said your name is Henry
yes it;s true, and I am single but you left too quick. Are you interested in coffee... call me Leslie
While a wedding ring on a straight married man (or woman) will be assumed to mean “taken and off-limits”, the same assumption doesn’t apply in the case of a married gay man.


I asked 50 women out last week and 2 gave me their phone numbers, 1 gave me her email address, and 47 turned me down. Also please no comments from women saying its all about confidence and personality. Asking out 50 women takes a lot of confidence. You try walking up to women and trying to strike up conversations without them thinking your a creeper. Also asking out 50 women in a week isn't something I usually do. I just figure its better than asking out 3 or 4 in a week because my chances of success seems to increase by sheer volume alone. I am not a good looking guys so any success is something I can hang my hat on. For guys like me its brutal out there. Its constant rejection day in and day out but somehow you gotta keep going.
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My boyfriend works too much. He works over 70 hours a week and he is rarely home. When he is home he's exhausted from his construction job. I don't like it one bit and I want him to cut his hours to 40 hours per week and to spend more time with me. I can't remember the last time we went to Whistler or Kelowna. Having a house and two cars is great but not at the expense of our relationship.
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I realized this year that some friends are only a matter of context. There was a group of us and we had good times together. But then romantic relationships ended and others moved back home and left Vancouver for good. I tried to remain friends with one woman who remained, and the friendship didn't hold up without the others around. She took much more than she gave, and always put in so little in terms of emotional generosity, favours, money, rides, everything. She was truly a mooch and I guess surrounded by the group of us, could take from all of us. But when it was just me and her, it was really obvious that she didn't have what it takes to keep it going. Letting go was all I could do, for myself.
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I'd rather accept a kiss on my cheek from a stranger or acquaintance in greeting rather than a weak handshake or worse, a weak hug. In fact, if you're going to offer me a handshake or a hug as a greeting, it'd better be a firm one. They should teach handshakes in school. Nothing worse than meeting someone who is supposedly of some importance and having to adjust my handshake so I don't crush their limp fish.
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are there no fresh ideas? this stuff is so played out...
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My friend's GF obsessively clings to him every waking hour. They live together and if he ever manages to break free, the calling and texting starts within 20 minutes, it's embarrassing to be around and is not healthy. I want to hang out less and less. Someone pointed out that in a twisted way, he may actually like her behaviour, I'm beginning to agree!
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I must confess that I just DO NOT understand these characters on the show 'Walking Dead'. Why does it never occur to any of these tools to simply find a lake somewhere that has an island on it? They could build walls on the island so the dead fools can't see them and thus gather in hordes on the shore. A line of school buses parked bumper to bumper a few hundred yards inland of the shore would act as a great barrier/buffer. Also, their noise would not reach the shore. And if there should gather a crowd of repulsive, brain-dead automatons (similar to what the Canucks have to play hockey in front of these days) on the far shore, why, they could set up some kind of fire trap in advance and simply set it on fire when needed, to dispose of the accumulated Canucks, I mean zombies. The array of parked buses would shield the blazing inferno from the view of other inland Saturday night Granville Strip nightclub patrons......dang! .....I mean zombies, again. But, in the end, I guess such a plot twist would make everyone safe (unlike West End residents on weekend evenings, thanks to immature, inconsiderate suburban children who cannot handle their alcohol). This in turn would make for extremely dull viewing, much like many Canucks games. Alas. Thanks for listening, that was my confession. I tried to confess this in church, but the priest happened to be a Canucks fan. He tossed me out on the street, where I was set upon by a gaggle of biters just leaving Rogers Ce
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I've been in many relationships that never started with a date, not sure how that happened but it did. Most of the guys I met online just wanted one night stands, none asked me yet on a proper date, so you can conclude that I've never been on a date before. Few weeks ago I met this guy who happens to be a single dad (sort of my age) and seems to be incredibly sweet and respectful, he even asked me out on a date, thing is his jobs gets in the way and I understand, he has a daughter and he needs to take care of her, I am not one to tell him otherwise, but could anybody give me an advice or shed some light on what it's like dating a single father or how the relationship is (should the relationship ever happen), I know no body who dated a single dad so I really have no clue if I'm putting myself in a great thing or not.
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