a vision in the grey
you - cute, toqued, campaigning door-to-door for Vision Vancouver in the rain. me - pyjama-clad at home before heading to work. sorry if i seemed very spooked/standoffish (i had...
While a wedding ring on a straight married man (or woman) will be assumed to mean “taken and off-limits”, the same assumption doesn’t apply in the case of a married gay man.


A few years ago, I met someone with whom I had intense chemistry but nothing happened due to the circumstances at the time. Recently, he's been pursuing me again. Although I'm not currently in love with him, I've had feelings in the past, and believe that under the right circumstances, we would be great together. I'm also in a 1.5 years relationship with someone that I love very much and have no intention of leaving. I'm not somebody with particularly high moral values but I'm not a natural cheater either, and would not normally consider cheating on anyone, let alone someone that I love dearly. The problem is: 1) we are in a mostly long distance relationship (his choice, not mine), 2) he has cheated on me once. I have not had many sexual experiences (and ridiculously less than my bf), especially with someone I have intense chemistry, so I feel like I'm missing out. The fact that I don't have my boyfriend physically present and that he's been unfaithful in the past, makes it even more tempting. If I were to take action, I wouldn't tell because I don't want to hurt him. Although, I think he owes me one, I don't want to do it to get back at him. Right now, I'm leaning towards the "don't cheat, nothing good would come out of it." But whenever I ask myself: "if he were confronted with the same situation, would he cheat?" The likely answer to that makes me think it's not fair that I should be so exclusive.
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over this life. Im so confused.. what the fuck should i do? study, work? life changing decisions... arghhhhhhhh... ill just go back to bed, and cover myself in pillows and blankets.. noone will notice then............ im letting life pass me by. cant decide what i want
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Ive had it with breaking the bank in order to satiate the lust of other peoples materialistic wants.And all I get in return is supermarket boxed soap or socks.I don't want to eat bland turkey with people I cant stand and who I pay no attention to the rest of the year.I dont want the parkade road rage incident s during the crazy shopping season.I dont want to be bombarded with useless shmaltsy crap.....so this year ill be sick with a bad cold on Dec.24 to 27.And I will have no choice but to stay home with takeout and my boxed sets of Friends and ER.
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I wished I had a job. I got laid off. Broke and sad here. No sex life since my wife left me. People are so selfish and mean. Why Vancouver? People are so self centred. It is all about me and money. Sad.
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It has taken me my whole life to finally get help with my social anxiety and depression among other things like self-hatred...I have been the worst kind of friend not being there for the people I care about most, it's just hard for me to talk about my feelings so I bury them deep down and put a smile on my face like everything is ok. Some days are ok but others I just lock myself in my house and don't move for days feeling like my life is over when it hasn't even began...I'm on this wicked emotional roller coaster and it's been ruining my life for years, I don't expect the people in my life to understand how I feel, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt me to know that they don't understand.... I just want to tell them all how sorry I am for not being there and for always disappearing on them with no word but I just can't open up to them it hurts too much to let anyone in.
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My friend was clean for years and a month ago tested positive for an STI. I have a feeling it was from this one guy who I see on OKC all the time looking for girls because his wife has the same STI. I didn't know the connection until later. I want to do more about this issue but I can't because I promised her I would stay out of it. I really wish I could contact the admin that he's not informing women of his status before sexual contact. I wish I could post his name and warn other women. I don't want them to go through what my friend went through.
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and hoping for the woman I love to divorce. Statistically within Canada, most people wait until at least the second year of their marriage to divorce, and the third and fourth year has the highest divorce rates, and then the number drops. So, time favors soon, and I'll swoop in for the Hollywood ending.
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I'm the one you always called Crazy Sex. I'd just like for you to know, 'twas never the same after we parted. It has, in fact, been Vanilla all the way since. Very sadly. And that you were the only one in all this time that elicited Crazy Sex from me. Fond memories, though. And thank you for the compliment. You ought to take this as a compliment also. I always thought you were the one who kept the flame burning so high between us.
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