#3 Downtown, Vancouver.
To bus driver who helped me find the right stop to get off at... Thanks! It's was a short bus ride and when I got off and waved back to thank you. I felt a connection and...
There are risks and rewards to webcamming, and if you're planning on a career as a teacher or a cop or a politician, it’s possible that pics and videos could come back to haunt you.


being in a relationship is like starving and seeing fat steaks and delicious ribs and wonderful juicy burgers EVERYWHERE within reach (or kale and goji berries for you vancouverites) and only being allowed to eat the same freaking thing every night. FUCK.
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I'm a middle-age guy, very average looking , very plain looking, very boring to look at, very white, so I'm not exotic at all & unattractive looking, whenever I have nothing to do & just bored, I go online & among the sites is Craigslist Casual Encounters & when I see the couples asking for threesomes & who they're looking for......It confirms what I mentioned.........I'm very ugly.
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Some people are depressed during the winter because of the lack of sunlight. I'm the opposite: I tend to fall into depression during the summer. The city and offices seem desert; everyone is gone on vacation; everything functions at a slow pace. I feel a lot of solitude, especially in the middle of a hot afternoon when I feel most lazy and bored. Unfortunately, I'm also extremely busy with work that I need to finish for September so I have no slack time to spend curing my depression, try to meet new people, etc. It's frustrating that I can't be productive exactly when I need to be. I wish it could be over in two weeks like the Christmas holidays but I'm going to be stuck mostly by myself for the next couple of months... sigh.
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What a life changing year it’s been. Started 2013 by helping my friend, and her family, emotionally cope with the illness, and death, of her mother from’cancer. Then, I was completely blindsided by losing my 7 year job; due to to racist cyber-criminals, and some "hacking” stuff that’s in the news now. Plus facing the very real prospect of losing my apartment, and adjusting to being back in school - at UBC. Yet, I confess that instead of making my walls thicker and higher, I’m choosing to take them down and make myself a better man by taking them down to be more vulnerable. It’s been a simple revelation to know that forgiving people for slights, insults and grievances has made me kinder, gentler and more patient. I recently forgave an old business acquaintance for owing me money, and my friend was shocked at how easy it seemed. The couple of thousand dollars is a lot to me, but I gained more by just letting it go. Another was a female friend, who I would previously have banished, but now we are better friends than ever. I even skipped the part where she felt she had to say sorry. Seems silly now, to have even been having a feud, instead of just enjoying each other’s company. Some people may mistake the kindness for weakness, and I still have boundaries, but even those have become more elastic as the year has developed. One year later, after coming so very close to suicide, I’m helping my old boss, who had to let me go, deal with his dad’s cancer. I just started a new job, (part time) I’ve finished my school courses, and am now in awesome shape, thanks to being able to maintain some sanity at the gym. I still have a long way to go before I can completely exhale, and this month my heart was broken by an emphatic email, but unless somebody purposely or physically harms me; the plan for 2014, and beyond, is continued grace, no grudges and no hate.
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I keep reading and writing confessions to escape my own reality
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I keep forgetting that it's okay to be in my early twenties and not have a career direction. I see all of these people graduating from university, and it gets me down sometimes because all I'm doing at the moment is working in a cafe. But I forget that it's okay to take my time. And I forget that in the grand scheme of things, all of that career shit really doesn't matter.
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I like to check out people's clothing on the skytrain. Men and women. I like to see what people are wearing, even though I'm not really into fashion or anything like that. Public transit lets me get a glimpse from all sorts of places.
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My mom got a stage IV cancer diagnosis last summer. It was a total shock as her annual check up came back clean just a few months prior, and she has always taken good care of herself. She has since gone through several types of treatment to which she responded well. However, in the past month, her cancer has progressed with a vengeance. We find out what her options are in a couple days, but we realize that there is only so much chemo her body can take. She's been starting to talk more about her death, and I understand that it is the realistic thing to do at this point. We haven't given up hope but we all feel like her passing is near. She's only 60, and while I realize that many people aren't as lucky to have their parents for this long (or at all), I'm overwhelmed with grief and disappointment. I've had some major setbacks in my own life and am very sad that she most likely won't get to see me reach the important milestones. I'm grateful that we have the opportunity to prepare and cherish the moments that we have left together. But I'm also devastated and heartbroken...
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