Nintendo Nerds at Lougheed
You: Waiting in line for the early release of Pokemon at the EB Games in Lougheed Mall. You had an awesome purple 3DS and much love for Samus. Me: Somewhat shy fellow Pokemon...
I enjoy inserting needles directly into my clitoris. Am I potentially causing permanent nerve damage?


If I had a kid in daycare, or even being babysat on a regular basis, I would make a point of showing up unexpectedly every now and then ... just sayin' ...
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I have a confession - I have not seen FROZEN. I can't imagine this movie being better than the LION KING.
Rating: +19
I always thought I was a late bloomer..eventually I would be able to grow facial hair consistently and not look like a 14 year old in my mid twenties, would gain enough weight and muscle to obtain the 10's and not the 6's, or the 7's with issues. I thought this for years as I slowly improved every aspect of myself until I started losing hair and I realized that WAS the high point, and now I'm a balding 14 year old in my early thirties and the 6's ignore me.
Rating: -35
My mother is regifting stuff she got last Christmas. The worst part is that some of the items were used and then put back into the box and sealed up, like a blender, spa set, vase and a salad set.She has saved boxes of chocolate that she received and she is going to regifting THOSE.I explained the chocolate will have spoiled by now, but to no avail.I cringe at how the reciepients will react.People who are regifted always know that they have been shortchanged somehow.
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I have five children and the holidays are especially hard. My boyfriend recently was arrested and I lost my job and now will have to go on welfare to survive. I am just so ashamed that this is the way my life has gone.
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As I have tried some online dating (unsuccessfully), there are 4 women who I have seen around since we first met and I know that they currently have boyfriends. However, their dating profiles are still public. I can already hear all the people saying "DTMFA" when men do this so I really have to scratch my head about these ladies.
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but I'm bored. So I think of other people when we have sex to keep it fresh. Love you!
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Tired of the constant, inappropriate aggressive sexual harassment and propositions WHEN I catch a TAXI. It's BULLSHIT. I have ZERO TOLERANCE for this behaviour. I fear for those that can not protect themselves, from the DIRTY PREDATORS. Scary ass shit to even think that it could be one of my daughters, stuck in the car, with one or more of these dirty little pukes. From now on, I will record the ENTIRE trip and just take it from there. Post it on line, and expose the dirty shitty service, or phone the police on these mother fuckers.
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