Pointer Sisters
I was sitting behind you at the Pointer Sisters in row ten, right side of the stage. You were wearing a white Bomber Jacket and I was wearing a White drivers cap.After the show we...
My boyfriend of two years cannot climax or maintain an erection unless his testicles are handled, squeezed, pulled, or pressed on.


I support the teachers, I really do, but it's difficult to read about the wage demands when other public sector employees were given and bargained for a lot less. I really want the strike to end, but with both parties so far apart there's no end in sight. As a taxpaying parent I feel helpless. The Premier and the Minister won't budge and the BCTF are holding their ground too. I would have liked to celebrate my daughter's first day of kindergarten today, but it seems like it'll have to wait.
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The last shrink I saw contributed to low self-esteem issues. Instead, I went dancing, then sat on a bench by the beach for a while and felt like a new person.
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I have to confess that I've given up on the idea of "World Peace" Just a look at the comments section of any article, be it in the Straight or any other forum, convinces me that there's no hope. I know that the jerks get off on a reaction like mine and I know that they're only a minute part of society. But it's the smallest part of society with the biggest axe to grind, whatever country you are in, and they are the ones who cause all of the trouble. Even if we colonized Mars with them, they would attack the Earth.
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... that when I read the news about the latest celebrity phone hacks, I googled the items in question.
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... calling you Daddy while we fuck.
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And took the family out for lunch at a nice fast food worker with meals made by under paid workers, then hope yall went shopping to you local mall & shopped at cool clothing stores, electronic stores that employ under pain employees at the stores & hope yall bought cool stuff made by child labour, hey who knows, maybe one if the children stop spending money on food in their third world countries, maybe they can buy a pair of sexy undies like the ones your daughters bought at Aritzia (or at least used ones) Oh & I hope you said by by to the nice under paid security staff & the nice under paid women cleaning up after you at the food court. Have a safe drive back to the British Properties or Point Grey or Yaletown or Shaugnessy.
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I'm starting to wonder, if I can't be happy in one of the most desirable, and livable places on the planet, then maybe there is something seriously wrong with me :(
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I always feel a little sad when fall rolls around, even tho it is a beautiful season. I miss the carefree feeling of being warm and it feels like it's going to be such a long time until the next summer.
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