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Sometimes I Wonder

Why do we have to make history to be history? When history always repeats, I think we all need our own storys.

How to spell a word "daughter"?

I've been sponsoring that woman who became my wife and have done REALLY a lot in the past 4 years to get her started in Canada, language wise too. She complains that I don't help her in anything. Recently she couldn't spell a word "daughter" properly. I found that I don't know what else I can do for her if she cannot find her guts to work with a simple book of English.

Life Imitates Art

Walking around with my Ex, sometimes I wanted one of those green "I'm With Stupid" shirts from South Park that Mrs McCormick (Kenny's mom) wears.

I'm using your attention

Using your attention to stop me from going back to her. I know you're fresh from hurting over someone else, but i have no intention of getting into another relationship. I know I should stop... but I won't.

People who have children

yet won't feed children who are hungry - ie the kids hungry friend comes over and food is refused - don't really love children that I can see - how is refusing to feed a hungry child when you have lots of food being a good example of a parent?

Master of none

I am pretty decent at a handful of things, but I've never had the drive to become an expert in any single area. While I think there are positive aspects to being a generalist, I've come to a point in life where my lack of subject mastery brings me sadness. My confidence is suffering for my lack of skill. I wish I was one of those people who knew what they wanted to be early in life and achieved their goals with passion and focus.


I have been boy crazy the last week. I'm so flirty. There's this really cute guy at this place I shop at a lot and we were kind of flirting today couldn't stop smiling and I honestly just wanted to jump his bones right there in the store. I'm not usually like this at all and it's kind of fun. I feel giddy.

A small change

I got a new hair cut today for the first time in 3 years. I didn't realize how frumpy I was really feeling and how it was actually effecting my happiness. It's not all about looks but I have to admit.. I felt really confident after my hair cut this afternoon. I just felt like I was glowing and I was all smiley. I think I should pay a little bit more attention to myself sometimes. It's not a sin and it does make you feel good. My confession... I felt very confident today and it felt so good. Haven't felt that way in a long time it was very needed.

Goodbye, carbs

I love carbs... crackers, rice, poutine, chips, pasta, butter on sourdough bread... but man, I'm puffy and look bloated. So I'm cutting out all the carby deliciousness and just after 2 days of eating a high-protein, high-fat and veggie diet, I already see the difference. They say that abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym. My rings are loose on my fingers, I'm losing the bloat. I hope I can keep this up working in a very snacky office filled with gummies, chocolate, chips, banana bread. I used to be so lean; I want to get there again. Basically any food that comes in a factory-formed shape (I'm talking to you, chips and crackers), I'm not going to eat it. Let's see what happens after one month of this.

Tone of a text

So I texted my crush back tonight asking when we'd meet up. He mentioned that her was busy working but that we should meet for a morning coffee soon. There funny thing is when I read his response in the day I thought he was letting me down easy. Now that I've had a few drinks the tone of his text has changed and I'm feeling hopeful that he would like to see me again.

I finally get big lebowski

I watched it again and I kind of learned something about myself and maybe the world around me. I used to really hate the idea

Heavy handed

Is it me or are the actions by Vancouver Police Department slowly getting a little heavy handed? I understand that you deserve to be tasered if you don't respond to simple commands, or present a threat to law enforcement, but getting kicked by several police officers after being shot seems a little excessive. Then the departments PR department shrugs it off as if it is acceptable. Was this person mentally challenged, or did he have a hearing problem? I know mainstream media can be a little one sided, but seeing police officers kick another person is complete bullshit, and I'm sure they were not trained in academy to use it. This was pride and ego rising to the surface, and just a little 'fuck you' from the guilty officers to try and teach a lesson. Maybe VPD should introduce chest mounted cameras with audio like other jurisdictions, because the excuse always seems to be "the actions that instigated the officers response were not captured on camera". Don't get me started on the officer who sucker punched the cyclist in recent times either.

2 years sober

Haven't been to an AA meeting for a few weeks now. Certainly nothing against the organization because it's helped millions. I just grew tired of listening to stuff like higher powers, spiritual awakenings, appeals to God and miracles.


We work in an enclosed space and he's always making noises with his face - raspberries, popping sounds, loud sighs, whistling (damn the whistling!)- I want to smack him but he's a manager and could make my life hard. Choose your battles...


Comedy at the Vogue

You are the cute guy with an accent who held the line for me at the bar while I wandered off to...