VGH Closed Ankle Seduction
I came to the VGH hospital emergency department on a stretcher after breaking my ankle in three places. Your name is Charles and I believe you said you're in your last year...
I enjoy inserting needles directly into my clitoris. Am I potentially causing permanent nerve damage?


You've been stealing the credit for other people's work for the past 7 months… but the jokes on you… that dream job you've been telling everyone you're "pretty much top of the list" for, the CEO told me he'd never hire you in a million years because he sees what sort of person you are. Looks like you're going to be living with your mommy a little longer.
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What is it with people and mixed messages? I have been getting to know a guy in my exercise class for a few months and some days he is really friendly and I'm sure he's interested and then the next class comes and he leaves without hardly saying hello. Then he's back to being very interested next class. I am flirting enough to give him confidence should he be interested in asking me out. We are both divorced and available. I have to say that the yes and no is getting to be tiring and wonder if mixed messages generally mean No.
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I am a specialist in the Vancouver area and admit to leaving myself positive reviews on RateMDs to negate the negative ones.
Rating: -13
I think you made the wrong choice. but then again so did I. Maybe if I put myself out there, but it seemed like you were running away, and you were...and now you're gone. would I do things differently? hopefully, I'll get another chance to find out! but I won't count on it. I wouldn't count on you or anybody else. no insult, just philosophy. back to Ferguson.
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I told my wife of 25 yrs that I had an affair, the guilt was killing me, but something stopped me short of telling her the whole story, and she got a condensed version of what really went on. She knows that I slept with another woman, and for the last year we have been working through it all, but what she does not know is the true length of time (2yrs) that it went on for. I still dont feel right...if thats even possible, and am now afraid of opening up the wound all over again. Suck it up and shut up, or come clean and take whats due and probably coming?
Rating: -11
No criminal charges against Darren Wilson? So a Ferguson cop can shoot an unarmed civilian SIX TIMES on the street and be considered innocent of any wrongdoing?? I am completely disgusted. The entire court proceedings have been held in secrecy. Michael Brown's dead body was left on the street for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS. Think about that for a minute. Some people's part time shifts are that long. That's racism folks, a dead body left in open public view as a "message" to the community that this too can happen to you. I feel for Michael Brown's parents. No justice, no respect whatsoever.
Rating: +22
I understood long ago that the things I want to do, sexually and in terms of relationships, are not really possible in this world. So I concentrated on developing other aspects of my life, like my career and other interests. And that works for me most of the time. Once in a while, someone comes along that I can't stop thinking about. Oh, well ... back to work!
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I don't think about the fears , I'm just glad to be here.
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