Tiffany @ Porter Robinson
Sorry for being a bit of a drunk happy fool at the end of the show, but are you ever cute. Hope you enjoyed the show!
My boyfriend of two years cannot climax or maintain an erection unless his testicles are handled, squeezed, pulled, or pressed on.


After reading on here that men wish women here were more approachable, I made a commitment to smile at attractive men passing me on the street. Problem is, 9 out of 10 won't look up from their phones to see my smiling face. So instead, I amuse myself by imagining little scenarios to get their attention. Mostly, I dream up things like ambushing them with a WWE wrestling hold or extreme dives, somersaults , running up behind them for a leap frog piggy back. It's not likely I will ever act on these fantasies, but they do keep me smiling while everyone else is disconnected.
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I confess the only thing I wanted to do after three months of not seeing you was jump over the bar at my work and hug you for an awkwardly long time. Instead we just ignored each other and I don't know how to mend this.
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I have a severe case of social anxiety disorder. So I partake in the company of Escorts. That is my confession.
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that I always wanted to start an Oingo Boingo tribute band with me as the lead singer. I have no idea how to go about recruiting band members as not a lot of people know about them here in Vancouver. By the way Danny Elfman is fantastic!!
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I've accepted the fact that I'm not the kind of person to move away from my family. There is no place appealing enough for me to relocate my life, yet I admire so many that do. My siblings are so young. My parents are always working hard. I find it almost selfish of me to leave. I graduated university this year and a part of me would like to move away to experience what it's like, but the other half knows my heart is, right here. Home. Vancouver.
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those times when a little gobbet of phlegm (yes, I totally agree, it's disgusting) comes out along with it. I mean there's no accuracy or control whatsoever - it just gets all over the place, whether you will or no. Mind you I'm a courteous fellow and I do turn away and sneeze onto my forearm. But like wtf did I just do to my nice clean shirt? Man...
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I use the shower facilities at my university gym. The guys I share the room with are always blowing their nose and loudly spitting. They are all of the same ethnic group, so maybe it is a cultural thing. Yesterday when there was three spitting in unison, I had enough, and decided to piss all over the room. I literally strolled the shower covering it in piss. End result: no understanding, but at least they think I'm insane.
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On the one hand, it is not really a confession, because nobody would disagree, except, maybe vicious sociopaths or trolls. Except that is not the case---so far as I have found, most people who are involved in "contemporary" relationships/dating/even marriage think it is quite reasonable to exchange promises and then break them if "bored now." I would be quite happy having a relationship with someone who did not want to be in a relationship with me, but if they had promised, they promised and so they should do what they say---the idea that not liking the process of fulfilling a promise negates it is nutty. "I know I promised to pick you up from the airport, but then I thought what a boring hassle it would be. Don't you want someone to pick you up from the airport who _wants_ to pick you up from the airport"? If people kept their promises, I would have a family by now, and the only minor problem would be that my partner wasn't enjoying the process---well, so what? Now I am not enjoying the process, so it seems the math works either way. Why we privilege the enjoyment of promise-breakers over nice people is beyond me.
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