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Time Wish

I wish I could go back in time 10 years and tell my 24 year old self not to have such high standards and to value a man on his heart and character instead of the size of his wallet and looks.


When my so called best friend tells me how they are deactivating Facebook to focus on school work; saying how they are switching back to good old fashioned e-mailing, since they are not phone savvy...Well, almost one year has passed with my e-mails never replied to. Should I assume you want to drop our friendship?


Unavailable on some models of tv and blu-ray as of 4/20. youtube-yousuck


Just enjoy the ride... it will get better!


About a month ago I became sick with what seemed like a 24 hour bug. But it didn't go away. I dragged myself around for a few days before going to the doctor. He told me I needed to wait it out. Another week of dragging myself around and the discomfort became too much. I went to the hospital. At first they diagnosed one thing, but the following day it became clear it was something else. I had treatment for a little over a week. Then one day, I woke up and all the pain was gone. I had thought I'd forgotten how good it felt to not be sick. So I am grateful my sickness wasn't so serious. Whenever you're feeling down, I implore you people to think about how much worse things could be if you were in physical pain. It's a perspective I'd never had before, but now appreciate.

Persian guys

I'm only attracted to Persian guys. (And no, I'm not Persian myself.)

I'd rather watch fox

Hockey Night in Canada: What the hell is going on with this show? I've tried to give it the benefit of the doubt but quite simply I can not bear to watch it anymore. Distracting, flashy lights... intermission floor level tactics commentary... all the while led by 4 hosts with zero chemistry and banter awkwardly trying to discuss the game on a set that seems more appropriate for Entertainment Tonight or the next CNN war coverage. Don't get me wrong I like Strombo. His radio show and tv gig are some of my favorites. But he is so uncomfortably out of place on Hockey Night and Canada that it makes me cringe to watch.

Happy Bday

My Soulmate turns 30 today and I am not with him. I hope we find each other again, Serendipity style.

Catcalled & harrassed as well (I'm a transwoman too)

A while back a transwoman mentioned she gets catcalled in the west end quite a bit. Well, so do I & it makes me feel uncomfortable & even unsafe, in fact I don't even walk past the Pumpjack anymore I walk on the other side of Davie. And let ask those catcallers this....if your sister, mother or daughter (if you have any) were catcalled & harrassed by men outside a "straight" bar, would you find that acceptable to you, even though it would make her feel unsafe & uncomfortable? Why the double standard? Do you feel you get a free pass, just because you're standing outside a gay bar (btw since you catcall transwomen, it means you're bi not gay, but won't admit it to yourself, because we are not guys, we are women) I guess since you get a free pass, it gives you the right to harass us & disrespect us. Yes the the traswoman who posted the confession is right, men can be creeps, whether gay, straight or bi. Oh & I advise transwoman to not walk by the Pumpjack, who'll just be an object to those guys.

My space

So glad my roommate finaly moved out. Nothing against her, just want my own space back. And...nude yoga in my livingroom.

Too Much

My boyfriend has a three year old son from a previous marriage and I think he spends too much time with him and not enough time with me.


My husband burps every time he walks by me - I hate it.


I have come to the conclusion there is no free will.

I have no dreams

When people talk about their dreams in life (having a family, travelling the world, writing a book, etc.) and then they ask me what mine are, I make something up. The truth is, the only dream I have is to live a happy life, whatever that looks like. It seems rather simplistic and unambitious compared to scaling Everest or running in the New York marathon. But it it's the only thing I seem to really want to happen and the only thing that makes me want to try, so that's it. Happiness is my goal in life.

Can't Understand Why people Break Up

Consider that we have two people in a relationship, A and B. A will be infinitely miserable staying with B, and B will be infinitely miserable with A leaves. How is it that people in our society, who claim to not be selfish, to be community minded, etc. etc. can justify making people miserable? Why shouldn't they choose to be miserable? I've been miserable for years, since someone who told me she would be with me forever in a marriage like relationship decided to turf me like a used diaper. Why does our society act so callously and call it maturity?


'You look smashing tonight'

Who are you super cyclist with the dazzling smile? Our intimately awkward and fabulously fun...


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