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You saw a girl, a stranger, take a hard hit and were helping her out when I joined in. It's rare to see people who would take the time. I assumed that nice boys generally had...
A straight male friend practises sounding and has for years, and I'm pretty sure he does other things that he isn’t telling anyone about.


If I go after one more woman who's unavailable in some way - emotionally, physically, whatever - I will bench myself again immediately and start going to therapy. I have to stop this (or just accept the WTF-fact that maybe I don't really want a relationship on some level?!?) especially given the abundance of available women around me.
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So I am away from home for a week at a convention. I was going to take my vibrator with me but was too embarrassed to because of what it would look like on the screen. Like, TSA might think it`s a bomb or something and search my bag, only to find Mr. Happy. I struggled with the decision, but decided that it`s only a week. I think I can deal with just my hand for a week. Well, I was wrong. It`s day three and the fingers just aren`t cutting it. I never thought I`d live to see this day, but it happened - I used a banana. Next time, I`m just going to bring Mr. Happy.
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I've been wondering a lot lately what it would be like to be in a relationship, something I haven't even allowed myself to think about for years because it seems so impossible for me. I'm nearly 30 and they only relationship I've ever had was fleeting when I was just out of high school. I also grew up a witness to domestic abuse and the target of a great deal of verbal, psychological and some physical abuse (though not nearly as frequent as the absolutely constant verbal and mental abuse, but the threat of it was often felt). To me, I often can't fathom love being real, at least in terms of it being directed towards or shared with me. I think everyone else deserves love, and I hope they find it. I'm truly happy for those who have, but I just wonder if I should make some firm decision to not bother looking or even hoping (daydreaming, really - let's be honest) for any such thing in my life, so I don't have to feel so bad when it never materializes and I die alone. When I see pictures or scenes in movies or on tv of weddings, I can't help but think, "That's nice. I wonder what it must be like to know that's real? It's certainly something I have no hope of ever experiencing." I know it's not "right" to need a relationship, and I don't think one would complete me or anything like that, but I do think a lot of things would be easier, or certainly more enjoyable if I had someone to share even some of my time with - to hold my hand, kiss my forehead, call just because, reassure me when the world seems too scary (or things go bump in the night), go away for the weekend, sit quietly reading next to one another. I've never even shared a bed with someone two nights in a row. I feel like if I haven't managed to have a relationship by now, there isn't much chance that I'll ever be able to give it a try.
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I confess, I think I don't really know how to live!? I'm alone a lot yet I crave adventure. All you vancouvrites who know how to live and love life! What's your secret!?
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Am I the only one who is unemployed and broke living in Vancouver? Everything is so expensive! I am in mid forties and trying to apply to jobs. I get rejected because I wont fit in with the twenties olds.
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Plenty of women have been right for me. I'm fairly easygoing, and it takes some real disaster to cause a breakup. So it took me by surprise when I came across a woman that I suddenly felt so much more for. I was with someone else at the time, and I was honest and I missed out, she moved on. Years later, I still haven't come across anyone who makes me feel close to what I felt for that woman.
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Instead I give my tip to the homeless guy hanging outside the restaurant. I feel it's better giving it to someone who really needs it. It's good for my karma too.
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I'm tired of being too smart for the uneducated guys and too stupid for the educated. Where's the balance????
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