Cambie Street Bridge Babe
Me: short blonde hair, wearing a grey sweater and sunglasses. You: dark hair, sunglasses, walking with a friend and your adorable dog who seemed to be trying to run me off the...
It usually takes being dumped several dozen times before a guy like your boyfriend starts to do the hard work of unpacking and dismantling his assholery.


Why isn't there a site that exists that's like an online dating site, but instead of setting up romantic connections, you meet up with a potential platonic friend and see if you hit it off? I'm relatively new to Vancouver (been here about 7 months) and have had trouble making friends. I know there are sites like Meetup, which I've attempted to get involved in, but I can never bring myself to actually go hang out with an entire big group of strangers I don't know. I feel much more comfortable getting to know people on a one-on-one or very small group basis, and if I could even just make one friend here who could come along with me to something like a meetup, I'd feel a lot less anxious and scared to meet people. It just feels very intimidating doing that stuff alone, at least for me. Being able to "friend date" one-on-one would be a nice option to have :)
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I just need to be held.
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Relationships are imperfect and we all mess up at some point or another. It is important to know when things can be patched up and when we should let go. Sometimes, I think it wouldn't be too hard to just forgive and go back but every time, I give up as I see no signs that things would change. Instead of showing warmth, humility or desire to amend, he appears cold, entitled and righteous in his mind. He is angry and hurt that I don't give in immediately, not thinking one second of what he could do to make me want to stay. He wants love, commitment and exclusivity, all the things he took and still takes for granted. Has it not occurred to you that you haven't done anything to deserve those things, quite the contrary? It is really too bad as this is someone that I like very much as a person but who has proved to be a bad partner with poor relationship skills. He is extremely immature, insensitive and self-absorbed. If he cares about me, he does a terrible job at showing it. Ignoring my pleading and begging, he left me alone for Christmas and Valentine's day, and I later found out he was cheating on me (and probably the reason why he was distancing himself). Despite all these things, he sometimes manages to convince me that he is not at fault. He seems to be completely unconscious of the seriousness of his actions and the damage he has done to me. He is so irresponsible that I always have to worry that he would misbehave because he is incapable of taking care of himself. He even finds a way of putting some of the blame on me. Unbelievable! I understand the "forgive yourself so you can move on with your life" part but putting blame on the other person so you don't have to take responsibility? This is one of the rare relationships in which I can positively say that I have nothing to blame myself for. All I ever did was to cater to his insatiable needs. He seems to enjoy making me jealous and wait around for him, and shows no concern for my feelings. He makes me feel cold, unattractive, and kills my desire for fun or intimacy. He clearly has led a good life with a privileged upbringing, and has had everything given to him with a silver spoon. All his life has been about having fun and not taking anything seriously. He didn't have to go through deprivation, repression or darkness of any kind. He never took the time to really get to know me, and I'm pretty sure that I have far too many issues for him to deal with. I feel like I can be a better person without him. I'm letting him go to find the pretty, fun and easy girls who are more his type anyway. It's too bad: I know we both wanted it to work, and I really thought we could be great together despite the differences. Unfortunately, you show no compassion, understanding or willingness to compromise to make me believe in it or want to put my energy into it again. If I'm wrong, it is up to you to show me otherwise. If you're ready to let go too, I wish you all the best. Perhaps, we will each find happiness with other people.
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I notice a groups that are for MILF's, cougars, sugar daddies, sugar babies, sugar mommies & of course young women who like & want to date older guys, but there's no groups for older guys who like & want to date younger women (as non-sugar daddies)....oh wait, I forgot, that's so creepy & we older guys are dirty perverted, sick creeps, that's why.
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This guy at my gym just plain reeks. I have seen him there twice now and he manages to clear an area around him. Not sure if he doesn't know, doesn't care or is maybe doing it on purpose to keep other people away from his workout area. I've thought about mentioning it to management, but I doubt anything would happen. I would very much love to hand the guy a stick of deodorant and not say much other than "this is for you". I know it would be rude, but a gal can fantasize right?
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You know why many of you say that people in Vancouver are not approachable or they aren't nice or whatever else 'excuse' you have? I know why we're all single here. I just went to grab a divorce kit for my parents and I'm on a wait list! They're sold out! So people are getting their hearts broken and are bitter. It's no wonder why no one wants to be friendly when you smile at them! They are all on edge!
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Sometimes I just don't feel you care. Like the whole world is about you. My dreams and aspirations don't matter. you can afford to do things and you leave me alone on the side lines to watch you live and I struggle to stay afloat..
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I wish I hadn't ask you to block me. Oh well only one of the many regrets in my life.
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