Pointer Sisters
I was sitting behind you at the Pointer Sisters in row ten, right side of the stage. You were wearing a white Bomber Jacket and I was wearing a White drivers cap.After the show we...
My boyfriend of two years cannot climax or maintain an erection unless his testicles are handled, squeezed, pulled, or pressed on.


I hate fall and winter because I have to wear pants. Pants suck.
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I am so sick of hearing people bash those of us who grew up as only children. They call you selfish, a loner, bossy etc right to your face. I have come to fear the look of disappointment many people get when I answer their question, "How many siblings do you have?" with "none". Never mind that science has debunked the myth of the under socialized only child (Google it). Please get to know us first, before resorting to stereotypes and name calling. Being an only wasn't a choice.
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Despite being -fit -Attractive -real -humble -having my own place that I rent -a vehicle -a career that I make 70 000 a year -120 000 in the bank -stability I have been single for years. I am 38 and look 30 and I have been in this city for 5 years without a relationship because I am shy and the few relationships I have had have left me hurt and guarded. I don't party or enjoy the bar scene and pof and match haven't been successful.My confession is that I will start looking overseas for a life partner. I want to stay in Vancouver but I am giving up on finding love here.
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I support the teachers, I really do, but it's difficult to read about the wage demands when other public sector employees were given and bargained for a lot less. I really want the strike to end, but with both parties so far apart there's no end in sight. As a taxpaying parent I feel helpless. The Premier and the Minister won't budge and the BCTF are holding their ground too. I would have liked to celebrate my daughter's first day of kindergarten today, but it seems like it'll have to wait.
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The last shrink I saw contributed to low self-esteem issues. Instead, I went dancing, then sat on a bench by the beach for a while and felt like a new person.
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I have to confess that I've given up on the idea of "World Peace" Just a look at the comments section of any article, be it in the Straight or any other forum, convinces me that there's no hope. I know that the jerks get off on a reaction like mine and I know that they're only a minute part of society. But it's the smallest part of society with the biggest axe to grind, whatever country you are in, and they are the ones who cause all of the trouble. Even if we colonized Mars with them, they would attack the Earth.
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... that when I read the news about the latest celebrity phone hacks, I googled the items in question.
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... calling you Daddy while we fuck.
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