I really like your peaches, wanna shake your tree.
You work at uprise and have reddish hair and a tattoo by your ear. I am a carpenter that thinks you are awfully cute. You told me to have a good day and I totally did. THANKS!
Here are a bunch of questions that were submitted anonymously at a live taping of Savage Lovecast.


When I was in my early 20s, I worked with a bunch of people my age shop at the mall that often dealt with security, so we got to know the security guards really well. There was one in particular that I thought was really nice, but I had just broken up with my boyfriend, so I didn't want to start anything or try to pursue him. But I overheard my coworker, who was always competing with me for sales, say that this particular security guard was totally her type, and she was going to make a move on him. Well, that night near closing, I upped my flirt game (this was before sexting so I actually had to flirt with him in person) and continued on until he finally asked me out. She was pretty pissed.
Rating: -8
I'm not a stud and not all of them were hot but many of them were incredibly hot and when I think about them I get incredibly horny....but at the time I rolled over and went to sleep more times than I can count...go figure.
Rating: -12
I pirate music, books, movies, etc. all the time.
Rating: +2
At night when I'm riding my bike in the city and one of those people with an airplane light strapped to their forehead comes around the corner and blinds me with the four halogen strobe lights they've attached to their handlebars - I secretly wisht htose people would wipe out real bad .. thanks for making it impossible for everyone else to see. Strobies suck. also - people who run their bike lights in the day need a boff with the wiffle ball bat. boomp.
Rating: +11
I moved this year and my new landlord is rude. I usually give a $40 tip at Christmas..and would have given $50 this year. No tip for you this year. So sad. Probably no tip next year either.
Rating: -10
I swear, if this Transit Tax passes, I'm going to go out of my way to buy everything I can outside the 'region'.
Rating: +17
I am pretty adept at writing engaging emails, online posts, letters, and postcards... but I confess that I am a terrible conversationalist. To paraphrase George Costanza, I've got absolutely nothing to say to anyone anymore.
Rating: +18
of fuck/marry/kill with some friends he other day. I was astonished by how badly I wanted to kill Anthony Michael Hall in The Breakfast Club and how desperately I wanted to marry him in Sixteen Candles. The boy had range.
Rating: +3