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I might be in love

With the woman who works at the local liquor store. I find myself making extra trips, buying one beer at a time just to talk to her. She seems so genuine and caring, even if it's just a show. I've posted about her before but I'm pretty sure I've seen her boyfriend and I worry if I say something it will make her uncomfortable. Besides, men hit on her all the time and she shoots them down pretty hard. I'd love to tell her how she makes my day, every time I see her; that kindness radiates out from her beautiful heart. But she's got three days off now. Maybe I'll work up the courage by Friday.


I regret leaving you, I'm scared and sad that now you're even more lost. And you're gone for good. Out of reach and I don't blame you.

Summer breakups are the worst

Met an amazing girl a few weeks ago and hit it off right away and I thought we clicked. We moved fast, maybe too fast, but I had the time of my life. It seemed effortless, not even like dating. We hooked up almost right away and then had some good times. Two days after sleeping at your house, you friend zone me and tell me there is no connection. Was I your rebound...? I guess a 3 week fling is better than nothing but why did I let myself get attached? #HurtsSoGood

I don't like my roommate

Not only do I not like my roommate, that roommate is my own daughter. She's just not a very nice person (although I am now, no doubt, not a very nice person myself for posting this). She's pretty high up on the narcissist register what with being her own Number One priority (she has a small child who comes second in her life), if something doesn't affect her personally it is not important and she can't understand why it might matter to anyone else, everything is aways someone else's mistake (never hers) and there's always an excuse (complete lack of personal responsibility), almost a complete lack of empathy/compassion but if you saw her posts on FB she's the queen of enlightened love and light (in her own opinion), leaves a trail of clutter behind her ("Go live in a monastery if you don't like clutter"), if there's a choice between what's right for her son or what her preference is, she will choose in her own favour every time, etc., etc., etc. There's no talking to her about any of it because she's right and everyone else is wrong and "unevolved". She's about as evolved as a fencepost... When I, with sorry shame, admitted to a friend "I don't like her", my friend quickly replied that she doesn't like her narcissist kid either. Well, we raised them; it must be our fault (somehow). Still, it's pretty awful for a parent to admit she/he doesn't like her own child.

Thanks Tinder!

I went my entire life thinking while I'm not Julia Roberts, I'm decent looking. I joined tinder on a lark and am now having an identity crisis. I am not ok looking, I'm ugly. Thanks Tinder.

Marriage is a disgusting institution

I am married to a woman that can't cook, can't clean, is a community college drop-out that is only employable in the government job that she currently has. We have 2 kids and that is the only thing keeping me in this relationship. I pay for all her expenses and credit card bills. Our sex life sucks. We do not belong together and I wish I kicked her out of my place when she moved in while we were dating. Her family places no emphasis on education or hardwork and her and her brothers all married spouses that keep their life together. I am in this simply to make sure my kids are raised properly or else they will end up useless like her and her siblings. Her cousin's wife left her cousin and their 2 kids and I can totally relate but I am forcing myself to endure her. I can't stand the way she dresses and her fucking holier than thou attitude because she lives off me she actually thinks she is better than her peers. She said she thanks Jesus for finding someone like me but I say fuck you Jesus. Fuck you for letting her find me.

I am Honest

I make $40,000 a year as an administrative assistant and its going to take me 25 years of hard work to save a million dollars. I am going to be living paycheck to paycheck the rest of my life and it will be a very hard life. So I am 25 and fairly attractive and am actively looking for a good man to love who makes a lot of money or has a lot of money. I don't consider myself a goldigger because I make my own money. I think its stupid to work so hard for so little when there is an easier answer.


I had not had sex since April and I was already to pay a professional escort to fuck me this long weekend when they hired a temp girl at work and after 3 dates we had hot crazy wild sex. I just saved 300 dollars! I guess I will have to treat this new lady with some dinners and wine!!!


I no longer believe in it. Those in corporations who make decisions that cost workers their health to make profit don't get their Karma, instead they get Mexican vacations, sip coronas and talk at large about their million dollar deals and give a token Christmas party instead of a bonus at the end of the year to feed the ego even more while the workers get sick go on welfare and get judged for not being a productive member of society.


The block feature on Facebook sure strings when you're on the receiving end of the block, that is, you've been blocked. Yes, it's a sign to me that I did something wrong and angered, annoyed, scared, or hurt the blocker in question, but still, ouch! And no, I'm sure that an apology doesn't and will never cut it.

you know that feeling

When everyone you know is invited to something and you weren't, and you wouldn't have even wanted to go, but why wouldn't they even invite you?? A woman rejected me, and she seemed to be sleeping with everyone but me, and it feels like not getting invited to the party that would certainly have been lame anyway. But why wasn't I invited?????


One of the most sexist places I worked at was a bank. I seriously considered coming out as a lesbian at work. I figured that being a lesbian would grant me protection from a coworker (a single mother) who harassed me for not having children, and a boss who was pressuring me to flirt with male customers to make sales. Happy Pride Day!

Inner beauty

It's intriguing to me how some people just become more and more beautiful the longer you know them. It is more than just a sum of physical parts -- certain folks have a way of carrying and expressing themselves that conveys an inner wisdom and a vastness of character. To all you beautiful people out there: Happy Pride and have a wonderful August!


I was the 36 year old in the mosh pit at the Danzig show at the Commodore last Monday. I have a corporate job, wear a suit 5 days a week and have 20 people reporting to me. Every now and then the inner punk comes back and I need to go ape shit, it's nice that after years in the corporate world I still know how to put someone up and enjoy smashing into sweaty metal heads.


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