"chemistry" on the greyhound bus..
We met on the greyhound from Kelowna to Vancouver around easter of 2008. We had great conversation and a lot in common, including our favorite band, The Doors. We corresponded...
First off, never use a toy in the butt and then go straight into vaginal play.


I sometimes wonder, if I died, who would attend my funeral. Who, if anyone, would come out of the woodwork.
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I got laid off from work. Although I did apply for ei and I have money saved up I shdnt be worried about bills. But still not going to work is bringing me down. Today I literally felt that my heart was sinking. Don't wanna push my friends away but I'm ignoring calls and texts. I'm spending my days in my room. It's beautiful outside but I can't bring myself to go do something. The guy who got laid off with me is having the time of his life. Why can't I do that. . I just want to be happy again.
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A beautiful day, and the end of that day, that level of honesty, you wish I would dress differently, that’s what you want, really, a tart. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but when you blanked our last meeting. I think I know BS in neon.
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I recently moved to the city and there is something here that I haven't seen so much of in other cities. A lot of women are working on road crews and I don't know why but I find a good chunk of them really hot! Ladies you have my thanks of making my walk to work much more enjoyable. I look forward to more construction in the summer!!
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is a drag on a sunny day. It would be lovely if all those on the pretty dressed up loud bikes - who use the neighborhood as a drag strip - would instead gear up in drag and get their attention fix this way.
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I confess that I am totally confused by the Wages for office workers in Vancouver. Just to be clear i mean Admin/small office manager/assistant wages. I see some companies that offer $13/h then i see others that offer 25/h. If i new the average wage i wouldn't always think i need to make more! They all want the same qualifications. So what is the average wage then and what is considered good?
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to hate HR departments and this is why: My dad firmly believes that if you want a job then go down there, walk in their office, show your interest and go talk to them in person. "show some back bone and show them why you are the man for the job, that's what I used to do." You know what we get these days? You go walk into that office its the same response " Go online and apply, go online and apply, go online and apply...." Heck, our university recently had a job fair... every booth that came you know what they tell students... "go online and apply." I really don't think any HR department around the globe realizes how demoralizing it is, to go onto website after website applying for jobs. You spend all this time making your resume, so that the "auto resume uploader" can incorrectly read all your information... so you have to spend an extra 30 minutes on each companies site correctly typing everything out that you already wrote on your resume. And Then! you get judged by ridiculous merits such as "personality & decision making tests & GPA. Guess what genius HR department.. any yahoo can go online and look up the answers to your tests, students take easier classes in university just so they can have high GPA's. These are the type of people you are hiring... ones who find the short cuts to beat the system. You are failing yourself. The real people out there who take the more difficult courses, so that they can be challenged and actually learn and reach higher levels which generally comes at sacrificing gpa, and the honest ones who don't go searching the answers... you are throwing them to curb over people who take the easy way to beat the system and these are the ones who are getting hired. You are shooting your companies in the foot and you don't even realize it. This process that HR departments have created is so effin broken and demoralizing its not even funny. You have taken all the heart out of your companies,. We all know it doesn't take a genius to get a business degree.. That is why it is the most popular degree out there... but you have ruined any joy in the hiring process and your methodology of how to select the "good talent" is completely flawed. Congrats
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You are engaged. Why do you flirt with me? I try to maintain a platonic approach with communicating with you daily, but it's hard. Maybe you do things because that's just how you are, but I found it hard to think straight after you adjusted my tie for me. And to make my confession clear, I would never sleep with an attached coworker or woman, and I would never let herself throw herself at me because I want her to be better than that. shitty, I need to stop these thoughts.
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