"I swear I'm not following you"
We were on the skytrain together for a little bit and we got off at marine drive station together. We both crossed the street and you went to a car and looked at me and said...
My partner's desire to bring another woman into our relationship borders on obsession.


All that stands between me and the life I could’ve had are two wrong decisions I made: I picked the wrong girl and I took the wrong career path. Now, I’m back where I started with worse prospects on all fronts than I ever had before, and I have no one but myself to blame for it. I don’t think I’ll ever get over this. I get up every day and do work that doesn’t matter for people who don’t care, but given what I’ve been through, I’m grateful to even have that. The absurdity of what my life has become feels like its slowly killing my soul. The times when I want to say fuck it and walk away from it all are becoming more frequent. And still, life goes on. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Thanks for listening.
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I just asked my girlfriend to send me a selfie wearing the lingerie that I bought her. I hope my wife doesn't find out
Rating: -6
My most recent relationship has ended as it usually does - amicably. The thought of having to go back online and find someone new to date makes me ill. I just went onto POF to see who is on there. Lots of potentials but I can't do it. I met my most recent ex online and it was gamechanging. I honestly don't think lightning will strike twice. Time to brush up on my mingling skills. Ugh.
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I'm sorry, but to all you folks out there who let your minds stew in over-thinking but never say a damn thing to those who care enough to worry about you or genuinely want to help you, PLEASE STOP it. Passive-aggression sucks for those of us on the receiving end and the mixed signals that often go along with it hurt. Furthermore, learn how to talk to people in person. I'm sorry but text messages, e-mail messages, and Social Media just don't cut it when it comes to effective, emotional communication. I'd rather be told 'I hate you' or 'this ain't working', etc. to my face than be shrugged off over a cellular device/iWhatever. Forgive me to those reading this, I guess just feel uber let down by someone who I never would have thought would do what she did to me, and the aftermath of it rather painful. For all it's worth, it's far more cutting to be cut over an SMS or Facebook than it is to just talk things out/be let go face-to-face. Very agonizing; leaves me feeling more regret than I should.
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I was on top of him and he tried to spank my ass but missed and hit his jewels instead. We both had a good a laugh...
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I am absolutely head over heels in love with my husband. I am the luckiest girl in this whole city!!!
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I envy those who don't experience anxiety. It's like this engine that overrides your rational thinking. The majority of the time I am able to just internalize it because I am aware that it is taking over but I cannot bear myself when it hinders my ability to deal with situations. It really sucks when I fixate on minor problems that I know I have the ability to deal with and have the answers to. It is like a little battle that goes on inside my mind and the struggle is exhausting at times. I come upon a dilemma and I begin this mission to fix it and get things back to normal. It's when the problem gets solved that I replay how my mind traveled and I either laugh at myself for being so ridiculous or I feel ashamed of myself. I wish I had more people in my life that could positively influence this trait of mine but I know that I would just drive them bonkers if I actually expressed my thoughts out loud so I just deal with it on the inside. It's my problem in the end and it is embarrassing because most of the time I am so easy going. This problem of mine stands out like a sore thumb to me. See? I have anxiety about my anxiety!!!!
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Ashamed I got played even though I saw it coming. I let it happen because I wanted to trust that it wouldn't. Moral? Trust your instinct, not the psychobabble in your mind telling you that you are over-reacting.
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