Sexy Social Work Student at The Venue, Friday Night
I was with 3 of my gal pals at the Venue. I told you I work with shoes and that I was the sober one. You were the absolutely adorable social worker student from Richmond who was...
I want to be in a romantic, sexually committed relationship with a man and a woman at the same time.


I don't care that I'm 32, have been renting a shoebox apartment in Fairview for years, take the bus to work, make my lunch most days, work for a non-profit and consider a bottle of inexpensive red wine and the Magnetic Fields on repeat the height of a wild night. What matters to me is that, over four years of hard work, I've paid off $16K in credit card debt from when I was young and stupid, have built up $8K in savings and am now debt-free. Living within your means is possible.
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Two years ago-when I was 49-the adage that good genes,healthy living,and exercise keeps you young played out. I met a first year UBC girl-summer school- at a local pub,she approached me. Very friendly and we got on well and after a few hours we ended up at my place. She said she'd tried sex once before,wasn't great and she wanted someone experienced to show her the ropes. I am a cunning linguist,after all. Much foreplay,she was begging. Next morning she took off..called me next afternoon wanting to come over. Same thing that night. Same thing next weekend. Then she slipped up and things didn't quite match up. I demanded ID..she showed me ID and she had just turned 16. She wanted to continue,I told her it was fun but she had to go as I didn't want her dad after me with a shotgun. Anyways, that's my age difference story of any note. But being retired and having a nice car my usual dates are late 20's/early 30's women.
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When I was 17 I dated an older woman (33). She was pretty kinky and I ended up developing all kinds of fetishes that now I can't really shake. I learned a lot from her though. She did fall in love with me and I ended it. Sexually I don't think I'll find a woman like her and that is frustrating. Be careful what you get into in those early years kids.
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When I was 14, I was 6'2- shaving and getting into bars. No zits. I met a woman in her 40's in one bar,a very tight body and very very good looking. Hotter body than almost all the school girls.Told her I worked for my dad etc etc saving money for university (no car) and she took me home and it turned into an all night Fk -fest. All that weekend,and most weekend nights..usually a couple times after school I'd swing by and we'd go at each other. She taught me things I still use to this day-and though we really liked each other, we never fell in love. This went on for a year. Her mom back east got sick,so she had to move....I got a look at her ID and she....was......64. No kidding. I then told her I was 15....we both were shocked,and then went at each other for one last night of screaming sweaty passion. Never saw her again.. Couple years later I was at a house party,saw her pic on the wall and asked the girl who she was. "Oh,that's my granny in Ontario" 50 years difference....
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I don't do well with checked-out, clueless people. I know this is a little unfair, as we all go through times where we are pretty much just 'emotionally maintaining'. But I find cluelessness as a trait a serious bother and a nuisance as these folks seem to tend to need a sitter. (I'd better not drop the ball now myself!)
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I've always had a strong sexual attraction to older woman. Once I was involved in a purely sexual relationship with a woman who was 30 years older than me. I could have fallen in love with her.
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My greatest passion in making love to the woman of my life is giving her pleasure in the bedroom. I really admire men with the kind of stamina who can rock their woman's world in the bedroom. I don't have that kind of control, but dearly wished I could experience it.
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I see you, I am going to smack your ass. You read it here. Be ready, Big Boy.
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