A meeting 18 years in the making
18 years ago, I was the girl with the bad attitude, ruling a bookstore from the basement. You bought some books and applied for a job because you were new to the city. I may have...
My boyfriend of two years cannot climax or maintain an erection unless his testicles are handled, squeezed, pulled, or pressed on.


I use the shower facilities at my university gym. The guys I share the room with are always blowing their nose and loudly spitting. They are all of the same ethnic group, so maybe it is a cultural thing. Yesterday when there was three spitting in unison, I had enough, and decided to piss all over the room. I literally strolled the shower covering it in piss. End result: no understanding, but at least they think I'm insane.
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On the one hand, it is not really a confession, because nobody would disagree, except, maybe vicious sociopaths or trolls. Except that is not the case---so far as I have found, most people who are involved in "contemporary" relationships/dating/even marriage think it is quite reasonable to exchange promises and then break them if "bored now." I would be quite happy having a relationship with someone who did not want to be in a relationship with me, but if they had promised, they promised and so they should do what they say---the idea that not liking the process of fulfilling a promise negates it is nutty. "I know I promised to pick you up from the airport, but then I thought what a boring hassle it would be. Don't you want someone to pick you up from the airport who _wants_ to pick you up from the airport"? If people kept their promises, I would have a family by now, and the only minor problem would be that my partner wasn't enjoying the process---well, so what? Now I am not enjoying the process, so it seems the math works either way. Why we privilege the enjoyment of promise-breakers over nice people is beyond me.
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Went out with a girl for a couple of dates and everything went better than I expected: common interests, laughs, and I even personalized one of the dates for her - not just a run of the mill bar/restaurant. I'm old enough to recognise a person that has potential and I thought this was one of them. I was taken by surprise when she said she didn't want to see me anymore. I'm disappointed and dejected; however, I'm thankful she respectfully told me she was not interested. I admire her for being honest and clear. Life goes on and time heals all wounds but I'll enjoy these small memories for the time being.
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At times, I feel as though having some beer really does help me relax and enjoy life more. Weed just messes me up for the remainder of the day.
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My husband has to travel overseas for work for weeks at a time sometimes and my intuition is telling me that he is not being faithful. We rarely have sex, he's very cold, and has a second cell phone. We have three beautiful children and I am scared to ask because the answer could destroy our lives.
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I'm so tired of being almost celibate, married for over 30 years, sex was good for the first 15 but now we've had sex about 12 times in the last 10 and only once in the last year. I love her but I can't take it any more. The internet and my hand has kept me sane and loyal for now but I need more. I'm afraid I might do something rash. I thought about going to a pro so there would be nsa but most women who are in that position have been exploited enough and I don't want to contribute to that. I've thought about an affair, but that could get emotionally messy for all involved. All I know is that I don't think I can take it too much longer
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I love flirting with men. I love the control I feel over them when I bat my lashes or touch their arm and their eyes get that glossed over "me so horny" look. I especially like flirting with married men even though I hate women like me. Seeing them squirm and knowing I would never, ever cave into the sexual shitstorm I've created is such a rush. Making them want me and then shutting them down hard feels so good. In my mind, they are just horny idiots that don't have a clue. Obviously I have some issues that is making this so enjoyable for me but a little flirting never hurt and boy is it ever fun! Stupid Boys :)
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I went away for the weekend with some girlfriends who are all considerably more 'girly' than me. They spent the whole weekend talking about all their flaws, their cellulite. their fat asses, blemishes, frizzy hair, and imperfect skin. To me, they are all beautiful... smart, funny, accomplished, thin, curvy... It breaks my heart that these women wake up in the morning and put on makeup to cover their 'flaws'. Why do women have to live this way? Why do women fixate on what they think isn't perfect rather than just live in the skin they have? I feel like I can't tell anyone this because if I do, they'll feel like I'm being condescending and judging them. But I just think we shouldn't have to put on cosmetics, wear spanx, wear nipple covers, back comb our hair, put on fake nails, spray tan, etc. all to be something we are not. We are what we are. Why can't we all just accept that and then devote our energy to something real, like helping others, solving environmental problems, etc.?
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