Skytrain hottie
We kept smiling at each other today on the train. It was 12.30ish, you got on at commercial and got of at Granville. You were a beautiful Asian girl and I was the tall Caucasian...
While a wedding ring on a straight married man (or woman) will be assumed to mean “taken and off-limits”, the same assumption doesn’t apply in the case of a married gay man.


I used to live downtown but now I just work in the city. The one thing that I really miss is the great energy from the different neighbourhoods, the greats stores, the cool multi cultured people that have blended into this great vibe. I smile much more when I'm downtown now. I suppose it's a matter of you don't know what you've got till it's gone. I would move back in a heartbeat if I could afford it!
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Is it me, or is there a very huge sense of malaise and despair happening nowadays? It's not the change of season; it's something bigger, something worse. I don't want to be a doom-and-gloom merchant, but lately I feel that the only reason I want to stick around is for my cat. Yes, being recently-unemployed and unable to find proper work and rather friendless doesn't help, but my overall motivation is gone. Just gone. I'm sure I can change this situation with a lot of tenacity and hard work, but I'm just so tired and uninspired I can hardly be bothered. I honestly feel as though there is very little to work towards, very little to care about. I can't see a solid future, I really can't. And I'm lucid and rational about these feelings, rather than miserable and hibernating in bed--that is the worst part of it all.
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1970's Primal Scream Therapy....consider trying that before flipping least it gives the rest of us a chance before YOU do something to the rest of us.
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I don't feel well today, though not laid out flat sick. Normally when I feel the way I do, I stay home, sleep it off and I feel better the next day. But, since today is Friday, I came into work. Why? Because even though it's not true, I don't want people thinking I'm faking sick just to get a long weekend. Bad huh?
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And sometimes I hear them having hot sex.....I wish they would knock on my door & ask to borrow a cup of lube.
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I almost got in a fight today with some stupid girl who impaled me with her umbrella like some jousting medieval knight. Lucky for her she ran off. It was really painful and unnecessary. If you must point your umbrella forward like a sword in order to open it, watch where you're going. Especially in high-transit areas with people getting off busses and whatnot. If you point your umbrella upwards it will still open, you know. Treat it like a gun; especially if the end is pointy! !
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..because of how the girls downtown get all dressed up. Oops,I meant to say dressed down.
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Why do people continue to post their 'confessions' blaming Vancouver for all their problems in their life? Nobody take any accountability. Stop blaming the city for your problems!
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