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It's all about geometry

In life you have to avoid three geometric figures. 1-the vicious circles 2-the love triangles 3-and the square minds

The Paper Boy got blamed.

When I was about 10, I came home from school to an empty house. I was a little piggy back then and knew my parents kept a bag of Spanish Peanut in a top cupboard along with a jar of loose change. So, I grabbed a chair and climbed up. I opened the cupboard and had a mouth full of peanuts in my mouth when I heard the front door open. It was my sister. I gulped down the mouth full of nuts but didn't have time to shut the cupboard or put the chair back. So, I ran to the front door and said, "Sis, we've been broken into"! She was freaking out and then my parents came home. They were just as baffled but they thought someone may have been going after the loose change and so figured it must be our paper-boy. I thought to myself, "that'll work" and never fessed up. They never confronted the paper-boy but I never told them what really happend and now both my parents are dead and I will eventually have to come clean with my sis,to clear my conscience. Sorry, paper-boy!


With what it costs me (emotionally) to love only at time, I rather not love you at all. It's cheaper!

I'm alive but dead..

I remember the day part of me died and came dark times - that's when I started to lose everyone.. I lost family best friends and anyone who cared about me. Now I feel like a ghost and even tho it's my actions that got me here, I wonder why did you have to leave me the way you did. It's a Ghostly feeling and I might as well be one.. the day you cheated and broke my heart was the day I entered the void. Drugs, emptiness, pain and now nothing. .. . ... . .. .

Only fiction

I feel bad for the faithful, good priest with a dwindling congregation, even if I'm a committed athiest.

I feel bad but

I just can't stand my friend's friend, but I would never let this be known to either party. Carry on.

What's with the weed obsession?

Wouldn't you rather be doing anything else? Do I go and celebrate getting drunk all the time? Not at all.

Imagine if that 420 group was protesting something worthwhile.

They just hang out downtown on a workday and add to the traffic while regular Vancouverites, barely surviving in the city, try to get home to have a productive and non-drugged up evening. What was the point of that "protest"? There's way more important shit out there than weed! We have a housing crisis and everyone just gets together to ruin their lungs and ambition?

Downstairs neighbours...

... in the deep, dark labrythes of the Trogdorlyte mountains lurks the gargoyles and trolls that complain of the slight pitter-patter of human feet upstairs. Come and try to eat us you weird Golem-like downstairs neighbours.

420 knobs

Clean up your goddamn mess.

Man's Worst Friend

I've been trying to find another cat and the reasons that people give them up is appalling. Seems like first thing that happens when someone start having sex, is that they'll just ditch their cat to move in together.

Weird dream

I dreamt that my ex married into my family and it made me happy because I had a reason to see her again.

Butt maaa

For some reason I feel compelled to get "Fuck the government" tattooed on my ass. This should have been something I considered as a 16 year old and then laughed about how stupid that was in my 30s. Nope.


Amanda on your way to John Mayer

Hi Amanda...couldn't think another way to reach you other than here or Craigslist. Super hot...


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