I approached you at the end of the night to tell you how beautiful I thought you were and regreted not talking to you more. I was wearing glasses and have a beard. Not sure what...
I enjoy inserting needles directly into my clitoris. Am I potentially causing permanent nerve damage?


I don't think about the fears , I'm just glad to be here.
Rating: +15
Last Tuesday early morning was amazing. We communicated, connected, shared truths. It was a long , dark night under the stars. So romantic and mostly quite innocent. By Friday, you stood me up with no explanation. It pretty much broke my heart. I already fell for you, but I guess all I am is a boost to your ego and dispensable. That sucks and so do you.
Rating: +25
My parents just dropped off some juice boxes and a cake from Safeway. Sounds great, right? The problem is that it was all expired. My confession... I think I'm going to eat it anyway.
Rating: +24
I smirk at young people's fashions, I judge them, I wonder why they have such crap taste in music. I lament earlier decades and why things have taken such a turn for the worse, curse the internet for destroying attention spans / popular culture, wish things were still firmly rooted in the mid-90's before the internet exploded and when there was at least surface-level equal opportunity in rock and roll. I miss rock and roll making it to the Top Ten. I miss Guns n' Roses. I silently resent hipsters thinking they've discovered something kitschy and underground in the form of bands that I grew up loving and seeing live in concert and who were considered just plain old awesome music. I am having trouble going with the flow of life. I think young people are far more sheep-like, generic, and clone-ish than possibly any other generation. I am old enough to call those same people "kids" yet I have none of my own. I am sad enough in my crisis to actually be posting to the Georgia Straight Confessions. I am an Old. And I am not yet 40. And this is my confession.
Rating: +40
that is my confession. First of all, I am not religious, so why would I celebrate it? For the same reasons I don't celebrate Ramadan, or Hannukah or any other religious holiday. I hate the overconsumption that goes along with it…all that wrapping paper that will just end up in the trash can, more garbage for the world yay. I stopped buying gifts for people over five years ago and I simply don't engage in activities that are associated with it…I have let go of any guilt associated with not reciprocating gift/card-giving…I have let people know that I don't celebrate. Now, Christmas is just one giant, dreaded, tinsel sh*t storm that I simply endure every year…until the next!
Rating: +31
A few months ago, I was driving behind this SUV that had two big dogs in the back - one looked like a German Shepherd and the other could've been a malamute/wolf cross. Basically, they were dogs with good hearing. We were at a stop light and I let out a howl. The dogs, who were sitting previously were now up and looking at the window at me. So, I howled again. And then got more interested. And so I continued to howl, even as their vehicle started moving. I started laughing hysterically when the dogs started barking and I could see the guy driving staring at them from the mirror and telling them to be quiet. I kept howling for as long as I followed them, not much longer after I started. I pulled into the left turn lane and looked at the driver who was still trying to get his dogs to stop barking. I highly recommend this if you are stuck in traffic. It's a hoot. Or a howl.
Rating: -3
I want to confess how I feel about working in customer service. It really fucking drains me. I am in my 20's and I've been working since I was 15 years old, and I already feel like I have had enough of the public. There are some really great customers out there, and I thank you for treating me like a real human being. But sometimes I just don't have the emotional capacity to handle a douche bag (which happens daily)and not be able to defend myself, because I could get fired for doing that. I am already a quiet and introverted person, so it is really hard for me greet people, it takes a lot out of me. I hope that some of those people will take the time to think before they treat the person that is serving them like crap. Even if you are having a bad day, and you may think your job is more important than theirs, that is no excuse. Like I was taught growing up, treat others as you would like to be treated. It isn't that difficult, and in the end you will be a lot happier with yourself.
Rating: +79
what life would have been like if I had accepted your interest in me being your mistress...
Rating: -12