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Living dangerously is dangerous

I have been offered a job that promises lots of perks. The person that offered me the job is very unstable but wants me because he knows I'm honest, polite and personable. The job, however, is extremely dangerous and I will not take it. Some choose to live dangerously but I do not. Choosing to live a dangerous lifestyle is a choice, thankfully, the onus is on those that choose to live dangerously. If you live dangerously, inevitably at some point the bed you made for yourself is the bed you sleep in. Living like this creates stress, use of hard drugs to disconnect from the potential for harm. I have no desire for any of this because I do not want to be killed or worse. You make your choices and I'll make mine. Viva the freedom of choice! Good luck to those that choose otherwise. I believe in freedom of choice, absolutely. But don't ask for sympathy if you choose to fuck over others for your own personal reasons. I will live free, honestly, with ethics and respect. If you choose otherwise you will reap what you sow. Reap on morherfuckers. If you ever find yourself in the process of digging you own shallow grave in the mountains, think about the choices you've made. You won't be missed. Good luck

Pretty little liars

This show is not meant to be a blueprint for your lifestyle. It's unrealistic. For instance; people that lie as aggregiously as these women do, with no repercussions, in reality end up in extremely dangerous situations and extremely dangerous situations tend to be very bad for ones health.

21st century couples

Why does anyone choose to stay in a commited relationship if they are seeking others for sexual favours? I don't understand what has happened to the dating world. Is cheating just a new branch of normal nowadays? It seems like everyone I meet has a story about someone who has cheated... If you're not happy then do that person a favour and leave. Yes it's not ideal to be alone but maybe you should be...

Faux pas

I made a faux pas that I can never bounce back from, and it's been eating away at me for 2 years. I behaved in a creepy, stalkerish fashion that was out of character for me, and I am truly sorry. I really want to apologize to this person, but I don't have his contact info (nor should I), and reaching out through a contrite I Saw You / Missed Connection would certainly intensify the creepiness. Really what I need to do is let go and move on, but unfortunately I am still emotionally tangled in this person and this incident. How do I resolve this?

When I Was Your Age...

Not that long ago (this is not intended to be a diss in any way). A room was $200, minimum wage was $8.00, smokes were $5, gas was 80 cents, a landline was $30 and the only number that's stayed the same was the price of weed. Back then it seemed easier to enjoy my free time and occasional unemployment, now I just work for the man. Spare us the comments from the nearly-retired, this is about the cost of living for young people post olympics vs post expo.

Fakebook sucks

It's amazing how ever since I left facebook I have no friends. Everyone uses that platform to validate their existence and when you aren't there to boost their ego every few hours as they require, they couldn't care less about you. I'm so glad I woke up and realized how dumb and hopelessly fake this world is where all anyone knows is what they see on tv, movies and their cell phones. Only problem is it gets lonely from time to time.

Foolish heart

I keep falling for the line, " I will call you."

Depressed or Normal?

An acquaintance said to me that depression can exhibit itself in various ways including poor sleep, eating too much and angry behaviour. I thought for a moment and realized that I have never slept well, I have always eaten too much and anger is what drives me. So have I always been depressed? Or am I normal?

I can finally look in to this now.

In January Translink forced us to use this stupid compass card system and I detest it. I'm tire of Translink lying to me/us about what they are doing/going to do. I've had enough. I said it in January and now I'm going to follow through. I am now in the market to buy a new vehicle and I cannot wait until the day comes where I can return my stupid blue card and get my $6 back from those Translink assholes. I will soon have freedom when I go out and not have to follow a bus schedule. I may not get a vehicle in the next month or three months but it will happen. Fuck you Translink. I'm putting another car on the road. Try and stop me.

It's never too late

You're probably wondering why I've been putting more effort and time into showing you that I like you, care about you, see the potential of something amazing with you. You are always and have always been there for me, and I don't take that for granted. Everyone I love knows who you are because they've seen us with each other. There has never been a label on us, because I've always distanced myself each time I felt the pressure of having to figure that out. During the last five years of being in each other's lives, I did the opposite of what I am doing today. I put me first, I put "exploring" first. Im done with that. I know me better because of that. I told you last week that I was never ready, then. And slowly, I'm trying to be the person I know I want to be for me, and for you. It's not that I never knew your worth or that I never valued you, I was just afraid to acknowledge that, I could give my entire heart to you, embrace the vulnerability of.. Well, letting you take the wheel of "me" because I see that entirely. If I gave you me, I'd give it all. All my best qualities, even my worst. Now I've realized that you've been doing that all this time, because for some reason, here you are. I'm growing up and you are too, and I want to do the rest of that with you.


Most of my friends chose to reproduce with women who have no skills and hardly see their kids because they spend most of their time bringing home the proverbial bacon. Not for me.


I was talking to a friend in Toronto and another in San Fransisco and it sounds like commuters, online daters, co-workers, and well - people in general all act as idiotically as they do in Vancouver. It's not just here. Period.


You say you need a friend now (that I have little doubt) and you say you need someone to listen. But man, you wear me out. Its all about you. And its ALWAYS all about you.

Gut Feeling

My first impression of them was that this person was a dangerous manipulative snake. But they were just so damn sexy I tempted fate and got involved with them. Turns out my gut feeling was entirely correct.

F Vancouver

Vancouver is a shallow place loaded with vicious class bigotry and narcissistic new-age trust funders, where careers go to die, and people think they're self-made wealthy because of the stupid cult of real estate. The vacuous bimbo/mimbo of the west coast. If I had any choice I'd have left years ago. So f*ing trapped.


Astonished at Nash

It seemed like a regular Wednesday at Nash Morgan Crossing. You wore a blue top and dark pants....


Poets for the Peace gather to support...

It follows the Vancouver FraserFest celebration near Granville Island earlier ...