Granville Island on July 28
I saw you (possibly twice). You: blonde hair, tied back, wearing a white shirt with I think a fish pattern. Me: brunette, glasses, yellow wrap dress. You were sketching or writing...
I’m a 27-year-old straight guy who’s been in an open relationship for six years. I often seek out extracurricular activities, but I am unsure of how to bring up my situation without doors closing.


My 60 year old mom stopped eating after her mom past away a fews ago. Shes down to 95lbs. I dont know what to do.
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As Bruce Springsteen once sang. I am a guy that has trouble keeping it up during intercourse. So I prefer performing oral sex on a woman. The front door but especially the back door.
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because I'm missing you...
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… I shall ask her, instead of just hoping that in bump into her.
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I spend 8 hours a day working next someone who never stops complaining about how messed up their life is but refuses to take action to fix it. I come in to work early, stay late, go to school full time at nights, and still make time for myself, friends and family. I am tired all the time, frustrated with a lot of things but I keep moving... I wish I could have a little freedom to show how difficult my life is sometimes, instead of always trying to build this person up and keep up a happy face while I get progressively, soul crushingly bored with where I am at too...But the last thing I want to do is open a door that will make this person whine and suck more life out of me. I pray everyday that he quits or gets fired.
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Often, Sober Me does things to make it inconvenient for Drunk Me to do things that would be regretful. It's better than the other way around.
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I am so tired of badly behaved bicycle riders. Today I yelled at one who almost ran me over when he rode through a ride light across my path. I don't want to be a person who yells. I don't want to be anywhere near badly behaved bicycle riders. That's the only title I want to give them, though my mind constructs other things I could call them. It's like the embodiment of entitlement on two wheels - no consequences. I want to carry three tomatoes a day and just throw them when the occasion - and there are always occasions - occur
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if they're different sides to the same being i'm in love with
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