Crossed paths twice on the night of the fireworks
You: Paulina wearing a very nice black dress and equally nice shoes. You love the Cambie Village life. The first time we crossed paths, I stopped you and I told you how great...
I’m a 27-year-old straight guy who’s been in an open relationship for six years. I often seek out extracurricular activities, but I am unsure of how to bring up my situation without doors closing.


I keep an empty plastic bottle next to my bed. If I wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee, I pee in the bottle.
Rating: -14
Flirt with me,yet have rings on their fingers. Whenever I challenge them about the ring,they tell me they're single and it's so guys won't hassle them-yet they complain about guys never approaching them. Going into a pub/bar/club-their body language screams "Fk Off!!" and they wonder why no one stops by for a chat. Only if they want a drink:they flirt and talk,and 2 minutes later expect me to buy them one,which I never do. They go for a "girl's night out" and all they do is have a bitch-fest about guys,cranking out very negative body language-and wonder why guys won't come over and chat. Hold open doors for them,and rarely get more than a vague grunt- I've even been chastised by them for doing so and called a chauvinist pig. Almost every one I end up talking to,within 2 minutes it's "where do you work, rent or own, what car??" So I walk away. I work out every day,hike every weekend,am tall and fit and for some reason those women who could stand to lose from 20 to 100 pounds flirt with me,while my non attractive friends get ignored. Oh,the hypocrisy. Have been many places in the world,and get lots of attention and approaches by friendly women just wanting to chat. Yet here, get treated like lepers for doing so...yet women complain that guys never approach. So-I gave up trying,keep working long hours on my business,ignore them completely, and in a couple years will be retired at 31. And I will NOT be seeking any locals out,will find a foreign woman who wants to enjoy life with me.
Rating: -14
But only with someone from 20 years ago in my past who I can find no sign of no matter how much Googling I do. So my marriage is safe.
Rating: -9
I read a lot, watch a lot of documentaries, and listen to some great music, but I feel like I'm always hurrying to keep up. I can't relax. I have to feel like I'm "improving" my literacy or adding to my body of knowledge all the time, because my "starting point" is low. Being a second-generation Chinese immigrant, I feel that in Vancouver there are a lot of racist energies below a consciously perceptible level. I can't precisely say who or what is racist and what's not, but sometimes it's as simple as this: A young woman is showing her boyfriend pictures of a friend's boyfriend on her phone. She says, "Julie got herself an Asian boy. Yup. An Asian boy." Stress on the "Asian". Another time on the bus a woman asked a man "What do you want for dinner?" The man pondered a bit, happened to look straight at me and said to his friend "Korean!" and the two of them had an unwarrantedly big gigglefest. It's a bad feeling, on all levels, to have your race be a punchline to a non-joke. I've talked to my psychologist and some counsellors about this, but I've been assured again and again that race is not that big an issue, especially in a "diverse and multicultural" city such as Vancouver...True, there is no legislation preventing me from achieving my potential career-wise, socially or creatively, but does that mean being Asian is comfortable? Something else--just to think about--I chatted with a woman I didn't know for a little bit. She told me she was sick with iron deficiency. I sympathized and offered some thoughts. She asked me "Were you born here?" I replied, "No, I was born in China". She said, "Well it's good that you can think for yourself!" implying that other Chinese young adults can't? It's precisely this kind of double-edged compliment that irks me most. How do you ask that others be more sensitive? Or do I just tolerate?
Rating: -13
My 60 year old mom stopped eating after her mom past away a fews ago. Shes down to 95lbs. I dont know what to do.
Rating: +9
because I'm missing you...
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… I shall ask her, instead of just hoping that in bump into her.
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I spend 8 hours a day working next someone who never stops complaining about how messed up their life is but refuses to take action to fix it. I come in to work early, stay late, go to school full time at nights, and still make time for myself, friends and family. I am tired all the time, frustrated with a lot of things but I keep moving... I wish I could have a little freedom to show how difficult my life is sometimes, instead of always trying to build this person up and keep up a happy face while I get progressively, soul crushingly bored with where I am at too...But the last thing I want to do is open a door that will make this person whine and suck more life out of me. I pray everyday that he quits or gets fired.
Rating: +36