bus stop at commercial and Hastings after fright nights
You: long black hair wearing black with your two friends at the bus stop me: wearing all black in a uniform when: Wednesday night around 12:30-1am I dont expect you to...
If you suspect that your son is into assplay, consider purchasing a few ass-appropriate toys for him.


Dating sucks in Vancouver that is beyond obvious but if you meet somebody who is an adult man or woman and they show you a Teddy bear that happens to be their best friend and confident, Fucking run, no more clues needed. No matter how much money they have , RUN.
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I tend to not speak up when something bothers me or makes me unhappy. I bottle it up until it becomes unbearable and I explode. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and be open and honest about my feelings but when ever I do the response always is "it's in your head." Of course it's in my head where else would it be? In my butt? Instead of figuring out why I feel this way people tell me that my feelings are unfounded. I don't think that is entirely true. Perhaps I over exaggerate things but the feelings still come from somewhere. How about instead of putting all the blame on me you accept some responsibility for your own actions. How about instead of always asking me to see things through your eyes you try to see them through mine?
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I read through the confessions and comments from time to time and the ones I find to be the most alarming are the posts and comments that derive from the lower mainland dating scene which results in some pretty harsh gender bashing. Admittedly, it leaves me slightly relieved that I don't actively participating in the dating scene. Not because I have a partner/soul mate/"the one" but just a choice to live my life and finally be at peace with what may come. I consciously decided to undate. What I have observed over the years of being a single entity, so to speak, is that there is too much defensiveness going on in just the most simple day to day social interactions. Two examples, I was on the skytrain a couple of summers ago and it was starting to get pretty toasty in the car so I lightly tapped a younger man to ask him to open the window that he was standing in front of to let some air in. He reacted as though I was going to climb onto him and proceed to dry hump. Another time I was in a coffee line up and made a witty joke to a fellow standing beside me in the line. Again, he reacted as though "gads, not again". Rejected from a quick witty one-liner. It wasn't a come on, I just engaged in sharing a simple laugh with a stranger whilst waiting to get some coffee. This doesn't happen all the time but the tone is often enough for me to ask why? These little random interactions CAN possibly be where it starts. If it doesn't, that shared smile or laugh can make someone's day. I would imagine that it is difficult to approach a person that is attractive to another with nothing to go on. Takes bravery and we don't all have the confidence to take on that challenge. What would be nice is if people would just let it all be and just be nice to one another. Start with that at least. Maybe some people just need a little bit of an organic warm-up, and don't assume that because a person of the opposite sex is being friendly, they want something from you. I know, I know, not everyone behaves accordingly. Live to make yourself happy-nobody is solely going to take care of that for you. And maybe, just maybe, we need to do a little work on the self to find out why our choices are not working out for us. So here it is....both men and women can be "frigid and cold" when communicating face to face when not device to device. Nothing to hide behind. Smile people please and take it easy on each other!
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The truth is ... is that I feel nothing when we have sex. I try hard to feel aroused by you and little things you do. But since it's become clear that manipulation is your game, I'm no longer in. However, secretly, I know I'm gay ...
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I'm not the sort of person puts much emphasis on appearances, but whenever my partners have drastically changed their hairstyle, I didn't find them as attractive.
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My brother and I got in a fight. He told me he didn't care if I slit my wrists or got hit by a car so I used fake blood on my wrist, took a picture and sent it to him saying be careful what you wish for. I feel bad. He lied to me once saying he had lymphoma though so...
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about 2 weeks ago who provoked me endlessly about my San Francisco Giants attire, Kiss My Ass.
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I'm about to graduate. I have no idea what I want to do with my life and career. I feeling like life is zooming past me and I'm just standing there unsure of what step to take next. I feel like I should just go into something that makes a lot of money to help my single mother and brother with special needs. I'm so terrified for him. He's going to be fucked around by the system. He still receives no help, and he's almost 18. When my mother is gone, I don't know if I can handle it. I'm so scared. For myself and him. But I feel as if my worries are invalid. I shouldn't be feeling this way. I hardly even have it hard, I'm privileged to even be in such a beautiful city, just making it by. I'm truly thankful for everything I have but I still have that sense of dispare. I don't want to grow up yet.
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