never seen you yet...
tonight I heard your conversation...the man of my dreams so to say.Yet you long for me but have no courage to approach me..I am a red head hourglass and well am searching for I...
First off, never use a toy in the butt and then go straight into vaginal play.


to hate HR departments and this is why: My dad firmly believes that if you want a job then go down there, walk in their office, show your interest and go talk to them in person. "show some back bone and show them why you are the man for the job, that's what I used to do." You know what we get these days? You go walk into that office its the same response " Go online and apply, go online and apply, go online and apply...." Heck, our university recently had a job fair... every booth that came you know what they tell students... "go online and apply." I really don't think any HR department around the globe realizes how demoralizing it is, to go onto website after website applying for jobs. You spend all this time making your resume, so that the "auto resume uploader" can incorrectly read all your information... so you have to spend an extra 30 minutes on each companies site correctly typing everything out that you already wrote on your resume. And Then! you get judged by ridiculous merits such as "personality & decision making tests & GPA. Guess what genius HR department.. any yahoo can go online and look up the answers to your tests, students take easier classes in university just so they can have high GPA's. These are the type of people you are hiring... ones who find the short cuts to beat the system. You are failing yourself. The real people out there who take the more difficult courses, so that they can be challenged and actually learn and reach higher levels which generally comes at sacrificing gpa, and the honest ones who don't go searching the answers... you are throwing them to curb over people who take the easy way to beat the system and these are the ones who are getting hired. You are shooting your companies in the foot and you don't even realize it. This process that HR departments have created is so effin broken and demoralizing its not even funny. You have taken all the heart out of your companies,. We all know it doesn't take a genius to get a business degree.. That is why it is the most popular degree out there... but you have ruined any joy in the hiring process and your methodology of how to select the "good talent" is completely flawed. Congrats
Rating: +15
You are engaged. Why do you flirt with me? I try to maintain a platonic approach with communicating with you daily, but it's hard. Maybe you do things because that's just how you are, but I found it hard to think straight after you adjusted my tie for me. And to make my confession clear, I would never sleep with an attached coworker or woman, and I would never let herself throw herself at me because I want her to be better than that. shitty, I need to stop these thoughts.
Rating: +7
You are really fucked up... You don't care about anyone or anything but yourself. It makes me sick to think you would rather drink and shoot your life away than make things right. I just gotta say.. You really did it this time. You win biggest bitch of all time. I can't believe it's come to this and maybe somewhere very, very deep down inside I still do but I gotta be honest and confess that I don't think I love you anymore. Thanks for bringing me into this world. That was a genuine thank you, but I think I can take it from here. Stay the fuck out of my life. You're a disease.
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It's been a good day. You guys are great. Spread a smile or two.
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for being so cheap. To save money, I often justify not going to restaurants and even skipping meals by telling myself however tasty the meal maybe, the gratification lasts only few seconds from mouth to first half of throat and that they all look the same in toilet.
Rating: -15
I don't know how to help the man I love. He has gone through the motions of a man who has been unemployed for a prolonged period of time. He's had a rough go at life but for what it's worth, he's been fairly successful in his life... until he got into some trouble a couple years ago. Looking for an employer who'd look past his record, his long unemployment period, and chronically aching back is wearing him out at an alarming rate. I can see it and I can feel it. He has the capacity of having all the pride of the bravest man but he's fallen into a rut and now has a pride that won't accept my help. Communication has been a deafening silence the last couple nights and I don't know what to do.
Rating: +13
I am so pissed off at the world today. I would like to say a big fuck you to the people who have pretended they were there for me when I needed them the most. A shout out to all the guys out there that didn't talk to me when I was chubby but now I seem to have turned in to such a babe over night to them. People seriously baffle me. I don't owe any of you pricks a God damn thing and guess what.. You stepped on me when I was down... You walked all over me because you are self absorbed superstars. Well, I'm stepping on you on my way up. I hate feeling spiteful and try my best to be a decent and understanding human being but not tonight. I'm allowing myself to splurge on some flaming mad emotions this evening. FUCK you to the people who have treated me like shit and taken advantage of me. I am giving you this last bit of my anger but that's all you get. After I'm done feeling this way tonight... after I go for that last angry jog you will forever be a thing of the past in my mind. You can't have my soul... You will be erased. I am moving on with my life.
Rating: +37
What the hell is this 5 day work week? I feel trapped sitting in a cubed prison cell, an incubator of death viruses, forced to know more about the people I work with than I care to ever know about anybody. I often look out the window, if I am lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the world during daylight and feel my heart break. I want to free. It's not that I don't value working, but 5 days a week seems excessive. Two days is just enough time to catch your breath and sanity before the madness starts all over again. Friends? Family? Who is that? I've forgotten, it's been so long since I've had time to see them and now that I know more about my co-workers personal habits than I do my families.. who cares? 5 days is a long time to commit to people who don't care about you or who I care about, to an environment that makes you sick, stressed, tired and unhappy. I think it's time for the world to re-evaluate the way we work because there is some serious room for improvement.
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