobody thinks I'm weird for being all by myself with no friends. And nobody thinks I'm weird for walking up to a group of people and striking up a conversation with them.


I keep having these dreams (nightmares?) where I've moved into a room in a big old house near The Drive and I don't know if the people in the rooms are my new roommates or their friends. I make an attempt at introducing myself and they just stare at me.

One Time Back In College...

Why does he always have to remind me that he drunkenly kissed her first? I was the one who lived with her for years.

30 summers ago

I saw Peter Gabriel, Bryan Ferry, Billy Idol and Crowded House in concert. All riding high on the charts, in the clubs, on the air. Did I think at the time "this is the golden age - better suck it up good before it's all gone?" Not really- but holy Christ! Ever listen to the radio lately? Non stop torture station to station. Is it good to get this down with dumb? Like a deep drill - how far? Center of the Earth or what? Stop it Norton!!

If my head wasn't attached

On my way to work this morning, I kept forgetting things. Forgot my lunch, my steel toes, my keys.. As I was driving, I saw an old guy walking his dog down the street. I thought to myself "I could be worse. I could be like this old guy, and left the house without my pants".

reading a book instead of fb messes with my mind

Reading 'utopia for realists', only two pages in, and nothing makes sense anymore. The book sites data that we are living in the wealthiest and healthiest time in the history of humanity. Apparently crime rates are the lowest in recorded history, only 10% of the worlds population live in extreme poverty and almost everyone owns a cell phone..... but according to all the news articles in my fb feed, everything is shitty and millenials and trump are to blame. WHAT IS REAL? WHO DO I TRUST?

Possessive Vancouverite

Having been born and raised in Vancouver I don't mind bragging about our city and beautiful province.. But for some selfish reason the fact that all my friends in Ontario/other provinces who move to Vancouver then claim it as their own, is really irritating me. I know, I know.. I should be happy they're finally seeing and embracing the west coast, but I still don't like it. "oh look at me I'm into hiking now, oh look at me I live near a winery, oh look at me on my run I'm near a river, oh look at me in my new apartment with an incredible view, oh look at me I do yoga and take spin classes downtown" Do REAL Vancouverites brag like that?? It's funny because living in Vancouver has made me take it for granted I admit, and now I noticed people who are not from here get into all the "west coast" things and portray their life like always lived here. This is an immature rant and my confession is that I just wish you all only visited and not move here permanently, thanks.

Social media is a strange place

I'm weirdly addicted to your sad and depressing Tumblr and I've probably only spoken like ten words to you.

Be Prepared

I will be all set for next winter's blues now that I have a dog AND a cat.


Businessman In Blue

I saw you at the Fairmont Hotel Airport lounge June 22 from 7 to 9pm. You were wearing a blue...