Patio Drinks at Rogue Convention Centre
You: short brown hair, blue hoodie with Howe Sound Brewing logo (I think), sitting with 2 guys, and the most handsome dude I’ve seen in a long time Me: blonde, shoulder length...
If the only thing you like about your current girlfriend is the fact that she’s trans, you’re probably guilty of objectifying her.


I always avoided having sex with people because I never wanted to be considered a slut. But MAN..after leaving my long term boyfriend/ only sexual partner I let another man in and O.M.G.... is this what sex is supposed to feel like!? Cause that was AWESOME.
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I've been struggling with depression and anxiety the past few years, and it's been affecting my work. I'm doing everything I need to do to help myself- therapy, anti-depressants, yoga, changing my diet, but I've still missed quite a bit of work recently. I've provided a doctor's note to my employer so they know I'm not just screwing around, but I still feel like my coworkers are starting to resent me for having to cover for me which makes me feel worse which doesn't help my depression and anxiety. Mental health issues in the workplace are no fun. I can't talk to the HR department about my concerns because I work in the HR department.
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I have a friend/colleague, someone I have known a long time, who is a quiet, calm, tall, strong, and beautiful woman. When times get difficult, I have the occasional fantasy about snuggling with her while she's telling me that everything will be ok. Unfortunately (for me), she only dates girls, so this is pretty unlikely to ever happen.
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As a child I confess that I did enjoy a good round of nicky nicky nine doors, pretending we were the horrible honcho's and the group of us hiding in the grass after that naughty knock or round of the crackheads above us have bikes which they don't make any effort to carry down the stairs. So I'm going to revive my childhood fun in my building and play cracky cracky nine doors. Mr Clomp and Missus scream thank you for letting me re-live my childhood fun...Nicky is a cummin knockin when u asleep.
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In my twenties, on occasion, I would flip out open packets of McDonald's ketchup after I passed drivers who had been jerks/jerkettes...I should look in the mirror; hmm?
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When ever using a signed "courtesy phone" I usually mention that I'm using one and ask if they noticed that people who use 'Courtesy phones are generally anything but polite when they use them. (smiles) We usually have a laugh before getting down to business.
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I've been looking for an outlet for this confession for many years and 'The Straight" seems a good place to do it, as many of the readers will get a laugh out of it. I used to supervise a guy in my team who was a total fuck- up, everything he did caused trouble and he had a giant chip on his shoulder. He was lazy, devious and took advantage of everybody and everything. I remember feeling total pity for his girlfriend who started to show signs of wear and tear only a few weeks after they got together.. but I digress. It was my job to do his staff report and I pulled no punches.I presented the written word to him and of course he hit the roof (much to my delight) But the organisation I worked for couldn't let the report go through with the actual truth spelled out. They made me re-write it so that it would meet with his reluctant satisfaction. So I did re-write it and the fuck-up signed it with a suspicious look on his face. He was right to be suspicious as I coded in an acrostic where the first letter of each sentence spelled out "Dickhead". It was lots of fun to give people the key to the code when they phoned up for confirmation of, what on the surface, was a glowing report. The world needs more people like me!
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There, I said it. So maybe one day I can say it to my self righteous non tv friends. Maybe.
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