Studious brunette doing lunges on Main Street.
I've seen you around a few times now. I believe we've actually exchanged smiles once or twice. Walking briskly by where you were sitting tonight, I was amazed at how...
There are risks and rewards to webcamming, and if you're planning on a career as a teacher or a cop or a politician, it’s possible that pics and videos could come back to haunt you.


Seriously, the other day I very politely pointed out to my boss that her "off" humour had offended me only to have her reply that she was only joking and that since I was new I did not understand her humour the way some of the senior staff did. She was good enough to finally apologize, but then today she made a repeated effort to markedly single out a co-worker with the same "humour". When I checked in with that employee about her understanding of the Boss's sense of humour she confirmed the exact opposite of what the Boss believes about herself. No one appreciates her humour and everyone thing is is just looking for people to pick on because she has a need for that...
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this family was the cutest darn family you could imagine, with a mom straight out of a tv show, with the most motherly american pie high pitched voice and a slightly nerdy dad. the family was at a waterslide in this dream. the kids went down the slide head first and at the end as they landed at the bottom, dad came out, splashed around excited and pleased at overcoming his fear of going down the slide. he was extremely happy and they were all having so much fun. he was so pleased and excited he had gotten over his fear of the water slide that he was full of happine ss. they then moved on to the second half of the slide. it had turned into a plastic spiral made of material you'd find in a mattel hot wheels set. i was with them on their adventure, so i felt their excitement. i was jarred awake when i realized that they were not going to survive the impact of flinging over the edge of the bottom of it, that ended suddenly. the slide was build on an down hill grade and it was met with a grass field. so the way i saw it, they were going to get some air time and i did not want to witness this. i could have made them stop at the bottom but in the real world, the outcome would not have been good. i woke up laughing. i love my dreams. xoxo
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drive me nuts. i am very upset at angry bus drivers. my son and i had to run to catch a bus on a busy highway one day recently. we stayed on the trip all the way to the end of the line, where the bus driver proceeded to yell at me when i got upset with him as we exited the bus. i swore he was going to kidnap my kid the way he looked at me. i won't forget that red hair, as my son has red hair too.
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Love my bf to death as he is smart, beautiful and overall awesome. I have had the pleasure to drop MDMA with him from time to time and enjoy each others company and love making. But he has decided to stop, and I want to continue with that feeling. I want to say if I had the opportunity to do it with someone else I would say no, but I cant be sure of it.
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but instead i am thinking about my partner.... he is impossibly independent... secure... emotionally, physically and intelluctually strong, dependable, rough and gruff around the edges... but so loving and understanding.... a real man, and I love him!
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you invite me to one of your events on facebook I feel like it's a special invitation just for me, even though you invite a ton of other people too. The worst part about it is that I never go, yet I still hope that you never stop inviting me.
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to have waisted my time, love, money, health and tears on a jerk who lied, cheated, deceived me in every way imaginable, and given me an std. how the hell am i suppose to go on after this??
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Reading many of these confessions (and re-reading my own) makes me wonder why we are all so scared. The human mind is a funny thing. So many of us are more afraid of rejection than we are of missing out on something good. I am exhausted from trying so hard to be brave all the time.
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