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No one to blame but yourself

I really saw you in a different light this week. You have no one to blame but yourself for the situation you're in and shouldn't take that out on everyone else around you, especially me, the one person who has always given you the benefit of the doubt. I'm really hurt.


I confess I am sick of reading confession after confession of women being so emotionally distraught after their one-night stands/of being "used" by men. It takes two to tango. Why don't these women take control over their emotional lives and close their goddamn legs and stop this self-sabatofing behaviour? Women: you realize you could get pregnant by this behaviour, correct? You're engaging in emotional and physical bonding wth complete nobodies, and you get so torn up by "men disappearing". Stop wrecking your emotional health and stop sleeping around. Treat yourself as a decent person that you are. I know you want to be wanted, but honestly, you're devaluing yourself in the most base way. What you're doing is so wrong, which is why you have so much pain. You are lovable in so many ways; discover these facets of yourself. Don't waste another weekend beating yourself up. Please.

My right

I gave up on my "dream" of owning a house in the Lower Mainland. Too expensive and I think it's ridiculous that people are lusting after it just because they think it's their god-given right as natural-born Vancouverites. I'm happy to be living in my one bedroom condo in the not-so-distant suburbs. Instead of living in an overpriced house in the city and walking everywhere, I drive my overpriced luxury car into the city. We're all ridiculous in our own way.


I want to leave the world now I feel like I've been trying so hard for so long to be a good person, to show people I'm not a loser. No one sees me for who I really am and I feel like I'm treated poorly by those around me on a daily basis. Men also use me... they just sleep with me and then move on to the next one it leaves me feeling so empty. I'm trying to be happy and not rely on other people as to how I'm feeling but it's so hard to do. I've cried a few times today just thinking about how lonely I really am in life. I want to be wanted.

Not Returning

Two local businesses have just lost my weekly business because the owners started taking me for granted as a "regular" and felt like it was ok to ignore me and started giving me slow service. Your product wasn't even that great to begin with, just convenient, prices were high - and and I will not be coming back.

Special Day

Hey everyone, hope things are going well for you on this last Monday in June. I confess...I had planned to wish an early happy birthday to someone this past Saturday night but I chickened out...a) I haven't seen her in almost a year b) I wasn't sure if she was still employed at the place where I could see her c) from afar the place looked crowded and I didn't feel like trucking in there solo and sticking out like a middle aged doofus often does. I will now take this time to wish that special lady a most wonderful birthday today. May all your family and close friends shower you in the love you so deserve. Enjoy every minute of your special day and may your summer in the sun be a memorable one. I have a loving appreciation for you and the way your brief appearance in my life actually turned out to be vital to the full recovery I'm experiencing today. As they say, sometimes you don't get what you want but you get exactly what you need. Thanks with all my heart. And hey, how about all you other people whose birthday is about you all have a fricking great one too!!


Looking for work really sucks in Vancouver. CGA, Bachelors degree and unemployed. I am trying to be positive and do not know what direction to go now. I have been unemployed for 12 months. I do not know why people tell me that they will pray for me. I just need a job. Period.

Please stop

I am being harassed non stop by an unknown person, they call my house and cellphone at all hours and report every little thing I do on facebook. I can't even use my real name on facebook, if I do it gets reported for being fake (I do have a fake sounding legal name). I just want it to stop. I've gone to the police but since the person calls from unknown or private numbers they say they are powerless to do anything. As soon as I pick up the phone they hang up. I just want it to stop. It's causing me hardcore anxiety and I'm starting to lose it. Every time my phone rings my heart races and all I can think about is how much I don't want to pick it up, even if it is a friend. Why did all of this start? Because I didn't want to sleep with you.

I wake up

in a good mood when I don't have dreams about hags chasing me.

Forever scarred

I was sexually abused as a child by my father. It feels weird to write it down, as I have never told anyone. I am now 25 years old and still can't get over it. I understand why victims of sexual abuse of ANY kind can't speak up about it. The type of abuse I endured (from what I can remember--the mind truly does strange things with memories it wants to forget) was not "blatant" assault; it was the sneaky, making you feel like you're loved assault. The type that makes my fu%&ing skin crawl every time my current partner touches me when I'm not in the mood. The type that makes me question any father-daughter relationship, wondering what his intentions really are. I hate that my life is impacted by that pervert who always acted like nothing was wrong while he was violating me. I haven't seen him in 14 years, and I still can't get over it. I wonder if these disgusting chills I get through my body will ever go away.

Heart beat for strangers

I have an attachment issue that makes me feel like a lunatic. I have one night stands with people and then obsess over them in the days after even though I don't keep contact with them. I see the positive energy in anyone that I meet and in my head turn it into potential imagery for a relationship. I know nothing will come of it and it's kind of like a movie I create in my own head. I wish I could stop doing it because it's emotionally draining and depressing on my half. I guess I feel unworthy of proper love.

Pizza Slice

Everyone has their own way that they to eat their pizza. Folding it, knife and fork, cold leftover, deep-dish, thin crust, butter chicken, buck slice (I guess toonie now), smothered in sauce, meat lover's - the list goes on. Not saying my way is anything special but I prefer plain cheese (the toppings get in the way of the experience) and systematically eat bits off the crust so at the end i have a little handle.

Bad Contractors

When you look for a contractor it pisses me off that all the due diligence can be done and still the guy can fuck the whole thing up.Contractors if your too busy to do the job then refuse it so people can move on.Don't say it will take 5 to 7 days and then finish 8weeks later. Don't do a half ass job do it right or not at all.People first question you need to ask is do you have insurance. Luckily ours did so it will pay for the 3 condos the stupid fucker destroyed. Double and triple check who you use but I confess even that is not enough. The other thing that pisses me off is he wasn't even the cheapest quote. So try to choose as wisely as possible in order to minimize the fucking nightmare we went thru.



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