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Female Sexaholic

I'm a female and I love to have sex. I will bring a hot guy home then kick him out when I'm done with him. I don't want to get married or have kids. I have a stable job and great education but no interest in settling down. I'm quite happy. If I was a man no one would have an issue with this.

Was that really necessary?

This is for the dude making carvings or etchings in gastown in front of the Starbucks. I was not having a great day, and your work made me feel better. It was calming and beautiful. So I stopped and inarticulately told you it was amazing. You were vaguely cordial to my face. But, the moment I turned my back you said, to a group of expensively dressed young women, 'that's one of the fucking crazies that are down here.' They burst out laughing. You added a few more hilarious comments about how I'm also a 'crack junkie'. More belly laughs. Ok, so. Does it matter if I am mentally ill or addicted to street drugs or not? I'm actually sick with parkinsons and I take prescription drugs. You hurt my damn feeling and that was the last one I had left. :( Hope you really impressed them and they bought lots of your stuff.


I was watching a rerun of the bill maher show. One of the guests was the guy that wrote "the art of the deal", he said Donald trump is a sociopath and he said Google sociopath and it will present a list of the top ten traits of a sociopath. When I read it, it was an exact description of my wife. True story.

True North Quiet and Not Free

Yeah, you've got to whisper about border policy and keeping Europe safe now, apparently. People keep on whispering about it... Don't even think about mentioning Europe at work. After these last 10 days, the PC movement has to torn into by the public. They can call me anything they want. I really don't care. They're like the boy who cried wolf way too many times.

Renters of Vancouver

I have been a landlord for over 25 years with several properties in Vancouver and I don't like the one sided argument on the Georgia Straight about landlords. Its not easy being a landlord these days. We hear sob story after sob story every month when the rent is due. Royal bank didn't run out of money. If the suite is for one person in the lease agreement I don't want to see four beds with four people living there. The lease clearly states that you are not allowed to paint it or do any work unless you have my permission. Had a tenant paint all the walls in the suite a different color. Had a tenant once who removed the toilet and was trying to convince me the suite never had one to begin with. One reason vacancies are so low in this city is that as soon as you have a tenant who is responsible and actually pay the rent on time you bend over backwards to keep them. I have frozen the rent for good tenants and seniors on fixed incomes because they don't cause any problems and are responsible. Majority of prospective tenants are so unprepared. The rental markets tight in this city so having references available makes sense. Or how about wearing a clean shirt or one that doesn't reek of marijuana. A lot of young women seem to have a parade of men coming in and our of their suites at all hours of the night and then complain to me about not being able to find a man. I am not your therapist. I got a wife and three daughters and a son of my own. I have plenty of female drama. People think landlords are making millions of dollars from these suites. Its a lot of hard work. Every month I am fixing suites, painting suites, or finding new tenants. You're on call pretty much 24 hours a day. I think Landlords in this city get a bad rap and we deserve respect just like anyone else and it hurts when the media keeps painting us like we're criminals.

Party Pooper

I don't know who invented this whole 'diaper party' thing, but I am not going to any because I don't like the idea. I can barely make the rent, I really can't afford to buy diapers for you. Even if I could I probably wouldn't cause I think it's a stupid idea. If you need help paying for diapers, you probably shouldn't be having kids.

My neighbour

I secretly water his planters because I don't want to live next door to a place with a bunch of dead plants in sad pots.


I couldn't "Join The discussion", and although I thought the latest article about The Hip was good, I would like to point out that last tour, they played Seattle and never even stopped in Van.

Friends are awesome

I'm a guy no one really expects to go down, but I did, and it's been crazy thinking about how much my friends have tried to help me. Every single time I've had my guard down and something bad may have happened should I continue, one friend or another has given me support or advice at the right moment. I don't even get why it happens, I'm just super grateful I can stumble for a while and people can be so excellent about it.


I've been out of work and on PWD since the beginning of the year, thanks to a five-week stay in the hospital (my second admission in the three months I was at my most recent job). I'd like to get off disability and get a job, but doing what? I don't think I could get a job now doing what I was doing before, nor would I want to (the stress contributed to my illness). I was thinking about going to school to be a medical laboratory assistant. I had pretty much decided to apply to the six-month medical laboratory assistant program at VCC... until I realized this job would require me to touch cotton balls all day. It seems silly to say that I think I would be fine jabbing people with needles to collect their blood, but that I couldn't touch cotton balls. Not really sure what to do now.

Sex is awesome

I have been feeling so shitty lately, due to a series of intense unexpected little dramas popping up. So I said fuck it, got drunk and had fun casual sex. Now I feel better even though I wouldn't usually think of this as the best solution.

Black sheep of the family

How is it that my siblings are middle-aged, but still obsessed with my mother? And she LOVES IT. Allowing her to plan their weddings. Buying a condo right beside her. Going on yearly trips to the Caribbean with her. Meanwhile, my father is just happy that "the family" is doing things together...the family, with the exception of me. I barely feel a part of things. I can't afford any of this. Vacations? Condos? I live in a shitty cubicle in Vancouver and just try to scrape rent together every month. I am doing my best to live an independent life away from my parents (we are all middle-aged siblings, by the way) and yet I am considered to be pushing away my family by not allowing my mother to dominate my life. We've never had a good relationship anyway, but I am so alienated by the fact that I am a total outsider in this family, one which is utterly dominated by the matriarchal figure who always gets her way. I watched the Liberace HBO documentary not long ago, and after his mother died, his words were "I'm free." I relate entirely.


....needs to be followed with PHRITM. Punch Him Right In The Mouth. I'm no advocate of unnecessary violence, but I am old school, and these FHRITP scumbags need to be schooled. It DISGUSTS me.


I'm not fucking happy. When is the last time we had an actual date? Everything is last minute and it does not feel any different from what I do with friends. Where is the romance in 2016? This year is pure shit.


I saw you at the Q BAR, Empress Fairmont

I saw you sitting in SW corner of the Fairmont Empress Q Bar near the water on Thursday July 21...