Holy Sweet Wow
You, grey skirt, black leather knee high boots and a coy smile that knocked my socks off. I have to admit. I turned around to watch you, and your friend who I couldn't pick...
I want to be in a romantic, sexually committed relationship with a man and a woman at the same time.


I recently discovered I'm totally turned on and into bi-sexual guys. I've always bonded well with beta rather than alpha males. I do wonder though if they'd leave me for a guy in the end (I know, I know, but I just can't shake that feeling off!). Yes, that is my confession.
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What do you think the chances are of the person you 'saw' seeing the post about themselves in the 'isawyou' column? I hope it's high as fuck cause I feel like otherwise I may have just missed out on the best potential date in over a year. Sigh.
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I'm married to a woman who I don't respect, raising two kids who I love dearly but can't provide for, and desperately looking for a way out. My family, friends and co-workers all know. But, they all encourage me to stick it out because "I made a choice." And, what about my kids? What about their security? Well, I'd like to make a different choice now but apparently that will mean being crushed out of work by the social pressure. Continuing the nightmare.
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saw you today, OVER IT! I couldn't tell anyone I was feeling that way, so I couldn't tell anyone how excited I was that the butterflies and other terrible feelings have pittered out to a whatever feeling. So I said it on this forum. You're a good person, enjoy your life.
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I wonder how long it will take for him to notice that all my stuff is missing from the apartment. Seem's more likely that he'll notice a missing Xbox controller than his (ex) Girlfriend.
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I became a single parent when my ex took to the bottle heavily. He'd had issues previously, but they were exacerbated when I came near to death during a very dramatic birth. We tried and tried, but his own previous hurts came up and he kept at the bottle. He turned into a different man; a scathing, vicious jerk. I asked him to leave when my child was 1. I have a lovely child now, almost 4. She is astounding and healthy and I am deeply grateful. My ex's behaviour is spiraling right out of control. He does not pay child support, or if he does it's @ $15/month. I am healing from this situation and from his ongoing verbal abuse, so may need more time before I date again. I guess I wonder if I might be loved right in time? I support myself and my child totally and don't need any money. I have a loving heart and I think I'm pretty in a very natural way, not stunning but not horrid. Am I still of value? I sure feel invisible sometimes. Or maybe I cannot see right because I am sad.
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I am really tired of the gossip that has been circulating about me. No one knows me and it just makes me sad.
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Sometimes I pick my nose & when it's a big one, it feels great.
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