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Dreams are cruel

You lost interest in me, and I thought I’d made my peace with it. I was doing so well for a while. But then I dreamed about you the other night, and haven’t been able to get you off my mind since. Funny how the mind can play such tricks on you.

Confession have turned into...

shallow people bragging about banging people. if you have to come here to talk about your sex life, your cheating or b*tch about your spouse, who you're cheating on... your live(s) are not envious, and actually makes me feel pretty good about being single.

Past imperfect

I used to avoid her, but now she's not there anymore. So one less thing to think about and a simpler way forward, right? Never that simple, oh, no... There's still a bleak sorrow when I think of her, like a place of light has gone dark. I still miss her. Imperfections intrigue me, and we shared a fair few flaws. Maybe some virtues, too. But she had the light, more so than I. I hope she is happy and well.

Liking what is bad for you

I felt empowered after telling a man, who was clearly not for me, that I wasn't interested despite there being evidence of a physical connection. I kind of regret it now but I don't know why.

Mix up

I always get mixed up with "Renfrew " St and "Rupert" St. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks having two main roads ,that close to each other,both beginning with the letter 'R" wasn't such a good idea.

Narcissistic Subversion

Impersonating another to create discord and flatter yourself (can be done anonymously).

Canadian Content

One time I was really wasted in Toronto and when I saw some of the actors from Degrassi out on the town, I thought they were my friends.

Stop the protests

Stop attending and marching in the various gatherings that happen outside of the Trump Hotel on Georgia St.... Unless your eligible to cast a U.S vote, a foreigner is not going to change, effect, or impact American policy. Your simply creating another obstacle for your fellow Vancouverites who live near by.


the only thing keeping you alive is that you don't want to hurt anyone by dying, but then you find out that the people you care about wouldn't even notice.

I'll try not to be more crude than necessary...

I'd probably be more interested in trying anal sex if my experiences with it thus far hadn't been guys suddenly trying to just shove it in without lube or even consent. Is it really so difficult to a) do a little preparation and b) not rape people?

Reluctant Wingwoman

My ex-boss and his wife owned and operated a business together. She was hesitant to have children, especially so soon after the loss of her beloved mother. But he had a timetable and became frustrated with her reluctance to start breeding. He began flirting with me, at first very subtly but later more obviously and in front of her. Since I'm naive and stupid, at the time I thought he just liked me and appreciated my work ethic; I admit that I enjoyed the attention. It took me far too long to realize the game he was playing – using me to demonstrate that, if his wife wasn't willing to fall in line with his parenting agenda/timetable, he was perfectly capable of charming a young woman into building a family with him (I wouldn't have – I have a very strict rule about married men. Of course, he didn't know that.). Fortunately, I left to go back to school before it got super awkward. He and his wife had a child about a year and a half later. To this day, I still feel used and manipulated and angry with myself for taking so long to have a clue.

I'm sure I'm misreading you...

I've been talking to you for about a year and a half now. The more I get to know you through our short tidbits of conversation the more I want to hang out. Sometimes I think you feel the same, but I'm pretty sure I'm just deluding myself.

Can we finally declare hipsters uncool?

Now they're stuck with their tattoos and their ears look loopy. I know... I know... They might have never been cool. I'm open to debate on that one. Maybe someone will argue they're nerdy instead? I really do not care to hear that. Whatever they are, do not bring down nerds with them.

420 all day everyday

taking too much weed but can't put down this shit. started vaping a year ago and now I don't even have to watch my volume of intake. time to try harder to quit? maybe wean myself down bit by bit.


Bearded Telus guy looking for phone room...

We made eye contact a few times, I was in the store, you were working, I left too soon without...


Homeless in Vancouver: B.C. overdose death...

This is not to minimize the tragedy of B.C.'s fentanyl-driven epidemic of deaths in 2016.